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Duet TikTok

The social network TikTok continues to gain popularity due to its unique functionalities. They allow you to create interesting music videos and post videos on a worldwide online platform, where this work will be seen by millions of viewers.

One of the most interesting options of the application is the creation of a duet (joint video with another member of the community). In the article, we will consider the features of this tool and give step-by-step instructions on how to make a duet on Tik Tok.


Before you start shooting a video using such a trending feature as a duet, you need to learn about the features of creating a video with another tiktoker.

What is it

A duet on TikTok is a video created jointly with another user of the platform, based on an already published video. So, one person, as it were, removes the reaction to the work of another. The function is available only in the classic TikTok (the Lite version does not have the video recording interface itself).

Understanding that a video was filmed using the duet function is easy. When viewing, the screen is divided into two parts: on the one hand, the original is played, and on the other, the response video. Double videos on the platform are indicated by the corresponding hashtag and a link, when clicked, the user automatically goes to the original publication.


The difference from the challenge

The main difference between a duet and a challenge is that the latter is a genre of videos that gain popularity spontaneously and for a short time. Not everyone can join the challenges: many of them require a special creative approach, and sometimes significant financial costs.

Duet, in turn, can be created by any user at any time. The main thing is that the owner of the video to which you want to shoot a reaction should allow such an action with his content.


The application has two options for recording live duets:

  • with any user;
  • With myself.
  • In the first case, the reaction is recorded on someone else’s video, and in the second – on your own.


    Before you start shooting your own joint clips, you should look at the already posted works and highlight the main features that other authors use to attract maximum attention to their content. The most interesting duet videos are posted by the following users:

  • @clapdaddie – the videos of this tiktoker were often used to advertise a social network, which is why they became so recognizable;
  • @nickirei is a charismatic young man whose main content is interesting and in many ways funny sketches;
  • @levsky_ is the author of videos that at one time were so popular that almost every second tiktoker created duets with them.
  • Other guys who are no less ambitious and original than the owners of the accounts mentioned above also post their videos on the site. Next, we will take a closer look at how to find their Tik Tok videos on an Android device or iPhone.

    How to find

    One of the features of the TikTok social network is the search function for interesting content. You can use it to find cool duet videos.


    To find duets on TikTok, search for the hashtag #duet or one of its variations. The screen will display the most viewed videos that have the entered phrase in their description. You can also get acquainted with such content in the “Clips” and “Hashtags” tabs.


    Recommendations very often come across joint videos of popular tiktokers. Like them so that the site’s algorithms recognize your interest and start posting similar videos to the feed more often.

    Third Party Sites

    Duets from TikTok are common not only on this site. Thematic collections with the most interesting joint videos can be found on YouTube, Instagram, VKontakte and other social networks.

    How to setup

    Having figured out what joint clips are, you can begin to study and configure the duet recording function itself.


    To record a reaction to a video you like, open it in playback mode and click on the “Share” button in the lower right corner of the screen. If the owner of the video has allowed to create duets with it, the corresponding “Duet” icon will appear below, when clicked, the application will open the video editor.


    The button for creating a duet may be absent if the user has forbidden to take his video for joint videos. This limitation cannot be bypassed. It remains only to ask the person to change the privacy settings, which not every author agrees to.

    On a note. Such a ban on duets can be imposed by any user. To do this, go to your profile, open the settings menu and in the “Privacy” section, mark who can shoot duets with your videos: everyone, friends, or no one else but you.

    What can be applied

    In the duet editor, tools familiar to many are available: overlaying musical and voice sequences, effects, filters, inscriptions, etc. You can also highlight the template function, with which you can change the position of two videos relative to the screen and each other. In addition to the standard mode (videos are arranged horizontally, the original is on the right, the response is on the left), there is a vertical display, “Reaction”, “Videophone” and even “3 screens”.

    If not working

    As mentioned earlier, the lack of a duet button is due to the privacy settings that the author has set in relation to their own videos. If the “Duet” button is there, but it does not work, it may be due to an outdated version of the application. Go to the TikTok page on the Play Store and check if there are updates for it.


    Now that you’ve learned all the intricacies of the duet function, you can start shooting the video itself.

    With any user

    Instructions on how to make a duet on Tik Tok with another person:

  • Launch the app and open the video you want to share with.
  • Click on the “Share” button (in the lower right corner of the screen) and select the “Duet” option.
  • While holding the record button, remove the reaction to the video and edit the created video in the editor.
  • In the window just before publishing, specify a description for the video using popular hashtags and mentioning the author of the original video, set the privacy settings and click on the “Publish” button.
  • You can create a double entry with any post from both the list of liked videos and the recommendations feed. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the author of the original post is online: the video is created without his participation.

    If you cannot find a duet video on TikTok, but it is saved in your gallery, you can turn on the recording and paste the video from the device’s memory into the background, also edit it and put it on your page.

    Recording a duet with another userRecording a duet with another user

    With myself

    Creating a duet with oneself is not much different from how a user creates a video with another tiktoker. Only here the basis is taken from their own video, already posted on the page. Just open your recordings feed, select a ready post, and proceed to record and edit a duet in the same way.

    Note. The dual video will remain in the tape even if the source material is deleted.


    In order for the created duet to attract new subscribers and gain a lot of likes, it must have an unhackneyed idea, be of high quality and interestingly executed. How to achieve this – we will consider further.

    Ideas to create

    There are many variations of duets:

  • joint performance of the song you like by words or by lines;
  • repetition of trend dance with synchronization of movements;
  • parody of the original video;
  • dubbing funny remarks, creating funny dialogues;
  • repetition of the current challenge with a change in voice and others.
  • However, despite all the relevance and versatility of the tool, you should not make duets the main content of your profile. Tiktokers love the variety of genres, sounds, effects and transitions used. Without these things in your videos, success on Tik Tok will be difficult.

    How to get views

    For a duet to go viral, you need to share it on other social networks, like and comment on other people’s content, and respond to comments left under the videos. In addition, it is worth considering the current community trends flashing in the recommendation feed.

    Do not forget about such a way to increase the reach of videos as the use of hashtags. In this case, they select several key thematic phrases and prescribe them in the description of the duet.

    If 0 views

    In most cases, the cause of a fairly common problem of lack of views lies in the inattention of the users themselves. Before publishing, be sure to check the privacy settings of the profile and the video itself – perhaps it is simply hidden from other users.

    The reason for 0 views under the video may be different. Every day, competition on TikTok is growing, and half of the interesting content simply does not have time to be viewed. It is difficult to get out of this situation: you will have to upload videos very often and in large quantities, and each video should be unique and interesting.

    Even an inexperienced user of social networks can understand TikTok. A simple and intuitive application interface will allow you to quickly master all shooting modes, including duets. Videos created in tandem with other users allow you to diversify the content on the page and draw more attention to your creativity.

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