How to become a beach girl on Tik Tok: clothes, makeup, hairstyle


Beach girl is a youth culture that originated on the sunny beaches of Southern California. Style fans on Tik Tok post beautiful videos with the hashtag #beachgirl and demonstrate a slim or athletic figure, hairstyle, makeup, bright bows, often in swimsuits and fashionable clothes. Beach girl culture was influenced by the surfer style that originated in the early 60s. Modern tiktokers supplemented it with new “chips” and created a real trend in the social network.

🖕 Beach girl style: clothes, hairstyle, makeup.  Become a scourge girl.  |

What are Beach Girls filming?

Beach girls, literally translated as “beach girls”, not only show an attractive appearance. They share with the audience tips on creating a fashionable image, applying makeup, and taking care of themselves. On the expanses of Tik Tok, videos with beach girls often appear, which make reviews of entertainment venues and popular vacation spots. Sometimes bloggers consider online services and applications, beauty gadgets.

Beach girl check (check translated from English means “check”) – these are videos that are dedicated to various reviews. In addition, in such videos, girls often share their list of attributes to create a spectacular style.

Beach girl character

Beach Girl check: list in English for Tik tok

Of course, the character of each girl is individual, but most beach girls have similar features:

  • they like to joke and do not mind showing a little sarcasm;
  • love to communicate with people and audiences;
  • strive for self-development, one of the hobbies is books, both classics and modern literature;
  • confident enough in themselves not to be offended by haters;
  • prefer active pastime;
  • almost always “for” something new: culinary recipes, mastering modern professions, relaxing in unusual places;
  • are not afraid to participate in challenges and experiment.
  • How to be a beach girl on Tik Tok: clothes

    Things to create a beach girl style will surely be found in the wardrobe of most modern girls. The culture is characterized by simplicity and convenience and, at the same time, bright colors. You can dress up in the spirit of beach girls with the help of these types of clothes:

  • swimsuits in any modern style;
  • t-shirts with creative slogans and prints or tie-dye;
  • tops and short sleeveless shirts;
  • ripped jeans;
  • short shorts and skirts, often denim;
  • oversized sweatshirts and hoodies – for cool weather;
  • summer hats, panamas, caps.
  • The combination of a simple top / t-shirt with a plaid shirt looks stylish, which the girls throw over their shoulders.

    Beach Girl wears flat sandals or Converse-style sneakers, depending on the weather and the chosen look. The image must be complemented by accessories:

  • sunglasses (preferably wayfarers or aviators);
  • pearl necklaces;
  • beads and bracelets with shells;
  • leather baubles or beaded jewelry;
  • finger rings.
  • Free Photo |  Young hipster beautiful women on vacation on tropical beach sitting on sand, stylish summer outfit, smiling happy, fashion trend, boho style, sexy legs, girls friends having fun together

    Instead of a women’s bag, active and positive girls wear backpacks. You can also purchase a roomy shopper, especially if you like shopping. Beach Girl sometimes appears on Tik Tok with a banana with funny designs, such as cartoon characters.

    hair and hairstyle beach girl in tik tok

    Surf waves are a must-have for a successful beach girl hairstyle. Careless styling evokes hair that has just dried in the sun after swimming in the ocean. To create this hairstyle, just apply your favorite texturizing spray to your hair and squeeze individual strands.

    🖕 Beach girl style: clothes, hairstyle, makeup.  Become a scourge girl.  |

    Ideally, beach girls also do coloring, although this is not necessary. Fashion girls from Tik Tok prefer highlighting. The hair shimmers in different shades and it seems that the rays of the hot sun are constantly falling on the scourge girl.

    Beach Girl Makeup on Tik Tok

    Beauty trends 2018: 4 rules of summer makeup for the beach and the sea

    The main thing is that the make-up looks as natural as possible. The culture of beach girls is against the huge layers of makeup and the feeling of a mask on the face. Consider the process of applying makeup step by step:

  • Face. To even out the tone of the face, you can use a moisturizing foundation with a weightless texture. Imperfections of the skin will mask the concealer. To create the effect of a light tan, use a golden bronzer. It is applied to the cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin and sides of the forehead with a fluffy powder brush.
  • Eyes, eyebrows. After combing the eyebrows, you can apply shadows or mascara to them, but it is important not to overdo it: the shade should be barely darker than the hair. You can fix the hairs with the help of eyebrow gel. Shadows for the image of a beach girl are usually not used. Mascara is applied to the eyelashes in 1-2 layers, and instead of the classic black shade, you should choose a softer brown.
  • Lips. An ideal option for a beach girl is a tint balm or translucent lipstick. Makeup with the effect of wet lips looks amazing.
  • In order not to spend a lot of time applying cosmetics, you can do special procedures in the salon. The image of a beach girl in Tik Tok is great for long-term styling of eyebrows. It creates a trendy effect of combed up fluffy eyebrows. Lamination will lift the eyelashes from the root and make a beautiful bend.

    What to shoot a beach girl video about?

    Ideas for beach girl videos can be very different:

  • display of fashionable wardrobe items;
  • dancing to modern music, such as foreign hip-hop;
  • humorous sketches in the company of girlfriends;
  • useful content for girls about self-improvement;
  • romantic and sentimental videos;
  • “cute” videos with pets;
  • beautiful views, for example, from the window of an apartment or hotel, nature during travel and weekends;
  • unusual occurrences at school, college, university;
  • collections of witty phrases;
  • reviews of new music tracks, films, serials;
  • reaction to recent events in the world, etc.
  • What do you think of beach girl style? Perhaps you have already tried on such an image? Tell about experiments in the comments and share useful tips with other readers.

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