How to become popular on Tik Tok – ways and recommendations

How to become popular on Tik Tok TikTok

Not so long ago, the TikTok application that came to our attention by 2019 already had more than 500 million users. It was especially interesting for those who like to shoot a video – they got a chance to record a unique video, post it online and wake up popular the very next morning. Therefore, the question of how to get into TikTok recommendations is very relevant.

Why you need to promote your profile

Each member of the social network has his own personal page, where his name is indicated, a photo is displayed and other information is posted. Any member of the community can see this data by logging into their account or browsing the TOP.

Why do almost everyone strive to get into the recommendations of Tik Tok 2019?

This will allow:

  • promote your brand by introducing it to more users;
  • make money on advertising;
  • increase the target audience.
  • Account registration

    How to become popular on Tik TokPromotion of the account in Tik Tok.

    The first impression of a person is often decisive on the path to fame. Therefore, anyone who wants to become popular on Tik Tok for free needs to take care of creating an attractive profile.

    What should be done for this?

    Quality nickname

    When filling out personal data on TikTok, users are prompted to choose an original name by which they can be found. It should be unique and reflect the focus of the account.

    Some people think that you can only become popular on TikTok if the name is in English. But, as practice shows, when choosing it, one should give preference to concise, easy-to-remember names, regardless of what letters they are written in.


    The image is also part of a personal TikTok page. Here you can use your photo or choose a picture that reflects the mood of the user, his preferences and interests.

    The picture of the account must be chosen simple and at the same time original. Specially processed photos look attractive, but making your face completely unrecognizable on TikTok is still not worth it. It won’t add popularity.

    Profile Description

    Getting into recommendations is impossible without a well-crafted account presentation on TikTok. Wise words or popular quotes are allowed here. It is allowed to simply put information about the user (place of residence, hobby, favorite activities). So people with the same interests will be able to pay attention to the profile.

    When specifying a geolocation, it is not necessary to write the exact address. You can simply drive in a nearby major city or region. Some people use emoticons to make text come alive and draw attention to it.

    How to make a video for TOP

    The scheme for getting into TikTok recommendations in 2021 includes the need to upload quality content. You can shoot a video and upload it for viewing for free, following certain rules.

    Appearance and furnishings

    How to get recommended on tik tokShooting a video to get into the TOP.

    Content will be good only if its participants have a neat appearance. Unironed clothes, dirty hair or sloppy makeup do not paint anyone.

    Therefore, videos with such a main character are unlikely to want to be reviewed again.

    The same applies to the room where the content will be recorded. The background should correspond to the theme of the video or be simple and discreet. When adjusting lighting devices, it is important to pay attention that the image is not too dark or, on the contrary, overexposed. You need to shoot with a high-quality camera with good sharpness.

    Users prefer videos that are shot without hands. To do this, the gadget is mounted on a tripod. Thus, you can shoot in full growth. This is especially true if the dance is being recorded.

    Gait and other body movements must be rehearsed. A chaotic step against the background of incomprehensible music looks unnatural and ridiculous. Works recorded under popular tracks can get into the selection of recommended content.

    Effects and correction

    Before posting a video for free access, it is recommended to watch it and, if necessary, redo it. It may take more than one hour, but the result is worth it.

    The application for these purposes has a free video editor with a large number of chips, with which you can achieve the originality and entertainment of the video. They are always used by popular bloggers when creating content.

    The scheme of work is as follows:

  • Click on the “+” icon, which is located in the center at the bottom of the screen, after which a list of settings available for use will open.
  • Choose the appropriate option – speed up or slow down playback, sticker, one of the filters.
  • The best shots will be combined into a complete video. By experimenting with the recording, you can get an interesting and funny video that will be on the first lines of the Tik Tok rating or other social networks.
  • Looking through the TOP videos and tracking the latest content from popular bloggers, you can find interesting ideas and useful secrets.

    Promotion trends

    What does rek mean in TikTok? This is a record. By studying it, the user is able to note some of the trends in 2021 for their content, allowing them to gain a large number of views, likes and comments and get recommendations. But cheating can also occur when performing certain actions on the video.

    How to get recommended accounts on Tik TokTOP video in Tik Tok.

    These include:

  • Participation in various competitions. TikTok regularly hosts a variety of competitions for users who shoot interesting, unique videos. Here, everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and find new fans.
  • Create hashtags. By designing the description of the video in this way, it is possible to quickly find yourself among all the recommendations, because it is easier for other users to find the desired content using them.
  • Commenting on clips of promoted bloggers of the application. Unique phrases are able to interest other members to go to your profile and stay a subscriber here.
  • findings

    Using the recommendations above, every TikTok user can easily get into the TOP. Systematic and consistent actions will make the profile visited, which is what all bloggers strive to achieve.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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