How to monetize Tik Tok: tips and ways to make money


If you have interesting ideas, then it’s time to monetize TikTok. Any person who “catches” the audience and knows how to keep its interest can advance in the social network. We will tell you how the leading tiktokers earn money, and how to take the first steps towards making a profit using the platform.

Tik Tok monetization specifics

In Tik Tok itself, there is no official monetization through an affiliate program, which YouTube can boast of. Moreover, until January 2020, such a service was present, but it was decided to remove it. In addition, at that time only millionaire bloggers could try out its pilot version. Conclusion: the emphasis should be on your content and its quality.

Here is what TOP tiktokers recommend for beginners:

  • Use hashtags and put popular geolocation tags.
  • Be active on other people’s accounts: like and comment on posts.
  • Try to include a call to action at the end of each video. For example, you can ask questions to subscribers, ask them to leave an opinion in the comments, share wishes for content.
  • Try to regularly follow the trends and conduct live broadcasts (available to users with at least 1000 subscribers).
  • If you are determined, pay attention to ways to promote your profile for a fee. Order official advertising and advertising from popular bloggers, arrange contests, make your own masks.
  • To monetize Tik Tok, it is important not only to gain a huge number of followers. In this social network, the main role is played by the number of likes and comments, that is, the activity of the audience. Therefore, mass following, cheating and bots are not the best ways to promote.

    Young Talent Development Program

    Not so long ago, the social network Tik Tok decided to allocate 100 million *** to support talent in EU-US. Participants who are included in the program from the Inspiring Creators Fund until mid-June 2021 will be able to earn extra money on video. For this, the following conditions must be met:

  • shoot at least 30 videos in 2 months;
  • The duration of the video must be at least 30 seconds;
  • the total number of views should exceed 900 thousand.
  • The social network will certainly continue to develop the program and recruit new members who want to monetize Tik Tok.

    How to monetize TikTok: 7 main ways

    If you don’t know how best to monetize your TikTok account, then we will talk about the main methods of making money on the social network. The choice is quite large:

  • Native advertising. A more accurate name is product placement. This is the most unobtrusive advertising that can be. Let’s say you’re running a cooking channel, and the video flashes sweeteners / sauces / dishes / cutlery of the brand that pays you. Or you have a sports blog, and during online training you use expanders / jump ropes / rollers for the press of a specific manufacturer. Users see that you are using products of a certain brand, and they go shopping, trusting your authority.
  • Direct advertising of products/services. This type of advertising is completely dedicated to a specific object. For example, you make a colorful unpacking of a package, a review of cosmetics, show off the delivery of delicious sushi, or admire an English school. It is important that such videos are not intrusive, but as informative as possible. You can work with various brands and companies not only for money, but also by barter. The latter option is usually common when collaborating with novice bloggers.
  • Earning on live broadcasts. After gaining at least 1000 followers, start broadcasting live. Subscribers will be able to send you paid coins that are exchanged for diamonds. Having collected on the balance of 10 dollars, you can withdraw earnings. 100 coins in the app “cost” about $1. To attract subscribers, share useful life hacks with them, actively answer questions live, arrange contests and complete tasks for donations. For example, you can promise to follow a person who will send you 20 coins, etc.
  • Earnings on advertising music content. It’s simple: you get paid a certain amount for making videos for a certain track. Naturally, only popular bloggers can monetize TikTok in this way.
  • Income through your skills or selling your products. By promoting a page on TikTok, you can monetize your own skills. For example, create a training course and advertise it on a social network. Let’s say you know Spanish well and want to sell courses on TikTok. You need to not only create promotional videos, but also give people free useful blog content. In addition, sales of shoes, clothes, and youth accessories are good on TikTok. Fill the channel with live reviews, collect customer reviews and get the first orders through the social network.
  • Sale of congratulations. A very original way for bloggers with a large number of followers. Friends and family of a Tiktoker fan can pay a good price for a nice service. Your task is to wish the fan a happy birthday or other holiday.
  • External affiliate programs. You register on one of these services and run client campaigns. Let’s say you run a beauty blog and a makeup brush manufacturer contacts you. You will create videos on the topic of beauty and not only show the partner’s products, but also give subscribers a referral link to the advertiser’s website. As a result, you get a percentage for the sale of goods / services.
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    FAQ on how to monetize Tik Tok

    The experience of bloggers who have already managed to monetize Tik Tok will surely help you in promotion.

    When can I start making money on ads from other bloggers?

    The best option is when you reach the mark of 5000 followers. The more subscribers and likes, comments on the page – the higher the income.

    And when to advertise goods and services?

    Starting from the mark of 10,000 followers, advertisers will find you themselves. You can offer your promotion services from 5 thousand subscribers.

    How many commercials do you shoot per month?

    The audience gets tired of advertising, so it’s clearly not worth exceeding the threshold of 5-10 videos.

    How much can you earn from live streaming?

    Everything is individual, because tiktokers have a different number of subscribers, the specifics of the blog, the quality of the content. But it is clearly not worth considering this method of monetizing TikTok as unpromising! Chinese Meng Lei collected about 167 thousand dollars for 1 game stream. Motivates, doesn’t it?

    How to get even more income?

    Try not to make Tik Tok the only platform that you will monetize. In parallel, develop Instagram and, if possible, other social networks. For example, you can announce some event on Tik Tok and give followers a link to another resource.

    Already actively developing your blog on TikTok? Have something to share with new bloggers? Join the discussion, tell us about life hacks and possible difficulties of Tik Tok monetization in the comments!

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