How to download TikTok on TikTok

The online stores Google Play Store and AppStore are trusted, but not the only sources of mobile content. You can also download games, applications, various tools to your smartphone on specialized services, forums, portals. One of these is

Next, we will consider the features of this site, as well as provide detailed instructions on how to download Tik Tok to Trashbox.

Site Features

The development of began back in 2006, and only 2 years later the site was opened to the public. Now it is one of the most popular portals dedicated to high technologies.

On a note. More than 500,000 users from EU-US and the CIS countries visit Treshbox every day.

What is it is a portal with news, articles and reviews on the topic of high technologies. The editors of the site and the team of moderators include the most active members of the community, which anyone can join.

In addition, one of the best catalog of programs and games for mobile and computer platforms in Runet was formed in Treshbox. Each added file – be it the application itself or an update for it – undergoes a serious anti-virus check, so users can not worry about the safety of their device when downloading content from this site.


The main advantage of Threshbox is the variety of content, the number of published articles, hosted games and applications. However, do not forget that Threshbox is primarily a community. Here, each user can not only express their opinion about the game or application, but also discuss this topic with other participants, as well as ask for advice if any questions or problems arise.

Why not download on Markets

Threshbox is superior to the AppStore and Play Store in many ways:

  • the site presents both current and old versions of programs;
  • it is possible to download paid applications and software for free, which is not available in any digital store;
  • provided access to mods that greatly facilitate the gameplay or provide access to premium software functions.
  • There are no such features in the official app stores.

    Information about each application

    A description in English is attached to the game or application posted on the Treshbox, listing the features of the interface, gameplay or functionality. Also, the user can get acquainted with the system requirements of programs, find out what permissions they need, make sure that the files have been scanned for viruses.

    What can be downloaded

    To date, TikTok tops the ranking of the most downloaded applications for mobile devices. So his appearance in the vastness of Trashbox is not at all surprising.

    What versions are there

    Unregistered visitors to the Treshbox have access to the latest five versions of the Tik Tok app, including the current one. By creating an account on the portal, the user will be able to track the history of site updates from the very first version to the latest. Each version is available for download, but their stable operation is not guaranteed.

    When you need a Lite version

    You can also find the Light version of Tik Tok on the Trashbox. It differs from the usual one by the lack of the ability to shoot your own videos, edit them and upload them to the site. This achieves a reduction in the size of the installation file and the final amount of space that the application will take up in the device’s memory after installation.

    TikTok Lite is extremely popular among users who do not post their own videos on the site, preferring to look at the work of other people. Installing the Light version is a completely justified step when it comes to a weak smartphone with a small amount of available memory.


    The process of downloading and installing Tik Tok from the Treshbox is fundamentally different from how the user downloads the same program through the official mobile application store. Below is a detailed step by step guide.

    What can be downloaded

    You can get a file for installing Tik Tok on a mobile device in different ways:

  • download the file to your computer from the Treshbox website, and then transfer it to your smartphone using a USB cable;
  • download a file from the mobile version of the Treshbox website directly to the device;
  • use the mobile application Threshbox (free for Android devices).
  • Regardless of the chosen method, the user will deal with the Threshbox site.

    How to download

    Consider how to download TikTok from the Treshbox website:

  • In the search engine of any browser, enter the query either “tiktok trashbox” or “trashbox light trashbox”.
  • We open the first site in the search results.
  • On the Treshbox website, select the desired version of the application. If it is not in the list, we go through a quick registration on the portal by clicking on the button with a little man in the upper right corner of the tab.
  • To download the file for installation, click on the “Download TikTok XXXX” button, where XXXX is the version number of the application.
  • On the next page, confirm the intention to receive the file by clicking on the “Download” button.
  • In the same way, the .apk file for installing TikTok is also downloaded in the Trashbox mobile application.


    Installing TikTok on the device using the downloaded file is carried out as follows:

  • Open the downloaded file by clicking on it.
  • We allow the installation of unknown applications by granting the appropriate rights to the browser.
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • TikTok will be installed on your smartphone within a few seconds.


    When you open Tik Tok for the first time, the application requests access to the camera, microphone and device memory. In the future, the user can change these permissions in the smartphone settings (“Apps” / “TikTok” / “Permissions”).

    How to start using

    After installing TikTok, you can immediately use it: register, create a profile, view the recommendations feed and create your first video.

    View, comments, likes

    Registration in TikTok is a recommended, but optional action. Without it, the functionality of the site is extremely limited: the user can only view other people’s videos. To leave comments, like the videos you like and upload your creations, you definitely need an account.


    Registration in TikTok is carried out in three steps:

  • After opening the application, click on the little man icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • We choose the method of creating an account: using an email / phone number or through another social network where there is already a registered account.
  • Following the prompts on the screen, enter user data and confirm registration.
  • By creating your own account, the user discovers all the possibilities of the site.

    Create a profile

    Making a TikTok profile includes:

  • name choice;
  • adding an avatar and description to the page;
  • linking the account to the social network Instagram and/or YouTube.
  • Also, the user can climb in the settings of his application and, if desired, change a number of parameters, for example, privacy.

    First videos

    To go to the video editor, you need to click on the “+” button on the navigation bar. Creating a video is carried out by holding the red button at the bottom of the screen. Before starting recording, the user can apply various effects and filters to the picture, select music, set a timer and change the video speed. Before publishing, the footage can also be changed: cut out unnecessary fragments, apply voice effects, supplement the video sequence with text or a sticker. is a unique platform that publishes the latest news from the world of high technology, reviews of cool new devices for home and personal use. By the number of programs uploaded to the catalog and available for download, it has no equal. It is also safe to say that it is on Treshbox that the most complete collection of mobile versions of Tik Tok is collected.

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