How to Download and Install TikTok on an Android Phone

Download and install TikTok on Android, iOS and Windows mobile phone TikTok

A social network from a well-known Chinese brand, which involves making videos and publishing them, is gaining more and more new users every day. The proposed material discusses how to install the Tik Tok application for free on Android, taking into account the requirements for a mobile device and operating system, the procedure for installing, updating and uninstalling the program.

Phone and operating system requirements

The Tik Tok app will run on a mobile device that meets the minimum conditions shown in the table.

Characteristic Description
Android version number 4.1 or higher
RAM From 2 GB
Unallocated space on phone storage From 500 MB
Additional equipment Requires a working microphone, video camera
CPU ARM 7 or higher

How to download the application

The program can be downloaded for free from the Play Market – a regular tracker for a Google account, or any other file hosting service. When accessing questionable sources, it is recommended to check the downloaded file with an antivirus to ensure the security of data on the phone.

How to Download and Install TikTok on an Android PhoneHow to Download and Install TikTok on an Android Phone

From the Play Market

To download the application from the Play Market, you must:

  • Create a Google account, log in to an authorized resource and click on the Play Market application icon.
  • In the search bar, type the name of the program (Tik Tok).
  • Select the appropriate version from the proposals presented on request.
  • Examine the technical characteristics of the application for compatibility with the parameters of the operating system and mobile device.
  • Click on the download sign.
  • The service will download the APK file (for installation on Android). The download will take less than a minute. After that, the system will offer installation and install the program when you click the appropriate confirmation.

    From a third party site

    The program can be found on a free third-party resource. Appeal to other trackers, in addition to the Play Market, will be required to find a modified version (“Premium”) with additional features for the user.

    One of these sites is Treshbox, an example of which is the download of the Tik Tok platform below.

    From a personal computer

    To download via computer:

  • Login to the site above.
  • In the search, enter the name of the application.
  • Choose the appropriate option.
  • Click on the download button.
  • In the window that opens, repeat the specified operation.
  • Select the installation location on the computer’s hard drive (if the operating system is configured to automatically save downloaded files, the system will save the installer to the downloads folder).
  • For further use of a file with the .ark extension on a computer, you will need to first install a special program (an emulator on a PC). After that, it remains to install the application by running it through the emulator.

    From a smartphone

    The application is downloaded from a smartphone in the following order:

  • Enter the Threshbox website.
  • Search by program name.
  • After checking the characteristics, click on the download button.
  • The system will save the file in downloads, suggesting installation. Before installation, it is important to check the security of the downloaded program by scanning it with an antivirus. Then press the install button, check to add the installed application in the list.

    After the platform is installed, the system will prompt you to enter this program.

    How to get the new version of TikTok

    To update Tik Tok you will need:

  • Click on the settings icon.
  • Go to the section with applications.
  • Select the Tik Tok program by clicking on the icon.
  • Confirm the search for updates with the corresponding button.
  • The system will automatically search the Internet for new versions of this software, downloading if available. The user will be asked to confirm the download if an update is found.

    Install TikTok on Android phoneInstall TikTok on Android phone

    Registration in “Tik Tok”

    Before using Tik Tok, you must register on this social network by creating a personal account. This will require:

  • Click the login button (top center of the screen);
  • In the window that opens for entering personal data, refer to the registration inscription located below.
  • Specify a phone number with an email address or choose to register through another social network.
  • Enter personal information.
  • Choose an original login (in Latin letters and numbers), a strong password.
  • Confirm registration with a code sent by SMS to your phone or email.
  • To view the videos posted on the platform, it is not necessary to register. After launching the program, it is enough to enter the “Recommended” section to view the video. But in this case, a user who is not registered on the platform will not be able to shoot and upload footage on the resource himself.


    To log into your account after registration is complete, you will need:

  • Click on the login button (red).
  • Choose the best login option (through another social network, Google account, using a login and password, entering a confirmation code sent to your phone or email).
  • Press confirmation.
  • Any of the listed options for entering the site is possible. After one confirmation, the application will open on the user’s personal page on the next visit to the resource.

    Installation problems and solutions

    You may experience the following issues when downloading or installing the application:

  • download failures due to lack of free space in the device’s storage or an unstable Internet signal – you need to delete unnecessary files or select a package of mobile services of adequate quality;
  • the presence of a virus in the downloaded file – this will be indicated by the results of the antivirus scan; you will need to download the application from another source, checking in a similar way;
  • The installation that has been started has not been completed – the file is damaged or the system requirements of the device do not allow installation.
  • If the operating system conditions and phone characteristics are suitable for using Tik Tok, the main problem is usually related to the quality of the downloaded installer file.

    How to uninstall an app

    Sometimes the application remains unclaimed, or an unsuccessful version of the mod is installed. In this case, it becomes necessary to uninstall the program. The procedure is carried out in the same order as the update:

  • In the settings are included in the section with applications.
  • Click on the desired program.
  • Select the delete button.
  • If the uninstallation is done correctly, the application will disappear from the list along with the icon from the desktop.

    Dealing with the installation and use of Tik Tok will not be a big problem, especially since the service is represented by a English interface. The main thing is to download the working version of the platform and check the compliance of the technical characteristics of the device for compatibility with the conditions under which the program will work.

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