Guide: How to make videos on TikTok for 15 and 60 seconds?

Тик Ток объединяет людей TikTok

In this article, you will learn how to make videos on Tik Tok and why do it at all. Unknown life hacks will be revealed to help you record cool clips with effects over 15 seconds.

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  • Why make videos on Tik Tok? 
  • How to start making videos? Record video on Tik Tok for 60 seconds
    Basic Steps to Record Your Own Tik Tok Clip
    Add Music, then Record Clip and Add Effects
    Record Video First, Then Music and Effects
    Record Video More Than 15 Seconds
    Load Video from Library, Then Add Music and Effects
  • Public or private videoRemove video from app permanently
  • How to create a viral video and become popular on Tik TokWhich plot to choose
  • About the application 
  • We answer questions 

Tik Tok has 220,000 users who earn their living by making cool and funny videos of 15 to 60 seconds. Big earnings are not complete without the most important thing – these are subscribers.

Tik Tok brings people togetherDifferent age categories of Tik Tok users

An army of fans appears at the popular “tiktoker” after recording one “viral” video. Hidden ideas in the author’s head are poured out in clips for fans.

Tik Tok is a widely known, free app among young people and over 50s. The program is installed on PCs, smartphones and gadgets with any operating system. The application for 9 months has become the best way to share funny clips between people from different countries.

Why make videos on Tik Tok?

The whole mass of video clips, both on
the Tik Tok platform and posted on social networks and popular
video hosting sites, were created by ordinary people, without acting skills. The developers
of the application provide a lot of tools so that the user can freely
create new videos, one after another.

For the first time in the days of the program, users had two questions: Why make videos on TikTok? and How to do it? And after 2-3 days, users were seized by the desire to repeat the videos they had already watched from another tiktoker, on their own.

Imitation has become a major motivational
factor for recording your own content. According to the results of the study of user behavior
, 77% indicated that they wanted to try it themselves when
viewing other people’s work. And 16% wanted to learn how to become popular on Tik Tok.
7% of novice clip makers wished to get subscribers for free.

Recording and editing videos on Tik Tok is not a simple process, as it seems. It will take 60 minutes to record a high-quality video from 5 to 15 seconds and add effects. Time does not slow down the process, but the idea and concept are the main stop factor.

How to start filming in the first place? Video 60 seconds or more

The first steps are downloading the Tik Tok app, registering, creating a nickname and logging into your account. After that, the user will be presented with specially selected funny and interesting clips, already from more experienced tiktokers.

Karina Cross

You need to understand which stories are already uploaded to the platform and which are not. Where to find yourself?

The plot lines are inexhaustible

  • Comic performance of songs of your favorite bands and singers
  • Dancing with pets
  • Dramatization of fragments of popular films
  • Jokes with a funny voice
  • Demonstration of talents and extraordinary abilities
  • Create polls on any topic

The second step will be to subscribe to a talented or a group of talented tiktokers. This step fills the feed with fun content to uplift and inspire. Watch someone else’s and shoot in Tik Tok better than others.

Basic Steps to Record
Your Own Tik Tok Clip

Get ready, charge your gadget or connect your computer to the network. Select a song under Tik Tok in Russian or in English. The main thing is that everything is in harmony, and the language of performance is no longer important. Rehearse actions to perfection. Now you can enter the application and click on the coveted “+” at the bottom of the screen.

Pre-select the
music playback speed from the available options:

Clip and music speed barChoosing the speed of music playback in Tik Tok

  • 0.1x is denoted as – epic or slow
  • 0.5x – variable or faster
  • 1x – normal or standard
  • 2x – fast
  • 3x – very fast

We will reveal the secret and only for you. The application has three different video recording modes, and with different time periods. You need to choose one of the options:


Add Music

By clicking on the icon of the same name at the top of the screen. The meaning of this command itself suggests itself to be executed.

How to make videos on Tik Tok without musicBy clicking on the icon you can select a track

You are invited to first select a track from the proposed playlist or from your smartphone, tablet, PC.

1. A new window will open where you can find the desired song through the search bar, “Interesting”, “Favorites”.

Selecting a song from the library, favorites or interestingHow to choose a song

2. By swiping up on the screen, you will be presented with tracks by genre. These will be – Russian hits, Hip-hop, On the road, Dynamic, Electro, For cooking, Sound effects, Video blogs.

