How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture? TikTok

An avatar is the calling card of your TikTok profile. If you choose a good header photo for your social network page, you will increase your account traffic and increase the number of subscribers. Today we will talk about how to create a suitable avatar for TikTok, offer interesting profile design ideas and share life hacks from advanced bloggers.

Basic requirements for an avatar for TikTok

The main rule for choosing an avatar for TikTok is that the photo complies with the rules of the social network. You can upload a JPEG or PNG image to your profile as long as it does not violate platform requirements. TikTok is guaranteed to ban:

  • too explicit or provocative images;
  • other people’s photos: if you are trying to impersonate another person, such as a celebrity;
  • pictures with inscriptions containing obscene language;
  • images with manifestation of cruelty, racial and any other intolerance;
  • may also not pass the photo with the promotion of gambling.
  • It is advisable to use pictures in the size of 100 by 100 pixels, but it is completely optional to reduce or crop the photo yourself in advance. You can edit the image already in the process of publishing on TikTok.

    Recommendations for choosing a profile picture for TikTok

    To arouse interest and trust from potential followers, you need to choose high-quality photos and pictures. Blurry images with large pixels, clutter in the background, and poor lighting immediately betray you as an amateur. Advanced bloggers advise:

  • Take care of symmetry. The image should look balanced and harmonious, not chaotic. Remember that TikTok uses a round avatar. All elements in the photo should be as even as possible.
  • Avoid small details. First of all, they interfere with the normal perception of the image, in addition, they can simply irritate the user, like ripples in his eyes. If there is any inscription on the photo, it should be clearly visible. It is advisable not to use fonts with curlicues and other elements, as they may be incomprehensible to the audience.
  • For the same reason, you should not experiment with many shades.. Especially bright, flashy. In a compressed picture, contrasts usually look not beautiful, but ridiculous.
  • Choose an avatar that matches the theme of your blog. If the picture shows a car, and on the page you talk about cooking, frustrated users will clearly no longer want to visit the account.
  • Forget about the pictures in the mirror. If you use your own picture as your profile picture, it is best to seek help from a specialist and conduct a photo shoot. In any case, even a well-made selfie will look better than a photo in the mirror with a phone in hand.
  • Resist the temptation to put too many filters on your photos. Maximum – 1-2. The avatar should look natural, not flashy.
  • You can see which avatars are used by bloggers popular in your subject, but you don’t need to blindly copy their images. Get inspired by cool examples and do better, brighter, more original. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the pages of top bloggers over the past year.

    Social Media Avatar Ideas

    Most often, lifestyle bloggers use their own photos as ava, usually they put a portrait on the cover or creatively beat the silhouette (a win-win idea for a profile dedicated to fitness, dancing, a healthy lifestyle).

    In addition to your photo, you can use:

  • cartoon profile photo. To create such an avatar, it is not necessary to contact a professional web designer. Owners of modern smartphones can use special applications. For example, Cartoon Pictures, Photo Sketch Maker for Android, Clip2Comic, Cartoon Face for iOS. With the ZEPETO app, you can create a funny character that looks like you using an uploaded photo. To make a full-fledged picture from a smiley, just open it in any photo editor and complete it with a suitable background.
  • Laconic logo. The option is suitable for business representatives. It is better to entrust the creation of a professional logo to an experienced designer. The picture should be associated with users with your occupation and well remembered.
  • Custom drawings and images. A selection of creative individuals who often combine multiple topics on their blog. It can be all sorts of abstractions. If you have dedicated your account to fine arts, you can use a photo of your best work as an avatar.
  • Images of the beauty of nature. A universal option for pages about travel, psychology, philosophy.
  • Wardrobe elements. Have you decided to start a blog about fashion shopping, choosing accessories and shoes? In this case, on the avatar, you can show users a ready-made bow or some non-standard branded item. The same advice can be given to people who review cosmetics and perfumes: take a picture of the best copy from your collection and present it as an avatar to stir up the public’s interest.
  • How to add an avatar to TikTok: step by step instructions

    Everything is very simple:

    First, open the TikTok app and tap the “I” button in the bottom right corner of the screen:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    In the tab that opens, select the “Edit profile” item:

    We are interested in the “Change photo” button:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    Choose the appropriate option:

    The selected image will open in full size:

    Then you will need to specify the area of ​​the photo that will be used for the avatar:

    Save the result and see how your profile has changed!

    How to change your profile picture on TikTok?

    Do you already have an account header photo that you are tired of? To change your ava, go to your TikTok profile. Click on the avatar image and the following menu will open:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    To the right of the current avatar there is an edit button. Click on it and you will automatically be redirected to your phone’s gallery tab. Select the image you are interested in, crop it and publish it on the page.

    How to make an avatar using a video?

    TikTok users have a unique opportunity to use not only photos, but also videos no longer than 6 seconds as an avatar. If your video is longer, you can trim it during the posting process. To set a video as your ava, go to the menu “Profile” – “Edit profile”. Select “Edit Video”:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    The gallery of your videos will open. Choose the right one and cut it using the strip at the bottom of the screen:

    Don’t forget to save your result.

    If you want to put a photo on your ava again, the video will have to be deleted. This is also done through the menu “Edit Profile” – “Edit Video” – “Delete Video”.

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    Create an avatar with a transparent background for TikTok

    Sometimes users of the social network TikTok have a question about how to make an avatar with a transparent background. You can use a ready-made PNG image for this, but what if you don’t want to be content with a picture downloaded from the Internet? You will have to process your photos with the help of special editors. In this example, we’ve used the Android PhotoLayers app. A similar solution is also available for owners of iOS gadgets.

    First, download and install the application:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    In the program that opens, select the Load a background image item:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    The selected photo will need to be cropped using convenient sliders vertically and horizontally. Confirm the action with the Done button:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    Next, click on the button in the form of scissors:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    We erase the background image using the Auto, Magic and Manual functions for this. To achieve the desired result, we simply move the tool in the directions we need:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    Here is what should be the result:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    We save the finished result:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    Here’s how beautiful a photo with a transparent background looks after being added to the profile picture on TikTok:

    How to create a stylish TikTok profile picture?

    We also recommend that you check out the video on creating a profile and successfully promoting on TikTok so that you can avoid common mistakes:

    We have shared the basic tips for designing a profile picture on TikTok and hope that with the help of these secrets you will easily create a really attractive and memorable profile picture. Share useful information with friends and increase account traffic together! If you have any personal tricks for creating original TikTok avatars, share them in the comments.

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