How to link Instagram and TikTok accounts: all ways to connect

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Channel owners who promote them on two services at the same time do not always know how to link Instagram to Tiktok. Professionals use several options to solve the problem. Using this option, you can simultaneously upload clips to both resources, navigate through them without constantly entering a login and password.

Linking TikTok and Instagram Accounts

The advantages of combining social networks are characterized by:

  • quick repost – videos are uploaded simultaneously to both accounts, the publication is automated;
  • authorization – it is easier to enter through Insta, when visiting, you do not need to enter passwords and logins;
  • link in the profile – used as an additional PR.
  • Experienced tiktokers are sure that it is easier to get promoted in a teenage social network, and with the help of a special button, you can increase the number of followers on Instagram.


    Registration through another social network

    During the procedure, sometimes there are problems:

  • it is impossible to enter the social network without first adding a login and password from Tik-Tok;
  • in some cases, an attempt to move to another social network is perceived by Instagram as a hack;
  • in the settings of two accounts, you must specify an identical phone number and email address.
  • Problems also arise when pages are closed – the system blocks all extraneous services. Without opening access, the link will not work.

    On a note. The issue with the lack of connection to the server is solved by changing the password in Insta (with closed accounts). After restarting the gadget and re-entering the application, the problem should be solved.

    How to link Instagram to Tik Tok

    The process goes according to the algorithm:

  • The user must move to the “I” block in Tik-Tok and press the “Change profile” button.
  • From the bottom, click on the inscription “Instagram”, enter the identifier.
  • Save your login details and tap the “Authorize” button.
  • A shortcut will be formed in the profile leading directly to the second social network.

    How to Link Instagram and TikTok AccountsHow to Link Instagram and TikTok Accounts

    Logging into Tik Tok with an Instagram account

    To visit the page you need:

  • Activate the Tik-Tok application and open the profile by pressing the registration button.
  • The utility will offer a list of actions from which you need to select “Login”.
  • Then click on the Insta label and enter the login information.
  • The exact implementation of the scheme will allow you to get rid of authorization issues and additionally protect accounts.

    Adding an Instagram Link to Tik Tok

    The process is used when you do not want to link accounts:

  • The user enters TikTok, moves to the profile editor.
  • Selects the “Description” block – there you can place links leading to the account of the second social network.
  • Important. Instead of a tag, a nickname is used.

    Adding Tik Tok link to Instagram

    It does not require a bunch of accounts, the procedure follows the algorithm:

  • On the Instagram page, you need to click on the “Edit Profile” button.
  • In the new window, add a link to the “Website” section.
  • On a note. Before exiting, you must save the changes, otherwise you will have to re-bind the tag.How to Link Instagram and TikTok Accounts How to Link Instagram and TikTok Accounts

    How to unlink accounts

    To break the link on an iPhone or Android, follow the steps:

  • you need to open the Tik-Tok application page;
  • click on the “Instagram” section and the linked channel;
  • the display will prompt “Unlink account”.
  • After the system request is acknowledged, the connection is terminated.

    Video posting

    You can post video materials with or without channel synchronization. The user selects a convenient method independently.

    How to forward a video from TikTok to Instagram

    Loading from one resource to the second is carried out in stages:

  • after opening the video, you need to click on the “Share” button;
  • click on the label “Instagram”;
  • select “Publication” or “History”.
  • The video material will also appear on another resource.

    By the way. The two social networks have different clip parameters, the videos will have to be edited to avoid partial cropping.

    Simultaneous placement

    To complete the task, you need:

  • Log in to Tik-Tok and click on the “plus” label to create a post. The system will go to the hashtag description stage.
  • Click on the second account icon below.
  • The action is confirmed by the “Publish” button.
  • Move to the Instagram profile by clicking the button to generate a post.
  • The processed video is posted in the “Gallery”. If desired, you can make changes in brightness, contrast level, add a filter to it. Signatures, tags, geolocation are also entered there, people are marked.
  • The process ends with the “Share” button.
  • Simultaneous placementSimultaneous placement

    Ways to improve the efficiency of cross-posting

    The increase in the number of the audience is carried out according to the rules:

  • The same names on both platforms – this approach allows viewers to recognize the content as copyright, regardless of the platform. If this is not possible, then a short postscript or a certain number is added to the account.
  • Rejection of 100% duplication of materials – the video sequence on each platform must be unique. Only popular clips are sent to the second platform, helping to move subscribers to two accounts. Crossposting requires quality, attempts to get a mass audience with quantity will not be successful.
  • Communicating with users – tracking comments and direct communication with viewers is a prerequisite for success. People like writers who have conversations and likes. The procedure covers both platforms – no opinion should be left out, and healthy criticism should be accepted and considered.
  • Spam reduction – publications are distributed between sites. Tiktokers get good results when they focus on 1-2 topics. Materials created within the specified framework are better perceived by the audience.
  • Don’t forget about hashtags. They help to find information, promote the channel on the site, connect the system to the search. To move to the “Recommendations” of the network, you need to create tags with the word “#recommendations”.

    Popular tiktokers on Instagram

    The list includes:

  • Giuliana Grace (@Annieleblanc) – She has become an actress, singer and celebrity in her 4 years on TikTok. With 15 million followers, she has proven that age is no barrier to recognition. Julianna released her first videos at the age of 10, and by the age of 14 she became known to the whole world.
  • Savannah and Everly Sutas (@Savvsoutas) – mother and daughter started with an Instagram page, later they started a block on YouTube. Audience – 14 million viewers.
  • Lisa Koshy (@Lizzza) is a blogger who prefers to publish humorous materials. On the page you can find her interview with Barack Obama.
  • Zach King (@Zachking) – first appeared in the competition of one of the YouTube channels, later took up shooting magic tricks. Today, he actively shoots videos, delighting 2 million subscribers with new products.
  • Successful bloggers’ fast promotion online is associated with interesting clips. Success cannot be achieved without constant updating of information. Linking one platform to another helps to simultaneously increase the number of subscribers, create recognizable copyright videos. Careful, painstaking work on clips and sending them to different platforms will eventually create a recognizable brand.

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