3. Having made the right choice, press the red “Use” button. The download will start.

Using selected musicUse the selected track in the clip

Start loading the selected track to the clipStarted uploading the song to the clip

After the system will put you in the mode to activate the recording.

4. Press the red record button. In this case, the video will last 15 seconds. Automatic shutdown of recording for this period of time. You will see yourself on the screen, thus you can control the process.

By clicking on the red one you will learn how to make a video in Tik TokClip start button

5. After finishing, add special effects, edit and click “Next”. You can trim the video and choose any of the recorded fragments.

How to make a video on Tik Tok without effects and filtersClip recording is over. Work with special effects

Further work with the clipAfter processing, continue working with the video

6. You need to briefly describe your video on TikTok, put # Hashtags and invite to watch if @Friends is required.

How to make a video on Tik Tok without a description and hashtagsShort video description and hashtags

7. You need to choose a cover from the cuts of your clip.

Choose a cover from a cut of an already filmed clipVideo cover

Cropping a Clip for a CoverCutting video into frames

8. Determine the audience that can view this video. Everyone, friends or this is a private job. These edits will help you quickly and permanently delete TikTok videos in the future.

Determining who the video will be available toYou can allow everyone to watch the clip, only friends or leave it inaccessible

9. Allow or disable comments.

Ability to turn off comments on videosComments

10. Turn duet/reaction on or off.

Toggle duet and clip reactions on and offduet and reaction

11. Share the clip on social networks where you have accounts. Or download the work to your gadget.

Share the video on one of the social networks or download to the smartphone's memoryShare on social networks or download videos to your device

12. After processing the clip, save it as a draft or publish it. Processing includes:

  • Adding text
  • Applying filters
  • Reverse shooting
  • Use GIFs

You can add the finished work to drafts and then publish or immediately publishAdding the processed video to drafts or publishing in the Tik Tok application


Write down first

This means that you first record a video of 15 seconds:

1. Click on the red circle at the bottom of the screen and the recording will start.

how to make a video on tik tok and then post itClicking on the circle signifies entry

2. At the end of the recording – add any effects, filters.

Editing a Clip with Tik Tok ToolsEffects. Symbols. Filters. Stickers

Video effects tabeffects

Video filters tabFilters

stickers, emoji

Sticker selectionStickers for Tik Tok

Emoji selectionEmoji on Tik Tok

3. Select a time point where you want a special effect or other processing and press the desired action. Save or Discard changes.

Selecting an effect and timeChoose a special effect and the desired period of time where to apply it

4. In the upper right corner, click the circle with your avatar – this is ” Music Choice “. A new window will open where you can find the desired song through the search bar, ” Interesting “, ” Favorites “.

Music selection processAvatar icon – Music selection

Sound selection optionsTik Tok music library

By swiping up the screen, you will be presented with a playlist of tracks by genre.

5. Once you have defined the music or sound effect, press the red Use button. The sound will start downloading.

The selected sound is used in the clipUsing the selected sound

6. Briefly describe your video, add #Hashtags and invite @Friends.

7. Choose a cover for the video.

8. Decide who can view this video – Everyone, friends, or this is a private job. This item will provide you with a quick and permanent removal of TikTok videos in the future.

The choice of users to whom the video is availableVideo access for specific users

9. Enable or disable video clip commenting.

10. Turn duet/reaction on or off.

11. “Share” the video on social networks where you have accounts.

12. Save to ” Draft ” or click ” Publish ” to Tik Tok.

The creators of the social network Tik Tok considered that 15 seconds would be enough to record a video. Today, some users want to add videos of 60 seconds or more to the network.

How to make a video on Tik Tok for 60 seconds

Recording a clip without musical accompaniment for 1 minute is practically the above-described version of “ Record first ”, but without some points:

1. Turn on the track you need or the segment that you want to hear along with the video on speakers with good sound. In this case, your video will be the most talked about.

2. Install the camera with microphone so that the sound from the speakers is as close as possible to the recording device. Rehearse and adjust the sound of the recording.

Alternatively, you can then find a track lasting 60 seconds in the music library and add it to the recording.

