16+ commandments: How to become popular on TikTok?

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TikTok app is popular among both men and women. But still, the female half dominates the creation of short videos. They know exactly how to become popular on Tik Tok. Young, cheerful tiktokers have more followers, and this is one of the main components of the platform.

The fact that women dominate does not mean that there are not enough male TikTokers. In this article, we will also focus on the popular Tik Tok guys and their achievements. These are the powers that be. They directly influence the development of the Tik Tok platform in the world and beyond.

Exclusively for you! 10 young and successful tiktokers told about 16 commandments to achieve high results in Tik Tok and how to become popular.

1. @jacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius – Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius Tik Tok account

Profile of Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius in first place among guys. He is an influential tiktoker. He has an army of 20.4 million fans. Jacob Sartorius regularly posts videos of himself with musical accompaniment and special effects. His profile has 1.3 billion likes. One of the first to register on the Tik Tok app.

The number of likes for clips from fans and not only

In his incomplete 17 years, and his
birthday is October 2, he is also a well-known performer of the author’s song. All
the girls are looking for and want to download the song Jacob Sartorius -Sweatshirt. This is his best

Jacob’s feature remains his appearance
– his ears. He looks like a gnome, the girls like it so much.

Clips of Jacob Sartorius in Tik TokVideo by Jacob Sartorius

2. @gilmhercroes

Gilmer Croes – Gilmher Croes

Gilmer Kress Tik Tok account

Gilmer Kres page with followings, followers and likes data

Gil Croes is the silver winner in the world list of tiktocres. He has 18.1 million subscribers. He shoots comedy 15 second videos, which are quite famous not only on this site. Clips scored 518.8 million hearts.

Received likes for good video work

Gilmer is an actor and model. Born
July 7, 1993 in Oranjestad on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. His videos
are also promoted by his brother Jaden Cruz, who is also on the world list
of tiktokers. They have a joint YouTube channel called CroesBros with 1,001,265

Clips from Gilmher Croes in Tik Tok

Video of Gilmer Cruz

3. @camerondallas

Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas' Tik Tok account

Cameron Dallas profile with followers, followings and likes data

Cameron Dallas is an actor and popular on
social media. He gained wide popularity by posting videos on YouTube,
Vine and Tik Tok. On TikTok, he publishes funny videos according to his own
script. Videos about themselves are posted on the platform, lip-synching with

All likes of Cameron’s clips

The guy has 17.8 million subscribers and 290.3
million likes on video clips. His popularity on Tik Tok led him to film
his own Netflix reality show called Chasing Cameron
. Bronze winner
in the list of the best men of TikTok.

Video from Cameron Dallas' Tik Tok

Funny 15 second Tik Tok clips from Cameron Dallas

4. @zachking

Zach King – Zach King

Zach King's Tik Tok Profile

Zack King account homepage

Zach, before appearing on Tik Tok, started making videos for the Vine app and YouTube. Now his life is connected with Tik Tok. Here he shows tricks and sleight of hand to his multi-million audience – 18.4 million people. All his works are done in good faith, and this is the key to success and gives high performance. His videos have collected 117.7 million likes.

Likes from Zach fans

5. @jaydencroes

Jayden Croes – Jayden Croes

Jayden Kress Tik Tok profile

Account with a cartoon avatar of Jayden Kres

Jayden Kres is the brother of Gilmer Kres who followed his older brother’s lead and created a Tik Tok account. In parallel, he also creates 15 second dance videos. His favorite topic is duets with his brother and other Tik Tok users.

The guy has a little less subscribers than his brother – 15.7 million, but this is a matter of time. His music videos have received positive heart feedback 820.2 million times.

For good clips, a large number of likes

1. @lisaandlena

and Lena Mantler Lisa and Lena Mantler

Clips of Lisa and Lena from Tik Tok

Lisa and Lena Mantler, more commonly known as Lisa and Lena, are twins from Stuttgart, Germany. At the age of six months, they were adopted by the Mantler family. Two 17 year old beauties are popular tiktokers. By recording short videos of 15 seconds, they gained an army of 32.4 million fans. Their feature is lip sync and music.

