How to make a live broadcast on Tik Tok without 1000 subscribers

The girl will tell you how to make a live broadcast on Tik Tok TikTok

Read the article in full and find out how to make a live broadcast on Tik Tok. Get a life hack on how to start an online broadcast without 1000 subscribers.

Live streaming on Tik Tok is a great way to connect with your followers. Also, it is a good method of receiving gifts and support in the form of diamonds.

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  • What is live streaming

  • Requirements for live streaming

  • How to go live

  • Life hack – how to turn on the broadcast without subscribers

  • How to watch live

  • Questions about live stream

  • What is live streaming Tik

    Tiktoker records on a smartphone camera what is happening to him in real time – here and now. What is happening is broadcast within the Tik Tok application.

    If you have more cameras, you can broadcast on all social networks where accounts are registered.

    The content from the broadcasts is not saved in your profile, unless, of course, it is recorded using third-party applications.


    Before you go live with followers, review a number of requirements:

    The girl will tell you how to make a live broadcast on Tik TokList of requirements before starting a live broadcast on Tik Tok

  • Tik Tok account must be registered. If necessary, download the application through the Play Market and install it on a PC, smartphone, tablet or iOS devices.
  • The number of subscribers to the profile must be at least 1000 people. One can achieve this figure by getting fake fans. Please be aware that this method will result in account suspension and deletion of previously recorded TikTok videos. If you get 1000 followers correctly, the Go Live feature is added on the same day. When there are fewer subscribers on the page (999), the function is automatically disabled. So it’s time to work on the quality and promotion of content.
  • TikTok Live is still in testing and not available to all users. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app. If necessary, go to the Play Market and get updates.
  • Do not use prohibited words and hashtags: duet, follow, fan, bff, drama queen, donation, recommendation, duet, donations, best friends, drama queen, subscription, fan, recommendations. Calls for illegal actions are prohibited. Use hashtags from your own videos to attract attention.
  • How to live stream on tik tok

    live iconLive

  • Open the TikTok app and sign in to your account (if you haven’t already).
  • Click on the icon in the form “+”Add at the bottom of the screen.
  • The video screen will open. Add an eye-catching title before including the video stream. Use popular hashtags so that users can understand what the stream will be about. Keep the title simple, no extras: “Hello Tik Tok friends.” If the name contains prohibited words and hashtags, you will be prompted to enter other data.
  • A “Live” button will appear below the red record button. Click on the button. If this option is missing, then you don’t have 1000 subscribers. When the number of fans is 1000 and there is no Live function, it means that another application is running that uses the camera. Close other services on the smartphone or tablet that may be using the camcorder.
  • Make a live stream on tik tokStart live broadcast

  • Click on the button On air/Go Live. After a 3 second countdown, the live broadcast will begin. To add masks to a stream, tap the smiley icon at the bottom of the screen. Swipe left or right on the screen to apply the available filters.
  • To finish, click the cross at the top of the screen. A window will appear asking you to confirm the action.
  • Confirm and you will be transferred to the clip recording mode.
  • Life hack how to make a live broadcast without 1000 subscribers

    Text how to make a live broadcastLife hack how to get access to live broadcasts

  • Login to your account
  • Go to settings by clicking on the three dots at the top.
  • Support.
  • Give feedback.
  • Learn how to live stream on Tik TokContact Tik Tok Support

  • Choose a situation Ether/TransactionI broadcastI can’t livestream.
  • Solve the question of how to make a live broadcast on Tik TokLive Connection Problems

  • Press the red button Send.
  • Enter text: Hello! I’m an active TikTok user and have been streaming regularly, but for some reason this feature is no longer working. Can you fix this problem so that I can continue to communicate with my subscribers through live broadcasts?

    Support message textSent a request to restore the live broadcast function

    all support requestsTikTok Support Case List

  • Within 24 hours, the Live feature will be available. Oddly enough, this method works. But few people know about him. Try it too.
  • Our friend named White Teeth willingly shared this life hack

    How to watch live on Tik Tok

    To watch live, follow a few simple steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Click on the speech bubble icon in the bottom box. The second icon from the right will open the “inbox/inbox“. If another page opens, such as “Like/Like” or “Comments/Comments“, press the triangle at the top and select “All“.
  • Press the red button Look, next to Top LIVEs. This will open a list of live streams to the profiles you follow. If the TikTokers you follow are live, you will see a broadcast notification.
  • Click on the stream of interest “Live broadcasts“.
  • Bookmark this article to save time looking for the information you need.

    Create unique videos. Try inserting gifs into them. Read the instructions


    Questions for tik tokTik Tok questions

    Question: Why is my Live button missing?

    Answer: You used to create live broadcasts, but now the function is missing? It’s simple, you used forbidden words and acted against the rules of Tik Tok. Therefore, the function to start a live broadcast is disabled. Write to the support service if you did not violate the rules of the application.

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