3. Log in to your account in the application.

4. Click the cross at the bottom of the display.

From recommendations to the clip recording and processing panelGo to the video recording panel

5. Select a shooting time of 60 seconds at the bottom of the display.

Video recording mode for 60 secondsRecord video 1 minute

6. After you click on the red circle of the record. The 15 second limit will be crossed to 1 minute.

7. Next, you will need to perform all of the above steps to process and publish the clip.

Number 3

Loading from the library of clips shot
in advance:

1. First, click on the cross and then in the lower right corner of the icon ” Download “. A window opens with clips and images previously recorded or taken, but without effects or music.

Download pre-recorded videoDownload a previously recorded video

It is important that the video file is in .mp4 format

2. Select one or more videos from the list.

List of submitted videos and images

This option makes it possible to make a clip of more than 15 seconds, up to 1 minute, without going to Tik Tok. It turns out that you pre-record a video with a maximum time span and upload it to the application.

3. The system will announce the duration of the clip. You must either select the full “meter” captured or crop to the desired time. Specify where the clip will end.

Video timing changesChange the length of a video clip

4. Set the playback speed 0.5x – slow, 1x – normal or standard, 2x – fast.

Changing the playback speedVideo playback speed

5. Select the screen orientation to portrait or landscape. Click on the square with the arrow in the bottom corner.

Change screen orientation to landscape or portraitScreen orientation

6. When everything is defined, click at the top ” Next “.

Instructions: how to make videos on Tik Tok for 15 and 60 secondsGo to the menu for processing and adding sounds

7. In the corner on the right, click the circle with your avatar – this is ” Music Choice “. A new window will open where you will find the desired song through the search bar, ” Interesting “, ” Favorites “.

Icon to select the music for the videoMusic selection

Instructions: how to make videos on Tik Tok for 15 and 60 secondsSelection of sound accompaniment for video

8. By swiping up on the screen, tracks sorted by genre will be available.

9. Once you’ve defined the music or sound effect, press the red ” Use ” button. The sound will start downloading.

Instructions: how to make videos on Tik Tok for 15 and 60 seconds

10. The scissors icon will indicate the point at which the clip will start. Here you can also crop the clip to the desired size.

Audio cut mode

Audio clipping moment

11. The mixer changes the volume of the soundtrack.

Sound Mixer

12. Briefly describe your video, add #Hashtags and invite @Friends.

13. Choose a cover for the video.

Hashtag. Friends. Cover. Description

14. Decide who can view this video. Everyone, friends or this is a private work, just for you. Proper execution of this item will ensure that in the future you will permanently delete the video on TikTok.

15. You can enable or disable commenting on the work.

16. You can turn the duet/reaction on or off.

17. ” Share ” the video on social networks where you have accounts.

18. Save to ” Draft ” or click ” Publish ” to Tik Tok.

Share video on social networks, send to drafts or publish

It is important to choose the right
musical composition. It must match the plot of the video. It happens
that the video is calm and slow, and the track is sharp and dynamic. This
would be clearly inconsistent and would irritate people. Users will leave without
watching the video to the end.

Some bloggers use such chips intentionally. This in some way causes indignation and outrageousness. With this combination of music and video, you need to be careful and choose carefully, and not randomly.

What is a private video in Tik Tok and public. How to remove any video permanently from the application

In general, videos in the Tik Tok application are distinguished by two types:

public clips. This category of videos is uploaded to the servers of the application owners and remains there. The user deleted the program from his gadget or PC. But all work will be in the public domain. This is until the account is changed to private. Only your fans will have access to watch videos.

public account

Private clips remain inaccessible to the entire mass of users until you change the account status to public. This is done for privacy purposes. Then you will have views and fans who have more opportunities than the average guest.

Private account

The status of the video changes at any convenient moment:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Open ” Settings ” and ” Privacy ” mode .
  • ” Private account ” and move the toggle switch to the desired On / Off position.

How to permanently delete videos on Tik Tok

A common question among novice tiktokers who think that the video
did not work out is: “Can I delete my video from the Tik Tok application?”. This
also applies to experienced bloggers. Yes, you can. It’s even easier than filming – “Break,
don’t build.”

Follow a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your account in the application, and open the album of captured videos.
  • Select a clip to delete. Click on it to view.
  • In view mode, press the three white dots.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the icon in the form of a trash can – Delete (Delete).
  • Confirm deletion.