2. @lorengray

Lauren Gray Loren Gray


Lauren Gray's Tik Tok account

Lauren Gray account statistics

Singer and social media star who became famous thanks to musical.ly and now TikTok.com. Her Tik Tok account has 32.1 million followers. Lauren is also an actress, model and dancer. In March 2018, a record deal was signed with Virgin Records, with which Lauren released her first single “My Story” the same year. The blonde beauty has her own Snapchat Glow Up show.


The number of likes for cool clips

3. @kristenhancher

Kristen Hancher Kristen Hancher

Kristen's main profile page

Kristen Hancher Profile Information

Kristen is one of the best girls on Tik Tok, who at one time topped the leaderboard with Jacob Sartorius. The most beautiful Tik Tok star at the moment. This is one of the factors that tells you how to become popular on Tik Tok. Huntcher gets a lot of likes every day. She has 22.9 million subscribers and will definitely increase this number in the future.

Popularity gives a lot of likes

4. @lizza

Liza Koshy – Liza Koshy

Promoted account of Lisa Koshy in Tik Tok

Popular Tiktoker Lisa Koshy

Young 23-year-old Lisa, known by her TikTok nickname lizzza, has 14.1 million followers. 17 million on YouTube and over 17 million followers on Instagram. Fame came from the Vine app, where in a short time, thanks to comedy videos, she collected 5 million subscribers.

Likes for Lisa's cool clips

The number of likes on Tik Tok for Lisa Koshy

5. @annieleblanc

Annie LeBlanc – Annie LeBlanc

Annie LeBlanc accountAnnie LeBlanc, so young and so popular

A 15-year-old tiktoker from America, rose to the podium of the best, thanks to interesting clips. At such a young age, she already knows how to become popular on Tik Tok.

This is a popular author with 13.7 million subscribers. In parallel, the girl, along with her two other brothers and sisters, runs a family YouTube channel – Vlog Bratayley. Annie posts various videos, including those with gymnastic elements. The Tik Tok application records lip sync and music videos, funny videos with girlfriends.

Likes in Tik Tok

1. Create a cool profile

If a Tik Tok user views one of your clips and likes your work, he will most likely go to your profile. After reviewing the details and evaluating the design, the guest will decide whether he will subscribe to updates or not.

Hidden faces by screensCreativity in TikTok will be appreciated

2. Unique style and theme

Emphasize your unique style and
theme, but don’t overdo it. Tik Tok users
do not accept mixed content in their profile (do not step on
other people’s rake).

3. Shoot videos regularly and honestly

Subscribers expect from you a constant stream of videos of 15 seconds or more. They voted for you, and you can’t let them down. At least 1 video per day, will satisfy the needs of followers.

Once a week it is recommended
to conduct an online stream. Then your videos will be able to get into Tik
Tok recommendations.

Some bloggers don’t even bother with filming. It is not right. It is not a fact that a spontaneously recorded clip will hit the TOP. The entire shooting process must be planned. The video is painstakingly processed with filters and effects.

Detailed information on how to make a cool video on Tik Tok has already been disclosed in this article.

Tik Tok is a melody, and then
a video recording. A well-synced song or sound with a video will raise the clip to the TOP and speed up the way to

This is a component of success in Tik Tok. For beginners, from the first days of using the application, you need to learn the rules for working with music. An interesting scripted video will not get a high rating without a good soundtrack. After all, it will not be possible to create lip-syncing and songs without a melody.

Man playing trembitaChoose popular music

Watch the post several times
in 15 or 60 seconds before posting. Check for errors and
fix them. Remember, there are those 12 angry spectators who will tell the whole
truth and point out the flaws.

5. High quality video clips are the main condition for media personalities.

Try to find a
high quality camera to shoot with.

woman eating hamburgerSubscribers need juicy and powerful content

6. Consistency

Decide on the theme of your niche
or choose one of the trending ones, and start making videos. The chaotic
change of content from jokes to tricks will not bring many followers
(followers) to your profile.

Guitar RulesAt the beginning of the path to popularity, choose one niche in Tik Tok

7. Chat with other TikTokers in your niche

Contact your friends and shoot duets with them. Preferably in the same subject. This is one way to gain popularity. Duets for 15 seconds are in trend. One character is good, two is even better.

