How to make money on Tik Tok – 5 methods.

How to make money on Tik Tok - 5 methods. TikTok

I am a TikTok star
educational course on making money on TikTok

Imagine a blogger who has 1 million followers on Tik Tok. He is constantly liked, his videos are posted everywhere, donations are sent, he receives from 200,000 *** for advertising every month and every person wants to get to know him. Now imagine yourself in his place … Would you like to?

In 14 days you will be able to earn from 20,000 *** and become a popular tiktoker if you strictly follow the instructions from our course.


Course duration

2 weeks


at a convenient time


on practice

Access to the course

forever and ever

What’s inside the course?

Choose a theme and customize your profile

You will understand what topic to choose and what needs to be added to the profile to increase coverage.

Free ways to promote

Learn about super powerful ways to grow your army of subscribers

How to make money

In this block, you will learn how to earn money on your single account from 8 different sources.

What niche to choose in 2020

Only here you will learn how to choose a niche to work real miracles and easily attract subscribers.

To work with TikTok

not necessary

  • Collect semantics

  • Spend months preparing

  • Have programming and design skills

  • Spend money on tests and hypotheses

  • Have special software

  • Have experience in online marketing

  • enough

  • Smartphone

  • Stable internet access

  • Knowledge of our mechanics

  • 30 minutes a day for work

  • The course is perfect

    Schoolchildren and students Mothers on maternity leave Beginning musicians, actors Bloggers of any level and freelancers Schoolchildren and students

    You will stop begging for money from your parents, as you will earn money yourself, and in the future you will be able to become a cool blogger Mom on maternity leave

    Stay at home, raise a child and earn more than your husband by spending 3 to 4 hours a day doing something that brings pleasure. Beginning musicians, actors

    Tik Tok will help you become a star, and our course will show you how to do it. Bloggers of any level and freelancers

    We will help you master a new platform for earning Take part

    Course fee

    Only one Black Week course price

    200 ***
    instead of

    500 ***


    Each course file sent to you is unique and protected by a special code that is valid only on one of your devices, and if you want to transfer the course to your friend, he will not be able to view it. Also, if you want to buy a course on a clubbing, then you will be sold a file that you cannot open.

    Pay for participation

    To pay for the course, select:

  • how to pay:, payment by card or using a mobile phone
  • press the button Translate
  • fill in the email field
  • If you pay for the course from your phone account, then send to our email: [email protected] the number and time of payment for the course, as well as your email
  • How to get a course


    Make a payment


    Be sure to enter your email at the time of payment. mail. If you pay for the course from your phone account, then send to our email: [email protected] the number and time of payment for the course, as well as your email


    We will send you a course with a code to your e-mail within 24 hours


    I wrote the entire text of this page sincerely, without unnecessary pathos, advertising and copywriting noodles. Everything is as it is. It’s definitely not a cash button, it’s a working method of making money and promoting on TikTok that will only be valuable in the hands of the one who makes it. And not everyone does, let’s be honest at least with ourselves. So if you want everything to fall into your hands without tens of hours of painstaking work – just close this page, but I’m serious!

    Well, if you are ready to study and work – you are welcome!

    Go to the payment


    [email protected]

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