How to make money on FlowTok

How to make money on FlowTok TikTok

Social networks, in addition to pleasant leisure and communication with friends, offer the opportunity to earn money. The article discusses Flow TikTok, taking into account the purpose and functions of the application, instructions for use, the pros and cons of this service.


There are several ways to make money on Tik Tok. The Flowtok app is one of the most popular and profitable.

How to make money on FlowTokflow current

What do you need

The main purpose of this service is to make money on advertising and increase the popularity of your account, combined with a pleasant pastime.

Principle of operation

Money is credited for completing the received tasks – leaving comments, liking posts, clicking on links. For each completed task, a fee is charged, the amount of which depends on the nature of the task, the popularity of the user account, the number of subscribers, and the customer’s rates.

What are the tasks

On the channel, it is possible to issue tasks related to:

  • subscription to other groups;
  • watching a video;
  • posting links;
  • liking;
  • comments of publics and laid out tracks;
  • clicking on links, etc.
  • In this case, the qualification of the user does not matter, it is enough to go to the channel and complete the available task.


    The amount of the fee depends on the desire of the customer, the time required to complete the task, the degree of promotion of the artist’s account.


    The same task can cost differently for different customers and contractors. For example, for a subscription to someone else’s channel they pay from 0.5 to 0.9 ***. Clicking on a link costs less – from 0.1 ***.

    How much can you earn

    In this way, you will not be able to earn a large amount. But this is a good option for initial earnings. The amount of daily income can be up to several tens of ***. But profits grow as the popularity of the account and the frequency of use of the application increase.

    Features of making money on FlowTok: tips from an experienced bloggerflow current

    How to withdraw money

    Money from Tik Tok is withdrawn to the international payment system PayPal. The Flowtok application allows you to transfer earned money to a bank card, Qiwi or YuMani electronic wallets, and replenish your phone balance.

    Instructions for use

    Attention. For some time now it has not been possible to download the Flowtok program.


    The application was offered to be downloaded from links of third-party sources. To search, it was required to specify the name of the service in the browser search engine by clicking on the link to download the installer file. To download the found file, click the inscription download.


    After downloading and installing, the user needs to enter the program, register and log in. To do this, the user fills out a profile with personal information. Without a completed profile, authorization is not possible.

    Another prerequisite is posting your own filmed video on TikTok. Without this, earnings on this platform are excluded.

    How to get a job

    To receive a task, you must:

  • Open application.
  • Press the button about the transition to the sound.
  • Enable video with sound.
  • After an hour, re-visit the channel, checking the balance.
  • The funds earned for the performed action will be displayed on the user’s balance.

    What to do if there are few tasks

    Immediately after installing the application, there will be few tasks. But the opportunities for earning will increase if you open and update Flowtok more often.

    Program benefits

    Flowtok is characterized by such positive qualities:

  • a simple and affordable way to generate income without special skills and knowledge through a mobile phone with an Internet connection;
  • adaptability of the application to any mobile device;
  • ease of registration and authorization;
  • ease of withdrawal of earned funds;
  • a referral system that increases income with an increase in the number of subscribers.
  • The service offers a simple opportunity to earn money when combined with other activities – travel in transport, walks in the park and other activities.

    The advantages of the service are confirmed by numerous positive reviews left by users on the Internet. As an additional confirmation of the reality of earnings – large amounts withdrawn by users from this resource.

    flow currentflow current

    Cons of the program

    The disadvantages of the program include:

  • the obligation to upload your own video for registration in the service;
  • a small number of tasks at the initial stage.
  • But these disadvantages are easily overcome and do not constitute a problem for advanced users.

    Ban danger

    Too active use of cheating to promote an account threatens to ban the user.

    Similar services

    Flowtok is not the only service for making money on Tik Tok. The table provides a brief overview of some similar applications for the specified platform.

    Service name Short description
    Tmsmm Program for the promotion of profiles in social networks. The set of free options is limited, most of the profitable offers are provided for a fee.
    Mrpopular A similar resource with a limited number of free offers (mainly for advertising exchange). To do this, they place a video with an advertisement for the application, receiving likes and subscriptions in return. Each user who follows the referral link becomes a subscriber.
    Tiktop free Service for mutual promotion with real users by likes, subscriptions and video views
    1tok Another application with a similar direction of work. An advantageous opportunity is the use of the referral system.

    Channel in TikTok

    There is currently no way to download the Flow Talk app. To make money on the specified resource, it is enough to go to this channel on the Internet.

    How to find

    The channel for making money on TikTok is located at To get to the resource, just enter its name in the search bar of the browser. You can add the word app, which means “application” in translation.


    To make money on the service, go to the “Jobs” tab, where a list of paid tasks is presented. In their absence, the page is periodically updated. After switching to any of the proposed tasks and its completion, the corresponding payment is credited to the user’s account.

    How to subscribe

    After clicking on the link, the system will offer to register through Google or VKontakte. Then you will need to enter personal data and a link to your Tik Tok account.

    The user needs to upload the video on the TikTok network.


    You can find a link to the Flowtok channel using the appropriate hashtag. This will help to find the service through social networks and other resources, in addition to search engines.

    What does concept mean

    Literally translated from English, flow means “flow”. This word has become another Russified concept, borrowed by English rap culture and used in the original sound of this concept.

    The meaning of the term “flow” implies that the rapper gets into the dynamics of the beat when reading the text with the ability to convey to the audience his emotions, mood, charisma. For example, if an inappropriate track is selected, or the text does not fall into the rhythm of the beat, such a video is called a square flow.

    How to find a video

    To search on social networks (including Tik Tok) for a video marked with the corresponding hashtag, in the platform’s search engine, enter flow, preceded by the # sign. The phrase can be supplemented with one more word indicating the nature and style of the track – crash, dance, lyrics, remix, etc.


    There are many examples of videos on the network when users provide videos with the specified hashtag, which indicates the originality or style of the filmed track.

    How to use yourself

    This hashtag is a good option for your own recorded video, if you choose the right accompanying music. The idea of ​​such content depends solely on the imagination of the author.

    The Flowtok channel is a good opportunity to make money on TikTok, which does not require special knowledge and skills, is offered for free, without initial investment. It is enough for a user to have an account on the website and place at least one video there in order to receive a stable passive income. But this application is far from everything that this popular platform offers TikTokers, but only the first step for beginners.

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