Two friendsInvite friends to Tik Tok for duets

8. Hashtags

Write at least three hashtags in the description of your video. Use trends, it will attract the attention of millions of users.

AstonishmentUsers will be surprised by the work done in Tik Tok

9. Post your clips on other social platforms

Useful in promoting your
profile and video will be links in other social resources to your videos. Giants like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
will become a springboard for popularity for once-unknown authors.

10. Comment on someone else’s Tik Tok video

It will be helpful to spend 15 minutes a
day commenting on video clips of other tiktokers. Every person needs to
feel special. You can give this moment to any of the
users. A mutual response from them will increase your popularity on Tik Tok.

Man commentsDon’t be afraid to tell the truth to other Tik Tok users

Give an answer to the remark addressed
to you. Never clean up the feed with angry and angry comments.
Remember that any feedback motivates you to work hard.

11. Positive and self-confident

When commenting or chatting on Tik Tok,
try to be positive and self-confident. Future followers will appreciate it, and
their number will increase.

The guy is looking at youLook people straight in the eyes, through Tik Tok, don’t be afraid

12. Analyze User Feedback

Analyze your work and work with statistics. This will help increase the number of subscribers. Not every published video will gain a large number of likes. Understand why the statistics are jumping, and find solutions to this issue.

Don’t waste time on clips whose subject matter doesn’t work. Better figure out how to become popular on Tik Tok.

13. Run a raffle once a week

A 100% banger, though not
a free method to promote your videos and profile. It works on all
platforms and Tik Tok. Everyone wants a present. And all that is required is to
subscribe or like the video.

Calculate your budget and choose a gift – headphones, mp3 player, smartphone or other necessary gadget. Broadcast online and explain what is required to receive the prize (you need to like or subscribe on a certain day). Rules, you make up your own.

It is a fact that Tik Tok users with a large number of followers are selling ads. Your task is to find accounts with the right theme and audience. You offer the owner of a top account, for money, to promote your content and profile. The price of the promotion is formed from the number of subscribers on the channel you need.

15. Use the special effects available in the Tik Tok app

Effects make a 15 second video memorable and 100% like a lot of people. As a result, you will get subscribers who want to watch a new video.

Girl covering her mouth with a smartphoneChoose from the latest and least used effects and filters

16. Be Real

This phrase is understandable for tiktokers from any country in the world. Be real. Don’t hide behind a mask. All secrets will be revealed. Be yourself, you are a person. This is loved by users who will later lead you to a pedestal in Tik Tok.

hidden faceBe simple and people will reach out to you

About the application

Tik Tok is a “disease”, in a good way. The application captures and attracts talented people more and more every day. They exchange short clips of 15 and 60 seconds and create something more than just a video.

The above guys and girls are part of a big media feast. They revealed to us the secrets of account promotion and how to become famous. Let us into your life.

Now you can do
this task too. Get your butt off the couch and go for your rewards – the Tik
Tok crown. You can choose one of your favorite tiktocres as an example.
Feel free to contact them for any questions about TikTok.

By placing your short and viral video in the TOP of recommendations, you will become a noticeable person. Start a new life and career as a Tik Tok blogger. Then you will share your promotion secrets with the audience. The girls will tell you how to become popular on Tik Tok.

Question answer

We answer questions

Answers on questions

Question: What does the phrase Hit or Miss mean?

Answer: “Hit or Miss” is a literal translation from English “Hit or miss.” If you shout this phrase in a public place, such as New York, and in response you will hear “I guess they never miss, huh” translation from English “I think they will never miss, Hmm.” This will mean that there is a tiktoker nearby.

Question: I’m not attractive and I’m not cosplay (have no hobby), do I have a chance to become popular on Tik Tok?

Answer: Yes! All you need to do is have a camera, good lighting and be confident! Take a look around – not all famous tiktokers are physically attractive.

Question: How many subscribers do I need to live stream on Tik Tok?

Answer: The minimum number of subscribers for online broadcasts is 1000 people.

Question: Will the Tik Tok application be blocked for using two accounts on one smartphone?

Answer: No! You can create as many Tik Tok accounts as you want.

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