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Telegram is a cross-platform application. Thanks to cloud storage technology, all versions are perfectly combined with each other. This means that you can start typing a message on your smartphone, and finish and send it from your computer, and vice versa.

Also, in all versions, you will have access to the history of correspondence, data and contacts stored in the cloud. If you decide to register in Telegram , our instructions will come in handy.

Register in Telegram  from computer : Windows and macOS

Telegram registration instructions for Windows and macOS are universal:

1. Download the application by following the steps in the screenshot. We use only the official website and no other. Don’t risk your data;

registration of a telegram account
We go to the section “Apps” and in the item “Desktop apps” select the first option

2. We start the installation and select the English language;

picture: how to register in telegrams in Russian you can
We choose Russian at the very beginning of registration

3. Choose the place where the application will be located;

picture: telegram messenger registration
Select the folder where the application will be installed

4. Finish the installation and launch Telegram;

picture: registration in telegram in Russian
When starting Telegram, click on the button for switching to English

5.  At the first start, you will see a start window where you will be asked to enter a phone number. Keep in mind that in the future your account will be linked to this number, so use a SIM card to which you will always have access;

6. After you send your number, you will receive an SMS with an access code;

7. Enter the code in the appropriate field;

8. Done. Now you are a Telegram user .

As you can see, everything is simple. After registration, you can fully use all the functions of the messenger on your computer. If after that you install Telegram for your smartphone, all data will also be available from any platform – there is no need to re-register in Telegram.

Register  in the web version of Telegram

If for some reason you decide not to install a separate application, but want to use the messenger, you can use the web version – Telegram will work in the browser tab.

To do this, go to the official website in the “Apps” section and find the “Web Apps” item. There you will see a link leading to the web version of the application. This is the safest way to avoid phishing sites and other scams.

picture: how to register in the telegram web version
To register in Telegram using the web version, you need to go to the official website and in the “Apps” section find “Telegram Web-version”

Registration in the web version is similar to applications for a computer:

  1. When you go to the required page for the first time, you will see a form for sending a phone number. We fill it in;
  2. Enter the verification code that came to the specified number;
  3. We use Telegram .

The web version differs from the mobile and desktop in limited functionality. Nevertheless, the basic actions will be available to you.

The most obvious: register in Telegram from your phone

If registration from a computer is not a matter of principle for you, the easiest way is to register first from a smartphone. The algorithm is the same for all platforms:

1. Download the application. We use only official sources: AppStore and Google Play,

» Recommendation from TeleGuide: to be sure that you will be registering in the genuine official version of Telegram, be sure to check the owner of the application – it must be Telegram LLC (for iOS) Telegram FZ-LLC (for Android);

picture: instructions on how to register in telegram
Before creating a Telegram account, make sure to download the application from an official source

2. Run it;

3. Enter your number;

4. Enter the verification code: immediately after the application accepts the code, you can start using it fully.

Voila, you have successfully registered in Telegram!

Another useful recommendation

Immediately after the first registration, TeleGuide advises to assign your own password. Telegram will ask for it additionally after entering the confirmation code. This will further protect your account from intruders.

Finding the desired item in the settings is easy:

  •   Windows. “Settings” – section “Privacy and security” – item “Configure two-step authentication”;
  •   macOS. “Settings” – section “Confidentiality” – item “Two-step authentication”;
  •   Web version. “Settings” – item “Set additional password”.

After installation, the password will be valid when logging in through any version of the application.

picture: first steps after registration in telegram
The final touch after registration for complete security: setting a cloud password

Enjoy using Telegram!

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