In cases where you did not indicate the private status of the clip(s) prior to publication, your remote work will only be available to subscribers/fans. To prevent them from seeing deleted videos, you will need to completely delete your account:

  • In the lower right corner, click on the icon in the form of a man – this is your profile.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • Select ” My account ” and then ” Delete account ” at the bottom.
  • A window will open where you will need to enter the confirmation code from the SMS sent to your phone.
  • Click continue and confirm the deletion of the account.

SMS verification

Account deletion confirmation

To save an empty account, unsubscribe from all existing followers (subscribers / fans) and idols you follow. First, go to the profile in the ” Privacy ” section and activate the visibility as ” Private account “.

Video instruction for quickly deleting a video from Tik Tok and account

The whole strength of the Tik Tok application is the ability to make 15 second shows out of nothing, popular all over the world. The more tiktokers, the stronger the platform and the faster it develops. And this is a guaranteed profit from advertising and other ways of monetization, through the application.

Application developers offer to become popular – for free. In return, they ask to show their clips from 15 to 60 seconds.

Filling the recommendations feed for
you is carried out manually and by robots (program):

  • The newly minted clip is uploaded by the user to the servers, and Tik Tok moderators view it.
  • Content is checked for the presence in it – violence, cruelty, pornography, scenes of an erotic nature with nudity, etc.
  • Additionally, videos are evaluated for creativity and the ability to get a viral rise to the top views. If it is confirmed, then the team pushes the video.

Viral clips on various topics in
15 seconds are more likely to live long and be popular. After the content
is analyzed, through the metric PTR-record, which determines the development of events.

Viewing content at the initial stage
by Tik Tok administrators ensures clips get into the list of stylish and
creative works. This increases the chances of capturing a large audience with a video.

The plot of the video is important

One musical accompaniment and
effects will not pull the video to the TOP or recommendations. There should be a storyline that
will “hook” the user. Tiktokers use technology – “Be at the
right time in the right place.”

Captured footage spontaneously without preparation is the key to popularity on Tik Tok. It only takes 15 seconds to arouse people’s interest.

Instructions: how to make videos on Tik Tok for 15 and 60 seconds

Instructions: how to make videos on Tik Tok for 15 and 60 seconds

The life of a modern person is filled with routine. And when he sees something unusual, he “sticks” and wants to watch it again, but there is such an opportunity. Additionally, trendy music sounds.

Most bloggers don’t reinvent
the wheel. It is enough for them to find trending video clips and make a high-quality
cover version of them. Or it will be an imitation. This method allows you to shoot a viral
video in a shorter time, without thinking about a new story. And someone
will make a parody of your work and glorify you.

Tik Tok Highest AwardCrown Tik Tok

You have read to the end of the guide: how to make videos on Tik Tok. Now use this to promote your account. Be the first.

How to remove watermark from tik tok video

About the application

The main feature of the Tik Tok app remains access to millions of users through clips. Opportunity to express thoughts and show talent in 15 second clips.

This social music network was invented in China, and it is popular on seven continents of the world – Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica.

Russia is a country where app downloads account for 33% of the total number of users. Recommended videos are viewed by millions of young people and their parents every day.

Not a single Russian television company has gained such popularity in such a short period of time – 9 months. This was the reason for the mass registration in TikTok, show business stars and producers.

Create a poll and views increase by 50%

Answers on questions

Answers to questions on the topic - how to make a video on Tik TokAsk a question, get an answer

Question: How to hold the camera vertically or horizontally?

Answer: More clips in the application are filled in vertical position. Portrait mode is suitable for social networks. The vertical arrangement is convenient because you do not need to turn the gadget over when viewing, the video starts automatically.

Question: What is better to shoot about on Tik Tok?

Answer: There are no restrictions. The main thing for the popularity of the clip remains – a fun story. Bloggers record funny scenes, incendiary dances, apply unexpected effects and editing. During the 9 months of the existence of the Tik Tok application, its own subculture with “memes” has been created on the network. You can support the movement and participate in challenges.

Question: What is a PopSocket and what is it for?

Answer: PopSocket is a multifunctional smartphone stand. It looks like a convex button, Attaches to the back panel with a suction cup. Helps to fix the position of the smartphone on the surface. It is popularly referred to as – a handle, a stand, a phone mount.

Popsocket in Tik Tok plays an important role. It helps to make videos. With it, you can comfortably hold your smartphone for a long time while recording. It is also compared in popularity with a spinner. Cost $10.

We offer you to watch examples of videos from Tik Tok

Examples of video work from tiktokers

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