How to download Tik Tok for a computer on Windows OS

Download Bluestacks to install Tik Tok on your computer TikTok

This article tells you how to download Tik Tok for a computer running Windows. After reading the instructions, you will be able to use the application until you purchase an Android or iOS device.

Do you want to learn how to work on Tik Tok without using mobile devices? we’ll tell you how it’s done. We will tell you how to register on Tik Tok, upload and process a video. And all this with the help of a computer.

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  • How to download the Tik Tok app on a computer

    Through the Bluestacks emulator

  • Services Help

    What you need to know about Tik Tok
    Tips for staying on top
    What is the Bluestacks emulator
    Installing Bluestacks on PC
    Video instruction on installing the application on a computer using the Nox emulator

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

  • How to download Tik Tok for computer

    The easiest way to register on Tik Tok is to ask colleagues or friends who have a suitable tablet or smartphone for help. And when is this not possible? Follow our advice.

    1. Download the Bluestacks emulator to your computer. To quickly download the program, follow the link and click on the big green button in the center of the screen.

    Install Tik Tok on PC with Bluestacks

    If you want to learn more about the Bluestacks emulator, our help desk can help you.

    Download Bluestacks to install Tik Tok on your computerClick the green download button

    2. Install the downloaded application. We recommend that you do not change the settings, just click “Continue” and “Next”. After the installation is complete, the application will launch automatically. To exit full screen mode, press F11 – it’s more convenient to work.

    After installation, you will have two icons on your desktop. Start Bluestacks is the icon that launches the emulator itself, and Apps is the icon that lets you navigate to the apps installed on your virtual mobile device.

    If you don’t know how to install Bluestacks on your computer, see the installation help.

    Bluestaks desktop iconIcons that will appear on the desktop after installing Bluestacks

    3. In the application, go to the “Search” section. Type “Tik Tok” in English from your computer keyboard and press enter.

    Search Bluestacks Tik Tok for PCFinding an App in the Bluestacks Emulator

    4. In the window that opens, click “Continue”.

    Account setup and verificationOne-time setup

    5. Enter your details. In the next window that opens, enter your Gmail email and password. By default, you have a Cyrillic layout and you cannot change it from this application screen.

    To enter data, copy it from a Word document, long press on an empty field and click paste.

    Entering login and passwordFilling in the required fields in Bluestacks

    6. Enter your details again. After entering the data and pressing Enter, enter the login and password in the window that opens, again. To enter information, use the key combination ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

    7. Click “Let’s go!”.

    Confirmation of successful program setup Setup went well

    8. Enter the word “Tik Tok” in the search.

    Tik Tok search barSearch Tik Tok App on Google Play

    9. Click on the icon and install the application

    Installing Tik Tok on a computerClick on the “Install” button

    10. Open Tik Tok and choose a convenient registration method. This can be done using accounts:

  • Google;
  • Instagram;
  • In contact with;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook.
  • You have already learned how to download Tik Tok for a computer, and now register using your email or phone number.

    Registration by phone number or e-mailRegistration in Tik Tok

    11. Fill in the suggested fields and enjoy the result.

    How to register a created Tik Tok account through a PC, see the link

    Services Help

    What you need to know about Tik Tok – tips

    Tik Tok is the world’s #1 online platform for recording, viewing and sharing short videos captured on a smartphone. Our site will help people post bright segments of their lives using any gadgets.

    The company has branches in such cities of the world as:

  • Beijing
  • Berlin
  • Jakarta
  • London
  • London
  • Los Angeles – Headquarters
  • Mumbai
  • Sao Paulo
  • Seoul, Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • At the end of 2018, Tik Tok was at the top of the ranking of the most downloaded mobile applications worldwide.

    550 million people around the world use Tik Tok every month. They are interested in the question, how to download Tik Tok for a computer? This number is growing steadily. Runs on Android and iOS devices.

    The truth about Tik

    August 2, 2018 is considered the founding date of the Tik Tok service. A sort of combination of karaoke and videos. It all started much earlier.

  • In September 2016, ByteDance’s Douyin social network is launched in China.
  • In November 2017, the company acquired the social network for $1,000,000,000.
  • After 9 months, on August 2, 2018, the Tik Tok project was presented to the world community. The service was merged with musical. We transferred the created videos of users and subscribers to a new platform, which now acts as the main one.
  • The main audience is talented youth from 13 to 22 years old.

    The Tik Tok application logo is made in the form of a note with a pink and turquoise shadow. This is not true. Everything is much easier. The logo looks like the letter of the Latin alphabet – “t”. Musical meaning with a note, and the first letter of the service name is visible.

    Go to Tik

    Doing calisthenics, dancing, wrestling, some interesting sports, drawing, creating something with your own hands, be sure to join this application.

    Why Tik Tok?

