How To Download & Install The Old Version of on iPhone

How to download and install the old version of on iPhone TikTok

With the Musical owners of mobile devices on the iOS operating system can load and download music, create short videos, edit them and share them on other social networks. Before as musical ly download for iphoneyou need to familiarize yourself with all the features of the service and the requirements for a mobile device. for iPhone is one of the largest and most popular video hosting sites that offers users the following features:

  • creating short videos in several categories;
  • selection and addition of free audio tracks from the library;
  • changing speed parameters (deceleration or acceleration);
  • adding preset special effects and filters;
  • watching videos uploaded by other users;
  • listening to popular music tracks;
  • exchange of private messages.

How to download and install the old version of on for iPhone

By the way. The application was used by many celebrities to promote their new songs: Shakira, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and others.

Appendix can be installed on devices iPhone and iPads running iOS starting from versions 8.x.


Due to the fact that was renamed Tik Tok in 2018, you can download and install only the Tik Tok application on the device. For those users who are interested in earlier versions, for example, 6.9.0you must first download and install the AppValley app.

On a note. With its interface, AppValley resembles the AppStore, however, in its library, you can download early versions of popular applications.

To download AppValley, follow these steps in sequence:

  • On the iPhone open the Safari browser.
  • Go to the AppValley application website by clicking the link.
  • Start process downloadsby clicking on the Download button.
  • After waiting for the download and installation of the application on the device, go to the control and settings menu.
  • Select “General Settings” (general settings), go to the item “Device Management” (device management) and click on the inscription “Trust AppValley” (trust the AppValley application).

How to download and install the old version of on iPhoneAppValley


To install you need:

  • Launch AppValley on your iPhone and use the search bar to find
  • Click on the app logo to start downloading.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.

In addition to the AppValley service, there are other ways to download and install the old version of on an iPhone or iPad. There are many sites on the Internet with extensive media libraries containing older versions of applications (for example, Freesoft, Biblsoft, and others).

Features of using the old version of

Despite the fact that there are no fundamental differences in terms of functionality and capabilities between and Tik Tok, some users prefer the interface. However, when choosing and installing this application, it is important to take into account certain difficulties that may arise when using it.

Due to the fact that the old version of the application is no longer supported by the developers, its operation may slow down and intermittently stop, requiring a restart. But in general, serious problems, according to user reviews, do not arise.

How to download and install the old version of on iPhoneFeatures of using the old version of

Important. Before downloading and installing the app, you need to check its compatibility with the version of iOS you are using by reviewing the system requirements.

Can I recover my account?

If the user account has been inactive for a long time, and now there is a desire to continue using this media resource, it will not be possible to restore the account.

Active profiles in full with all content have been transferred to TikTok. Therefore, you will no longer be able to use, you will have to install the Tik Tok application. Re-registration is not required, as the authorization data is saved in the system. To recover an account whose password has been forgotten, you must:

  • Launch the application and go to the profile by clicking on the picture of a man in the bottom corner.
  • Click on the inscription “We will help.”
  • In the password reset window, select the recovery option (by phone number or e-mail).
  • Enter the received confirmation code in the appropriate field.
  • Log in with a new password.


Since older versions of the application Music.whether not available in the official App Store, users have to resort to third-party resources. On unofficial sites and file hosting sites, there is a risk of introducing a virus, so you need to take care of the presence of an antivirus program in advance, which checks all downloads in the background and signals about malicious files.

The app in its original form since 2018 is not available for download through the AppStore due to integration into another media service (Tik Tok). Those who are interested in can use the AppValley service, which is an unofficial analogue of AppStore and contains a database of early versions of popular applications.

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