How to remove the watermark in Tik Tok clips – 2 easy ways

Installing and launching the application TikTok

In this article, you will learn how to remove the watermark in Tik Tok clips. Get links to services for downloading videos for free, without any logo.

The Tik Tok logo and video author’s name are attached to uploaded or shared clips as a watermark. These are mandatory requirements in the application settings.

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  • Download on PC and iOS

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  • Android download app

    To download clips without the TikTok logo, you will need the help of a free application from the Play Market – TikTok Download.

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Select the app with the lightning bolt icon. Write in the search – download video from Tik Tok without a watermark.
  • Click install.
  • Installing and launching the applicationInstall the TikTok Downloader app on your smartphone

    Download video without watermark

  • Launch the TikTok Download program on your smartphone or tablet. You may need to log in to your Tik Tok profile.
  • In the window that opens, click the Open button. The main Recommendations section will open, where you select the video of interest.
  • Share videoThrough the video downloader, we enter Tik Tok and select the desired video

    Also in the search, they look for clips by the name of the author or by the hashtag.

    We are looking for the author of the video named How to remove the watermark in Tik TokSearch video by hashtag or author name

  • When viewing, click the share arrow on the right.
  • Click Link.
  • girl on the beachCopy video link

  • The link is copied to a video where you didn’t know how to remove the watermark. Now go back to the TikTok Download app.
  • Paste the link into the text field. Press and hold your finger on the text field until a menu appears and press Paste.
  • The process of downloading a video to the devicePaste the link and download the clip to your smartphone

  • Click Download. In a second, you will see how the video will be loaded into the library.
  • Clip in the libraryThe clip is uploaded to the application library and to the memory of the smartphone or tablet

  • Watch the video clip.
  • Video instruction for using the application

    Download to PC and iOS

    Tik Tok account holders on iOS platform and PC will learn how to download Tik Tok videos without watermark. Use the online video clip downloader The download process is similar to the first example. The advantage of this service is that you do not need to download to the device:

  • Copy the link.
  • Paste in the download line.
  • Click Download and get the desired result.
  • A service that knows how to remove a watermarkWebsite to upload videos without watermark

    Use it yourself and tell others how to remove the watermark in Tik Tok clips. The use of the proposed programs is absolutely free and simple.

    A new revolutionary method on how to increase views without investing a penny, read the link.


    How to remove watermark on tik tokTik Tok questions

    Question: What is Tik Tok Lite?


  • TikTok Lite is the lite version
  • Smaller upload file size (300MB vs 82MB).
  • Has a limited set of features.
  • Suitable for people using slow 3G or 2G data networks.
  • Slows down when smoothly transitioning from one video clip to another. This is due to saving battery and memory.
  • Tik Tok has a round icon with a black background, while the lite version has a square icon with a white background.
  • This is a content consumption only program. You can watch and find all funny and crazy videos of the world. However, you will not be able to create and add new videos.
  • Through the Play Market, absolutely free, you can download Tik Tok Lite.
  • Do you have any questions? Ask them in the comments :)

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