    In the application, you can quickly shoot a cool video and become popular. Users will appreciate the clips and give growth to your account. Create history with your own hands. Every second counts.

    This application gives a lot of usefulness that you will definitely appreciate:

  • Videos are uploaded in vertical format. It is convenient when a smartphone is always at hand and you can capture the most interesting moments in life in a vertical format.
  • The service itself is “bomb”. The developers follow it, it is often updated, constantly new subscribers, new people who join this application.
  • In a short time, a large audience of interests gathers. To do this, you need to show creativity and participate in contests, work with hashtags “#”and you will surely be happy and successful.
  • Various contests are held in which valuable prizes from merch boxes are played. It can be smartphones, mobile phones, tours or stylish clothes. Download the app and participate.
  • Intuitive, navigation

    Navigation is very convenient. Videos are easily uploaded, the profile changes. In some ways, the system is similar to Instagram.

    Excerpts from music tracks, you can upload your own, or use a large collection of hits that are provided for use by the service.

    Tips on how to be in the TOP:

    Let’s enjoy this community Together, Friend!

  • Creativity. This is when shooting just weed with music is not suitable, create an idea, a comedy, a video with dancing. The main thing is that the videos should be interesting, dynamic, and then people will react to it, and your number of subscribers will increase.
  • Working with tags It is necessary to prescribe tags, exactly those that this application recommends. Then you can actively move up the “career ladder”, so to speak. Get the most out of collaborating with friends. A cool and developing theme is duets.
  • What is the Bluestacks emulator and how to use it

    BlueStacks App Player offers a fast and full-screen launch of Android mobile apps on Windows and Mac. This program will answer the question – How to download Tik Tok for a computer?

    How to download Tik Tok for a computer on Windows OSBluestacks

    BlueStacks was founded in 2011. This event was a turning point in expanding the boundaries and possibilities of using mobile games.

    At the end of 2018, there were more than 210 million registered users of the company’s App Player product for mobile games on PC and Mac.

    Tik Tok for computer

    Now everyone will make their choice from a variety of applications for Android and PC. And most importantly,Tik tok will be available on your computer.

    The application works on all modern versions of Windows. Linux does not support.

    Installing Bluestacks on PC

    Installing Bluestacks on PCUnpacking the Bluestacks installation file

    1. Download the installation file of the latest version of Bluestacks from the link

    2. After downloading, go to the folder where the file is located and click BlueStacks Installer_4.50.5.1003_amd64_native_bdebd8b24976a3d64eca64b4f97db742.exe and the installation will begin.

    3. Click Install now. We do not put checkmarks anywhere and do not remove them.

    Installation on the computer has begunGetting Started Installing Bluestacks

    Installation process

    We follow the installation process and wait for its completion.

    Unpacking filesInstallation process

    The final stage of installationThe last stage of installation on a computer

    Authorization via Google account

    Next, you will need to sign in with your own Google account.

    Google account loginAuthorization in Google account

    6. After logging in, a notification window will open.

    Getting Started with BluestacksSuccessful authorization

    The installation of Bluestacks Apps Player on your computer was successful, this is evidenced by the window that appears similar to the tablet interface.

    Home BluestacksBlueStacks app home page

    Important !!! For comfortable work with applications downloaded to your computer, you will need productive hardware. Before installing Bluestacks, compare the parameters of your system or laptop with the recommended minimum requirements:

  • RAM – 2 GB
  • Processor with at least 2 cores
  • Preferably Video card not lower than AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series
  • When you know how to download Tik Tok for PC, you can get more out of the app and your dusty system.

    Have questions? Contact TikTok Support

    Useful video on installing Bluestacks on PC

    Video tutorial on how to install Bluestucks on your computer

    Video instruction on how to download Tik Tok for a computer using the Nox emulator

    Answers to frequently asked questions

    Answers to questions about Tik TokQuestions about Tik Tok

    Question: I use Tik Tok on my tablet and the camera takes really bad videos. What should I do?

    Answer: Make sure you shoot video in good lighting. It is important what time of day you are shooting and the location is also important.

    If on the street then it is better to shoot videos before 8 pm. Place yourself near a window indoors. Otherwise, buy a new device.

    Question: What should I do if my laptop has poor camera quality?

    Answer: Your videos will not be as high quality and clear with this device. We recommend using a good quality external USB camera.

    Question: How to make Tik Tok video on laptop?

    Answer: Open the camera, switch to video mode and press the Record button.

    Upgrade your profile with the new features of Free PRO Account

    About the application

    You have installed the Tik Tok platform on your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can change the created content and form groups of subscribers.

    Comments are an important point that attracts a certain audience. Putting down and gaining “likes” you can quickly rise to the TOP.

    How to download Tik Tok for a computer on Windows OS

    News Tik Tok

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