How to See Who Viewed and Saved a TikTok Video

TikTok browsing history TikTok

Watched videos on TikTok, marked with likes, are saved in a separate subsection. If desired, you can always return to them or remove them from the “Favorites” materials.

Who logged into the account

How to view the history of tiktok: the social network has a separate subsection in the interface that allows you to see the number of guests who visited the channel. You can also find out what exactly the visitors did:

  • watched videos;
  • likes;
  • kept;
  • commented.
  • You can enter the subsection as follows:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the message icon in the lower right corner. Profile activity will become available: inbox (guests), likes, comments, mentions, followers.
  • This feature is used by channel owners for analysis. Studying the information helps to understand which clips are relevant, what attracts attention, and what is better to refuse.

    TikTok browsing history

    There is no direct functionality in the form of browsing history. The system allows you to see previously viewed videos through “Favorites” or likes.

    How to find your favorite clips

    Views are available in the Tik Tok PRO account, the Analytics block, or through the Inbox tab. In the first case, switching occurs through the profile parameters, in the second, the available information is reflected in the form of comments and likes.

    TikTok browsing historyTikTok browsing history

    To see posts that have been liked, you need to:

  • Log in to the Tik-Tok application and go through authorization.
  • Go to the “Inbox” block, select the inscription “Like”.
  • Information about the marked publications will appear on the display.
  • There are also comments left by users. A separate list is for posts liked by the account owner.

    To view them you need:

  • log in to your TikTok profile;
  • Select “Posts Liked”
  • On a note. This subsection contains videos that can be re-viewed, unmarked or downloaded. The most recently marked videos are shown first.

    To view the video in “Favorites”, you need to enter your TikTok profile, click on the white flag located next to the red “Edit profile” button. The video library of the best clips will be displayed on the screen.

    How to save a video on Tik Tok

    Saving interesting video materials is carried out:

  • through the like placed next to the entry;
  • added to the “Favorites” category;
  • downloading a video to your phone.
  • Regardless of the chosen method, the information will be saved and always available.

    Favorites on TikTokFavorites on TikTok

    How to clear favorites

    Deleting saved records is carried out according to the standard algorithm:

  • After logging into TikTok, you need to move to the “Favorites” tab.
  • Click on added videos.
  • An arrow will appear at the bottom that says “Remove”. After activating it, the message “Entry removed from favorites” will appear on the display.
  • Attention. Deleted materials cannot be recovered. If you want to view them again, you will have to search for posts in the “Recommended” section or by channel name.How to Clear Favorites on TikTokHow to Clear Favorites on TikTok

    Who watched your video

    Is it visible on Tiktok which of the guests viewed the video: the only information that can be found out is the number of page visitors. It is impossible to know which of the users viewed the clips. The system does not provide this functionality.

    How many views did the clip get?

    Account owners are wondering how to find out who saved a video on TikTok. The following steps are taken to check:

  • Open the application, log in.
  • In the lower right corner, find the label in the form of a message. After clicking on the icon, information about the number of guests, likes, comments, mentions, subscribers will become available.
  • Clicking on the first notification will open the full list of guests. Initially, the message shows photos of people who visited the profile, and next to it is the inscription “and many others checked the account yesterday.”

    Who can see liked videos

    When entering the page, visitors see the owner-liked posts, provided they are not hidden.

    How to hide your likes

    To hide information from the curious, you must:

  • Go to the social network and log in.
  • On the personal page, go to the bottom of the display and click on the icon in the shape of a man.
  • On the next tab, click on the three dots located at the top right side.
  • On the new page, the inscription “Settings” will appear, from which you need to move to the “Privacy” block.
  • In the list, select “Who can view the videos they liked” and click on “Only me.”
  • From that moment on, visitors will no longer see content that the profile owner likes.

    Nobody watches my videos: what to do

    To increase the number of views of records, you must:

  • increase the frequency of publishing video clips – regular (at least twice a week) posting information is more positively evaluated by subscribers and guests;
  • use current trends – no need to shoot news that is obsolete a month ago, or admire stories from a year ago;
  • produce original content – a modified but recognizable video will lead to a loss of interest from tiktokers;
  • pay attention to the quality of the videos – a muddy video recorded on an old mobile is bewildering;
  • subscribe to other accounts – mutual support helps to promote the channel;
  • comment on other people’s clips – interesting posts will attract attention and make visitors look at the profile.
  • Professionals advise experimenting with the video format. So it will be easier to determine the interests of the audience, choose the right niche. Processing videos with effects, adding catchy music tracks does not go unnoticed.

    Applying a few promotion tricks will help increase the flow of tiktokers, but without well-prepared and interesting content, it will quickly dry up. Experienced users with a large number of subscribers recommend “visiting” everyone who has looked at the channel.

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