How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks TikTok

When a user opens the TikTok app, they immediately go not to a selection of videos from people they follow, but to the “Recommended” tab. Here the program offers a person to watch videos from unfamiliar tiktokers. The recommendation feed is needed so that talented newcomers can get free traffic, attract new subscribers to their page and gain the desired popularity.

The scheme for getting into the recommendations is quite simple: those videos with the highest audience engagement are sent here. Therefore, the content must be of really high quality and interesting. Today we will figure out how to be guaranteed to get into recommendations on TikTok and promote your account in “legal” ways.

Attention – efficiency rating

Every time someone posts a new video on their TikTok page, the program offers it to a specific group of users. The application monitors the behavior of viewers who have watched the video and displays a certain efficiency ratio. The following factors are important:

  • whether the user watched the video to the end;
  • did the person like it;
  • whether the viewer wrote a comment;
  • whether he shared the video with his friends.
  • The higher the final effectiveness rate, the more people will see your video in the recommendations.

    To get people to watch the content to the end, do not make videos that are too long. Viewers are better off short, but at the same time bright and catchy content.

    TikTok also has its fashion trends. To understand what the audience is interested in now, just go to the “Interesting” section. Perhaps here you will find a boring topic for your next video.

    How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

    Important! There are themes that get bored with the audience over time, and there are those that do not go out of fashion for years. The most popular channels belong to beauty bloggers and people who share the secrets of successful travel. Breaking into these areas is quite difficult. However, in the presence of high-quality and non-banal content, the prospects are simply amazing.

    Remember that people watch videos on TikTok for two reasons. They either want to get valuable practical advice, or they want to relax. If you prefer the second point, bet on sparkling humor. Old and hackneyed jokes are unlikely to be of interest to anyone, but funny situations at the university, personal life, funny videos with pets usually really “catch” the audience. In addition, if you have acting talent, you can try to make parodies of the video clips of the stars.

    Participate in various TikTok activities

    Most tiktokers stir up the interest of the audience by taking part in duets with other users, contests and challenges, so you should not forget about them too. Information about these activities can also be found in the “Interesting” section. For example, it can be the Most Stylish Guy on TikTok contest, Talent Development Program, Teleport challenge. The most unusual videos not only get into the recommendations, but are also awarded with valuable prizes. Their authors can even get the opportunity to become the hosts of top shows, therefore, it’s definitely worth trying your luck!

    How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

    As for duets, the chances of breaking into recommendations are much higher if you create a joint video with one of the top bloggers. If you don’t have that opportunity, try recording an interesting reaction on a video of one of the stars.

    Use hashtags wisely

    Many TikTok users find interesting videos for themselves simply by searching for certain hashtags. Thus, young bloggers definitely cannot ignore this opportunity.

    We recommend use hashtags related to the same challenges, contests and other popular social network activities. It is important that your video matches the stated topic.

    Immediately stop using hashtags that have nothing to do with your video. Most likely, the deceived user will be disappointed and will no longer visit your page.

    Some successful bloggers claim that if you add a couple of target tags like #foryou and #foryoupage to your video, your chances of getting recommended will increase. However, not all tiktokers agree with this statement. In any case, you can experiment and test this theory in practice.

    Improve the quality of your TikTok videos

    Users of the TikTok app want to watch not only interesting, but also beautifully shot videos. A bad camera, a sloppy appearance, a background in the form of an old carpet “decorating” the wall in the best Soviet traditions are clearly not the best helpers in the fight for getting into the recommendations.

