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Most often, on TikTok, help from the support service is required for mistakenly blocked users. With the right approach to the issue and a clear statement of the problem, specialists will return the channel to the owner. Submitting a request for restoration or troubleshooting occurs through a special link on the site or e-mail.


The TikTok technical support service is considered an indispensable tool. Specialists help to solve different types of issues.

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Why do you need

Technical support in the application performs standard functions for removing blocking, restoring access to the channel in case of hacking. There is no special hotline phone – the main office is located in China, it is impossible to get through to them via a push-button handset. Users from other countries are invited to send requests through letters and appeals.

Reference. TikTok support mail: [email protected].

For what problems

Support specialists are contacted in case of problems related to:

  • account registration;
  • confirmation of the phone number;
  • profile entry;
  • preservation of video materials;
  • change of personal information in the questionnaire, etc.
  • On a note. Before contacting technical support, you can look for a solution to the problem that has arisen in the “Frequently Asked Questions” subsection.

    What is important when applying

    To avoid ignoring the request, the user must:

  • describe in detail the problems that have arisen;
  • add a screenshot confirming the problem;
  • enter your work email.
  • The speed of response depends on the availability of all of the above.

    Is authorization required?

    It is not necessary to pass verification to apply. It is enough to visit the network page, select the “Problem Report” block, the desired subsection and specify an e-mail for a response.

    The project administration reserves the right not to respond to individual requests. Most often, they relate to the blocking of videos or an account (for example, if the author posted clips that are contrary to the rules of the community).

    On a note. With a hacked profile, the appeal indicates the date of registration, information from the description, a screenshot and a nickname.

    Hours of Operation and Waiting

    According to the instructions, complaints are dealt with within 10 days. If during this time the administrator has not sent a response, it is worth repeating the application.

    The letter will be sent to your email. Exceptions include technical problems that are solved in TikTok through a special support chat.

    Where can I see the answer

    It is reflected on the tab with incoming messages, where you can also find your own requests. The second option is via email.

    Why doesn’t answer

    Technical support ignores the appeal in case of:

  • vague request – moderators are waiting for a clear question with a description of the problem, and not a lengthy statement with deviations from the topic;
  • service workload – a large stream of messages that arrived at the same time increases the response time;
  • network problems – sometimes the request is not sent due to problems on the server;
  • incorrect email address – an incorrectly specified contact in the “Mail for communication” block makes it impossible for the user to read the response.
  • Important. Please read the instructions before submitting your application. They contain questions that moderators have the right not to answer. Sometimes the ignorance is due to the high frequency of messages from one tiktoker – attempts to write daily quickly send the participant to the blacklist of spammers.

    Where to find instructions

    Users are offered two options for finding answers to their questions: using a mobile device or a personal computer. The information contained in the instructions is identical.

    How to contact support on Tik TokHow to contact support on Tik Tok

    Via phone

    To complete the procedure, it is enough:

  • open TikTok in the gadget (you do not need to go through authorization);
  • click on the sign with a little man located in the lower right corner;
  • click on the three dots at the top;
  • select “Technical Support” / “Support Center” in the menu settings.
  • Most of the problems that occur are detailed here. You can solve your problem without a long wait for a response from the moderator on duty.

    Via computer

    You can read the rules and communicate with the administration of the application through a PC. For this you need:

  • Visit a social network through a browser without confirming the login to the profile.
  • Learn the community rules (concerning duties and rights).
  • The user must remember about certain nuances that can cause problems with the social network:

  • ByteDance is the sole owner of the rights to all content created on the resource;
  • when more than 10 complaints are received on the channel, the page is automatically moderated;
  • the author is responsible for the security of the account – you need to use the security center, set a complex password.
  • You also need to pay attention to separate requirements for the age of users and the type of materials that are allowed for publication.

    How to contact support on Tik TokHow to contact support on Tik Tok

    How to apply

    Tiktoker can create an application through the application, support center, and other social networks. There is a separate line for business matters.

    Via App

    To get help you need:

  • Open TikTok profile.
  • Click on three dots and move to the “Security” block.
  • Go to the “Problem Reports” subsection and select the appropriate category.
  • The process ends with confirmation of the action.
  • Through the Help Center

    The service is located at It contains the principles of the functioning of the platform, information on troubleshooting the main problems. If there is little time to search for materials among many others, it is enough to enter a query into a search engine.

    Through other social networks

    TikTok has created special “Help” style communities on other social networks.

    Name The address

    Via business support center

    The subsection was created for communication with companies, journalists, profile owners. Only business-related questions are considered here, any social network or email is used to create them.

    For whom/what Email
    USA [email protected]
    Journalists [email protected]
    Korea [email protected]
    advertising issue [email protected]
    Japan [email protected]
    South-East Asia [email protected]
    Advertising complaints [email protected]
    Europe [email protected]
    Questions from private users [email protected]
    Latin America [email protected]

    Common Problems

    For common questions, please contact the moderators.

    Video unlock

    To bypass the ban:

  • Log in to TikTok and find the video in blocked.
  • Go to the three dots and click on “Save”.
  • Download to gadget.
  • Move to the clip editing application.
  • Create a new cover, change the track.
  • By the way. Be sure to specify other tags in the description when adding to the feed.


    The lock can be enabled when:

  • copyright infringement (they must be bought before using the songs, and not just downloaded);
  • propaganda of violence against people and animals;
  • use of inappropriate tracks;
  • demonstrations of parts of a naked body, firearms, edged weapons.
  • On a note. The block is received by authors who post knowingly false information (regardless of their country of residence – both an American from New York and a resident of EU-US).


    The user has the right to file for arbitration. To create an appeal, just click on the notification about the deleted video and challenge the decision to ban.

    Profile unlock

    How to get your account back:

  • After entering the application, click on the image of a little man.
  • Enter verification data.
  • Choose a recovery method: phone or e-mail, click on the arrow.
  • Enter the received combination in a special column or follow the link from the letter. A window for entering a new password will appear on the display.
  • Account unlockAccount unlock

    Why block

    Blocking is related to:

  • using bots – for likes, etc.;
  • insulting employees of the social network;
  • posting videos with elements of porn, insults, etc.
  • Spam users are also blocked.

    What to do

    To restore your account, you must directly contact the moderators, you should not wait for a quick decision. If the answer is negative, it is easier to create a new profile than to break the stubbornness of the administration, while maintaining the previous nickname (so that subscribers can find the channel).

    Complain about another user

    Each participant can complain about a competitor. To do this, it is enough to submit a request to the administration.

    What can you complain about

    Tiktokers draw the attention of moderators to shocking videos, offensive comments related to race, sexual orientation, etc. Do not forget about liability for false information.

    How to apply

    Near each video or comment there is a “Report” button. After pressing it, the system displays a window in which you need to describe the reason for the appeal.

    You can complain about any tiktoker: Mimimizhko, Charlie Domelio and Peyton, Danya Milokhin, Khabib Sharipov, Valya Karnaval, gremlin.


    The system provides a section in which you can praise or scold the social network. In order not to get banned, it is necessary to speak out as correctly and politely as possible.

    What can be written

    Leave on the page:

  • wishes;
  • complaints;
  • server usage feedback.
  • Tiktokers can make suggestions on how the service works.


    On the page, a special questionnaire has been created where the user can share his opinion about the social network.

    Issues related to the performance of Tik Tok, undeserved closing of the profile and deletion of video materials are resolved through the technical support service. There are several options for communication.

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