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Everyone wants to know how to get a tick in TikTok indicating account verification. Although TikTok’s official verification criteria is a mystery, this article will lift the veil.

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  • What does a tick mean in Tik Tok and when is it given?

    When TikTok was, they gave “Crowns” – shown right next to the profile name, and they could be seen at any time. It was a recognition from the developers that the account is popular and the content is known throughout the app. The published videos correspond to the ideology of the application and do not violate the rules.

    Account verifiedAccount verification checkbox

    Today there are 3 types of TikTok account verification and each of them operates according to different rules. Let’s consider in order.

    How to get ticked on Tik Tok with a blue circle “Growing in popularity”?

    The first option is to tag your TikTok account as “Rising Popular”. It looks like a blue circle with a white bird.

    How to get a tick in Tik Tok gaining popularityGaining popularity

    Based on direct observation, you can get a mark, in rare cases, with 20,000 active subscribers. But it is better that the figure is at least 50,000 fans, and that does not always help.

    An account status of “Rising Popular” activates the TikTok algorithm itself, not its management or maintenance staff.

    In order for the robot to pay attention to you, you should resort to manipulative actions:

  • Post content regularly. Here, probably, everything is clear, any social platform will promote a profile with frequent publications and will quickly notice it.
  • The manifestation of activity not only on your page, but you also need to watch the videos of other tiktokers. Everything is mutual on this platform.
  • More creativity in content. It is not clear how the robot calculates the level of creativity in the video, but this is not done by a person. Don’t stop at improving skills and implementing ideas.
  • A quick set of subscribers (fans) will attract maximum attention to the account. You would also pay attention to the rapid growth of numbers in stores!
  • According to data from different accounts, the owners of which already know how to get a tick in TikTok, verification for verification takes place from the 1st to the 10th, and so every month. It is important to remember that status can be gained and easily lost when changing the parameters above. Always control the numbers and try to grow.

    How to get a tick in Tik Tok “Popular author”?

    The second verification option. The same blue circle is displayed in the profile as “Popular Author”.

    How to get ticked on Tik Tok popular authorPopular author account

    Everything is the same as in the first option, but to get it you need to gain more than 200,000 subscribers. Throw “firewood” in the form of cool videos otherwise you will not get the coveted mark or you will lose it. Remember – the check will be 1 time in 2 months, 6 times a year.

    How to get a verified tick in Tik Tok?

    The third option is displayed in the profile as “Verified account”.

    How to get a tick in Tik Tok verifiedAccount passed all checks

    This is the main and last stage before the coronation of a tiktoker with viral videos. This work is no longer performed by the application algorithm, but by a person, an employee of Tik Tok.

    An ordinary user can get such a mark with 1 million subscribers, but sometimes this is not enough. When you work on several platforms, for example, YouTube or Instagram, it will be easier to get verification, because the statistics of the growth in content popularity are already visible from the work done.

    All decisions are made according to the statistics of numbers. You can register on TikTok, post 2 videos that will get 25 views today, and tomorrow the number will grow to 300,000, and you will be noticed immediately. There were also such cases. Maybe they do it on purpose so that people strive for growth in TikTok, as a motivation.

    I found a site where they will make verification faster and for money.

    Today, there is no site on the Internet that will give verification in TikTok, despite the fact that several resources listed in the search results of Google or Yandex say otherwise. The truth is that, like checking on Twitter or Instagram, only Tik-Tok employees and support groups assign status to a profile with a blue circle.

    The long explanation is something of a warning. Those online resources and applications that sell verification or say that the service is free are scammers. Almost always, such resources ask for registration data, pushing TikTok users to hand over their email and password to complete the transaction.

    How to get a tick in Tik Tok without losing your accountService that is not related to TikTok

    If you give your account information to one of these fake services, a lot can go wrong. At best, this will be regarded as a violation of the rules of the application. Which will lead to blocking or closing the Tik-Tok account. Your video collections will be deleted and you will lose access to anything you didn’t manually save.

    In the worst case, the person, web resource or service that received the registration data can log into the account on behalf of the owner and change the password. So they can blackmail you to get money out of you if you want to get it all back. Some voluntarily give away an email name and password, for personal use, study and work, in order to benefit. They don’t think it’s a potential loss of personal information.

    Please think before you do anything!!!

    The purpose of this article was to provide you with all the information you need on how to get ticked on Tik Tok and protect yourself from scammers.

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