How to download Tik Tok for Android for free: step by step instructions

Download Tik Tok for Android from trashbox TikTok

In this article, you can get a detailed answer to the questions: How to download the Tik Tok app for Android for free? Your attention is presented – two installation algorithms on Android:

  • without using the Play Market;
  • using the Play Market.
  • Young people have adapted so much to the online world that they edit videos shot from their smartphone right on the device. “Forge iron without leaving the cash register.” Bulky desktop computers are gradually moving away to the adult generation.

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  • How to install an application on Android in the absence of the Play Market

  • Downloading the application directly through the Play Market

  • Free app update

  • Services Help

    What is Thrashbox and how to use it to the fullest
    Play Market and how to download it to your smartphone
    APK file and its ownership

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Installing an application on Android in the absence of the Play Market on a smartphone

    Is there no Play Market on your phone? How to download Tik Tok on Android for free? Through the Threshbox portal. Follow the link and download the app to your device.

    Download Tik Tok for Android from trashboxClick on the “Download” button

    If you want to know what a Threshbox is and how to use it, then check out the quick guide: link to the guide

    Tik Tok on Android via the Play Market

    How to download Tik Tok for Android for free, through the Play Market? you will need to do a number of simple steps on your device:

  • Go to the menu and click on the four-color triangle – the Play Market icon.
  • Enter the name of the Tik Tok service in the search bar.
  • Agree to download and click Install.
  • Install via play storeInstallation flow

    How to quickly register a Tik Tok account on Android devices, see the link

    Everything, the application is installed. You can start working with it.

    If you want to know what the Play Market is or install it on your smartphone, see the help

    Update Tik Tok app for free

  • Log into Google Play from your smartphone.
  • Enter the name of the Tik Tok app.
  • Open it and click the “Update” button.
  • Update the TikTok appTik Tok app update

    Several times a month you will receive notifications about available new updates. Your right to update or not. One thing you need to know is that the latest version always brings something new – filters, music, effects. The platform is being improved. You can learn about innovations from the Play Market.

    Now you know how to download Tik Tok for Android for free. Which services to use and how to update

    Services Help

    What is a Thrashbox and how to use it

    The portal is news, articles and detailed reviews from the world of high technologies. As a bonus from users, the online resource contains a list of modern programs and games for popular platforms with automatic updates and antivirus checks.

    Capital letter T in the logo

    Registration on

    When you want to use the functions of this platform to the maximum, you will need to register.

    Sign up for ThrashboxFilling in user data

    A registration confirmation letter will be sent to the specified email address. To activate your account, you need to follow the link in the letter. After clicking on the link, a window with a notification about the completion of registration will open.

    Completion of registrationConfirmation of registration

    Now you can search, distribute, receive information of interest and download software.

    What is the Play Market?

    Play Market is an online platform that allows you to download, both for a fee and for free: music, games, books and films from different leading companies in the IT industry. All available information and software are intended exclusively for devices running on the Android OS.

    Triangle logoPlay market logo

    All modern smartphones and tablets come to stationary and online electronics markets with pre-installed programs. There is another side of the coin. Sometimes you have to buy similar Chinese gadgets.

    They do not have installed service programs (without firmware for the English Federation). The main disadvantage is the lack of the Play Market. Without it, it is impossible to install any game, application or download music to the device.

    The question remains: Where can I download the latest version of the Play Market? The downloadable APK file can be found by clicking on the download link. As always, Threshbox will come to the rescue. Find out more about this online resource here.

    The algorithm for installing the Play Market on an Android smartphone through Threshbox

    You have downloaded the downloadable APK file of the Play Market to your smartphone through the Threshbox portal. Now let’s move on to the installation.

    Installing Tik Tok on Android for freeClick Download and the APK file will be downloaded to your device

    1. Find the APK file for the Play Market on your smartphone through the explorer or in the folder Downloads/Downloads. In the place where you usually have downloaded files.

    Location of the APK fileThe folder where the APK download file for the Play Market is located

    2. Click on the file with the Play Store icon and installation on the device will begin.

    Installation processPlay Market installation confirmation

    3. Upon completion of the installation of the Play Market, the service icon in the form of a multi-colored triangle will appear in the main menu.

    download on Android Play MarketFinishing the installation process

    4. To fully use the service, set it up through your Google account. To do this, enter your existing email address and password.

    Registering a Google accountEntering e-mail and password

    5. The entered data is being verified.

    6. The system will prompt you to enter your payment details.

    Payment detailsEnter payment information if required.

    7. Play Store is activated on your Android device.

    If you have not registered with Google, then create your new account.

    A quick and free way to update the Play Market

    Installing the Play Market on an Android smartphone or tablet via a computer.

    To get started, follow a series of steps:

  • Go to the section on your smartphone –Settings
  • Select tab Security
  • You need to check the box next to unknown sources
  • Installing the Play Market on a smartphoneAction algorithm

    This installation option is intended for situations where the smartphone is temporarily not connected to the Internet.

    Download process

    Next, we perform a number of simple steps:

    How to download Tik Tok for Android for free: step by step instructions

    Connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer via a USB cable.

    File folderAlgorithm for placing the installation APK file

  • In the computer itself, we go into the device’s memory
  • Start – Computer – Your device – Phone storage (this is the folder where you store all downloaded files).
  • Move downloaded bootable APK file
  • (to find out what an APK file is, follow the link to the help).
  • On the device we find the folder where the installation APK file Play market.apk is saved
  • We start the installation.
  • We wait 30 seconds.
  • How to download Tik Tok for Android for free: step by step instructions Installing the Tik Tok app

    Everything, the application is installed. The Play Market icon will appear in the device menu.

    How to download Tik Tok for Android for free: step by step instructionsAfter installation, the Play Market icon will appear in the menu

    To work in the Play Market, a permanent connection to the Internet is required.

    What is APK file

    APK is a specific installation file format for Android devices. The well-known EXE format means that the downloaded file (program) on the Internet is an installation file. Used for Windows on computers and laptops. In our case, these are Android Package Kit files.

    How to download Tik Tok for Android for free: step by step instructionsAPK file icon

    Do not use unknown “apk” and “exe” files. Your device may be infected with malware or unwanted software. Which in the future will lead to information leakage or, worse, stop the system.

    When downloading programs, give preference to trusted portals.

    Have questions? Contact TikTok Support

    Answers to frequently asked questions

    Questions to the article how to download Tik Tok on AndroidQuestions about Tik Tok

    Question: How to block TikTok from my network?

    Answer: The most effective way would be to blacklist the site on your router.

    Question: How old do I have to be to sign up for a free TikTok account?

    Answer: To register a TikTok account, you must be at least 13 years old.

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    About the application

    Video hosting sites filled the most popular videos from this application. Each of them is gaining several million views. Who would have thought!

    Underage Englishs are TikTok users who brought the application to the TOP of the most popular. The number of fans is 500,000,000 people, and the company itself denied the figure and reported 800 million users.

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