    To shoot a quality video, we recommend:

  • Use quality technology. It doesn’t have to be a professional SLR camera. A smartphone with a good camera will do.
  • Carefully prepare the shooting conditions. It is highly desirable to fix a smartphone or camera with a tripod. You should choose good lighting and a background that will provide proper visibility and contrast. Highlighted, too dark videos will definitely not fall into the “Recommendations”.
  • Keep an eye on the shooting environment. There should be no scattered things and other unpleasant details.
  • Don’t ignore rehearsals. Especially if the video is about a dance number or some kind of humorous sketch. You can rehearse near the mirror. Most likely, to get the desired result, you will have to shoot the video 4-5 times. Be patient!
  • Apply fashion opportunities TikTok. We are talking about cool masks, stickers, acceleration and deceleration effects, because they greatly fuel the interest of the audience. Additional applications such as InShot can be useful for trimming and editing videos.
  • Select popular music tracks as background. Find out which compositions are currently in the TIKTOK TOP, and use one of them to design a video. Such a move is likely to increase the likelihood of content getting into the “Recommended”.
  • You can also use your own bright appearance as a “chip”. See fashionable bows on the relevant Internet resources and choose neat branded clothes, do not forget about accessories, styling and makeup. All details of the image should be harmoniously combined with each other.

    Communicate with your audience

    The thing is, people love live channels on TikTok. Respond to user comments, invite followers to record reactions to your videos. At the end of the video, you can ask an interesting question to the audience: not the banal “How are you?”, but ask people’s opinions on a certain topic, ask for advice.

    Follow TikTok rules

    The recommendations will definitely not include videos that do not comply with the rules of TikTok. Most likely, an inappropriate video can become a decent profile block.

    Here’s what you shouldn’t post on social media:

  • videos for an adult audience;
  • video promoting alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes;
  • content related to violence, humiliation, racial intolerance, political strife;
  • videos with threats against other users.
  • Make your profile beautiful

    The quality of the blogger’s account design also affects the likelihood of being recommended. If a person likes your video, he will definitely want to go to your page and get acquainted with the content. An original and short nickname without unnecessary numbers a la the year of birth and an incomprehensible character set is a must-have for any person who wants to break into TikTok. The photo should be not only attractive and of high quality, but also appropriate to your image, style and theme of the account. Do not forget to add a description to your profile: write a couple of phrases about your activity or hobby, add a motto or a creative quote. But signatures in the style of “Please subscribe” are best avoided: most likely, this will only repel potential followers.

    6 life hacks from advanced TikTok bloggers

    Perhaps the experience of star tiktokers will be useful to you:

  • What to do if the video is bad? You can either re-upload the video to TikTok, or completely re-record it with the original meaning preserved.
  • Geolocation can play into your hands. The greatest demand is for regional and local clips. According to statistics, they are more often commented and liked. You can make a video geolocal by simply showing and tagging a certain point of interest. Indicate the name of the city or country in the hashtags.
  • You can try posting multiple versions of the same video on your profile.. After analyzing the popularity, you simply delete the video with the lowest ratio of likes to the number of views.
  • Video activity and regularity matters. TikTok rewards those bloggers who post videos more often. At least try to record 4-5 videos every week. To avoid chaos and clutter, make a content plan.
  • Pay attention to choosing the part of the video for the cover. Ideally, this should be the most interesting or colorful moment of the video. This is necessary so that the user wants to open the video and watch it to the end.
  • Try to periodically intrigue the audience. You can shoot a video consisting of several parts, and at the end of each part, report that the continuation will be in the next video. Most likely, people will want to know what will happen next.
  • This information is only available to users with a Pro account. To apply, you need to open the application. Then you should go to the “Settings and privacy” section (by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner). After that, select “Account Management” and “Switch to Pro Account”.

    How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacksHow to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

    Next, you will be asked to select the appropriate type of profile and its subject.

    How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

    After successful connection, open the video you are interested in in your profile. To go to the analytics section, click on the three dots on the screen.

    How to get into TikTok recommendations: 6 life hacks

    Do you want to know how much you can earn on your TikTok account? Use special calculators and services to determine audience engagement and calculate the approximate cost of placing an advertising publication.

    We hope that our recommendations will help you promote your videos to the “Featured” ones. We wish you to gain popularity in your favorite social network! Finally, we suggest watching a useful video on our topic to learn something new:

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