How To Listen To Music In Telegram: 3+ Best Ways

How to listen to music on Telegram: top 3 ways Secrets and tricks

Telegram can be used as a full-fledged audio source: in addition to music channels replete with collections of various tracks, there are special bots that will select audio recordings according to your preferences and requests. Continuing to reveal the messenger chips, today we will tell you about different ways to listen to music in Telegram.

Technical nuances of the Telegram media player

A full-fledged opportunity to listen to music in Telegram appeared in update 4.4. In order to show the convenience of the new interface, the developers launched the @cctracks music channel, which posted 12 entries. The channel was created solely to showcase the upgrade – the only posts date from October 9th and 10th, 2017.


how to add music to telegram
Music channel in Telegram from developers: was created only to demonstrate a new feature

The innovation had the effect of an exploding bomb, especially considering the fact that it was then that in the second brainchild of Pavel Durov – VKontakte – it became paid for listening to audio recordings in the background for over one hour.

Before you start listening to music in Telegram, you need to download it: this rule is relevant for the desktop and iOS versions of the messenger. You should click on the arrow to download, wait for it to finish and turn on audio recording.

picture: how to download music in telegram on ios
Click on the arrow to download music in Telegram iOS
picture: how to listen to music via telegram
Click on the arrow to download music in Telegram Desktop

In the mobile version of Telegram for Android, you can immediately start listening to the track – the download will start in the background.

picture: how to upload music to telegram
In Telegram for Android, you don’t have to wait for the full download of a track to start listening to it

Creating a playlist inside the messenger

To view the current playlist, in the Telegram version for computers, move the cursor over the name of the track being played at the top of the dialog box. You will see a list of all uploaded audio recordings in the open chat.

picture: telegram music playlist
Hover the cursor over the track name on the top panel of the messenger to display the current playlist of audio recordings in the chat

From the mobile version, the playlist view opens after clicking on the name of the audio file.

picture: playlist in telegram on smartphone
Control the view of the playlist – slide your finger along the list of tracks to open the full list

You can create your own playlist .

All audio files (except for voice messages) of one chat are automatically added to a single list, hence the main rule:  one chat – one playlist.

Method number 1

Upload audio files from your smartphone or computer to your favorites (chat with yourself). This can be done through the paperclip icon and by selecting the appropriate item; in the desktop version it is also possible by dragging and dropping the file into the dialog.

Thus, you will have a full-fledged playlist that you can listen to at any time and even without access to the Internet (the main thing is not to forget to download the recordings so that they are added to the cache).

Method number 2 (relevant only for Android)

You can create your playlist from the mobile version of the messenger, saving the audio files found on Telegram in the “Music”. In this case, they are also automatically saved to the cache and appear in the built-in player .

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What should be done:

  • From the mobile version, click on the three dots in the right corner of the field of the audio recording you like and select the “Save to music” item.
  • Go to “Favorites”, click on a paperclip and select “Music”. Here you will find saved audio, which can be sent to the so-called “correspondence with yourself”, forming your own list of songs.

picture: how to save music to telegram from smartphone
The ability to add tracks to “Music” to listen to them through the built-in player is available only for Telegrams on Android

After these manipulations in the “Favorites” you will have your own audio library, available in the way described in detail in the previous section – by clicking on the name of the audio file or hovering over it in the desktop version of Telegram.

The desktop version has a separate item for editing the volume, as well as an icon for repeating the audio recording.

picture: save and manage music from telegrams
Adjust volume and repetition of music in Telegram Desktop

The only way to sort audio recordings is by adding hashtags. Submit one or more audio recordings by adding a hashtag to quickly find the required audio recordings through the search.

picture: sorting audio in telegram
When sending a track to Telegram, enter a hashtag as a signature

Click on the hashtag or enter it directly into the search to display relevant results.

picture: how to find music in telegrams by hashtag
Search for your hashtag to display all results that mention it

How to download music from Telegram

You can also save audio files from the messenger to external file storage – a smartphone (only for Android) or a computer. In the first case, the method given in the paragraph above is relevant – saving to the “Music” section through the so-called “three points” menu.

In the case of the desktop version, there are no difficulties either: just right-click on the track, click on “Save audio file as …” and select a folder.

picture: how to download music from telegram
Downloading music from Telegram to your computer is as simple as possible: in the context menu, select the appropriate item and download the tracks to your PC

Bots with music in Telegram

  • @vkmusic_bot

Convenient and generally universal is the Telegram bot for music from VKontakte @vkmusic_bot. Its main advantage is that it is built-in.

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Actually, the essence is conveyed by the word “built-in” – to find music using this bot, you do not need to search for it separately and start a chat with it: just write @vkmusic_bot in any chat, and then the name of the artist or song separated by a space, so that the bot finds the necessary audio files …

picture: bot music in telegram
Enter “@” and the name of the audio recording in any chat to start listening to music in Telegram in the same dialogue!
  • @muzikrobot

An uncomplicated bot containing a relatively small catalog of channels with music in Telegram, sorted by artist. In turn, the channels are divided into subgroups according to musical genres.

On the channels, you can find quite a few tracks of the selected artist and a breakdown by album.

picture: music bots for telegram
This music bot for Telegram is convenient for sorting, but it cannot boast of a large selection.
  • @rrecordbot

The bot offers 33 radio stations for every taste. Choose the one you are interested in, go to the corresponding stream and enjoy the non-stop stream of music!

picture: bot for searching radio in telegram
Another cool opportunity is to listen to radio on Telegram!
  • @radiobot

A cool and original musical bot that allows you to listen to recordings of radio broadcasts around the world. Radio stations from 9 countries are supported, in particular from Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Italy and Germany. You can download not only fresh records, but also one year old.

Time categories are very detailed: broadcasts are split hourly. One hour is one recording that you can download and then listen to. You can save your favorites and select the bitrate of the audio file.

Here’s how it looks like getting started with a bot when choosing a radio station from the UK – “BBC Radio 1”:

picture: bot for music in telegram
Follow the bot’s instructions and be careful – there are a lot of parameters
  • @YaMelodyBot

An interesting replacement for Shazam from Yandex. This bot for music in Telegram recognizes tracks and then sends a link to listen to them. It is enough to record 5-10 seconds of the song of interest and the bot will search the database containing millions of audio files.

best music in telegram 2021
You can even search for music in Telegram – write down and send the bot a voice with a piece of the recording so that it finds suitable results

Perhaps this is the end of the review of the main audio functions of Telegram. Listen to music, create your playlists, use handy bots and get the most out of the messenger!

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