How To Group Telegram Chats 2023?

How to group Telegram chats Secrets and tricks

Grouping chats in Telegram is a convenient addition to the popular messenger, which many users have been waiting for. You can group not only regular chats, but also bots. Sorting is already available in messenger version 6.0.

Sorting was first noticed back in early March this year in the beta version of the application. Previously, this function was only on analogues of the popular messenger: Plus Messenger, Teleplus and AiGram Messenger.

As explained in Telegram, the add-on is activated at the moment when there are a lot of dialogues. The user will be able to create separate thematic folders or apply the factory sorting settings.


Grouping chats

Is it really necessary to group chats and channels?

Over time, a lot of unnecessary things accumulate in Telegram. This can be forgotten correspondence, old subscriptions to information channels to which the user is unlikely to return, bots, educational channels, correspondence with friends, school chats, etc.

All this becomes very annoying over time and in the end I want to describe it all. Some people think that a work or just a second account will help to cope with this situation, but this is far from the case.

It is worth noting that there is an analogue application for Android phones – Plus Messenger. This is an unofficial analogue of the well-known messenger from third-party developers. The disadvantage of the application is that it groups only by entities. Channels with channels, chats with chats, super chats with super chats, and so on.

But people subscribe to channels and enter chats precisely according to their interests and, in some cases, according to their needs. School chats are essential, and work channels cannot be turned off. That is why there is a need to group manually.

How chats were sorted before the grouping of chats feature appeared

You can use tabs to include or exclude chats. But for this you need to first implement them in Telegram. Tabs resemble Instagram subscriptions.

  • Tabs can be placed at the top or bottom. In this case, it will not be very convenient to drag each time to switch them. Often tabs are supplemented with horizontal swipes for quick switching. You won’t be able to use them all the time, since swipes are often busy on the screen with chats to call hidden buttons, such as: delete, archive or attach.
  • It is worth knowing that the user-generated names for the tabs will be long, and the tabs themselves will look like word clippings. This, in turn, is not very convenient.

New chat grouping feature

The sorting function appears in the messenger automatically when the number of dialogs becomes large. The sorting process, however, is to clear the workspace of entertainment channels. The list of subject folders with notifications of new messages is located at the very top.

Any number of chats can be placed in each new folder. The subject matter can be different. There are no restrictions on this feature. To hide the dialogue permanently, you can place it in the “Archive”.

Adding a chat to the archive

The selected settings in Telegram will be automatically transferred to all associated electronic devices.

Creating folders in the desktop version

For owners of Telegram channels, the number of subscribers of which exceeds 1000, an additional statistics function has appeared. So the user can see not only the statistics themselves, but also the coverage of posts and the number of people who shared this information.

Is it convenient to use the grouping of chats in Telegram?

The answer is unequivocally YES. Now you do not need to tweak to put things in order in your account. All you need to do is click on a button and all chats will be sorted into categories.

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