How to add links to your other sites on Tik Tok

TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You Want TikTok

Modern platforms Telegram, Tik Tok are used by hundreds of millions of people. The latter is especially convenient in promoting and increasing traffic. Link to Tik Tok allows you to share important and interesting information with the audience. But it should be correctly pasted or copied.


Links are used for different purposes. They allow you to attract new people to the site, interest subscribers, and notify you of new information. You should know the features of the application and addition.

What do you need

The function allows:

  • increase traffic;
  • place a detailed description of the advertising page;
  • increase the link mass. This function is especially important for people involved in partnership projects;
  • run the order form;
  • index the page;
  • link your profile to a website or online store.
  • The correctness of the account design plays a crucial role in attracting new viewers. Therefore, many people use active links on TikTok to increase their audience.

    TikTok Recommendation Feed: How to Watch Only What You WantTik Tok


    There are clickable links and inactive ones. The first ones are more in demand, because through them it is possible to go to the site and get acquainted with the information. With a clickable or active link, you can go to other social networks or Internet portals.

    Inactive ones are text versions of the address that have to be inserted into the search bar, which is quite inconvenient.

    How to share a link to your profile

    You can embed a URL on an account if:

  • Open the menu on your phone and select “Me”.
  • Click on the three vertical dots.
  • Select “Share Profile” from the settings.
  • Find on the panel that appears the icon with the inscription “Link”.
  • Click on it, it will be copied, after which you can paste it wherever you want.
  • This is a great option to get your profile views for free.

    How to copy a link to someone else’s profile

    You can add a link to someone else’s profile without going through authorization. You should visit the application and find the required profile. The procedure for Android and iPhone will be different.

    Instruction for Android:

    Step #1 Select the parameters in the relevant profile.
    Step #2 A window with the word “Link” will appear below.
    Step #3 The URL will be copied and the user can send it to others.

    Instruction for iPhone:

  • After finding the account, click on the options to select the “Share” command.
  • Select the appropriate item.
  • The link will be saved and can be shared until the next copy.
  • How to share a video

    Adding a URL to a video is not difficult. If an interesting video appears or you need to show your entry, you should:

  • Visit the video you like or your own.
  • Icons will appear on the right side of the screen, among which you need to select “Share”.
  • Stop your choice on the application and send.
  • After these steps, the record address will be available to all subscribers or individual recipients.

    How to add links to your profile description

    You can add a TikTok website to your profile as follows:

  • Visit the app.
  • Go to the page.
  • Click on the three vertical dots.
  • Select “Share Profile” from the settings.
  • Find on the panel that appears the icon with the inscription “Link”.
  • Click on it and it will copy.
  • After that, you can set the URL to a specific location. If you need to share your profile on social networks VK, Twitter or Facebook, then you should choose them.

    With this feature, you can get new followers on TikTok. It will be easier if the account in other social networks is promoted. You can share your Tik Tok profile address in them.

    How to add links to your other sites on Tik Tok

    What can be inserted

    It is not always possible to indicate clickable links to other sites. TikTok has personal, author, and business accounts. They have different capabilities and functions.

    For users of a personal and author’s account, the ability to insert YouTube and Instagram URLs is available. Websites are allowed in business profiles. To switch to accounts, go to the settings and select “Management”.

    Many brands use this feature, as it allows you to additionally attract an audience. For authors, monetization of their own traffic is available, which will bring additional income.

    You cannot put an active link under each video, only the text version is allowed.

    To website

    Adding a website address is carried out in several stages:

  • In the description of Tik Tok, select a section to change the profile.
  • Go to the item with the website.
  • Copy page address.
  • Paste in description.
  • In the item with changing the profile, you must select a resource and log in to it – enter a username and password or log in through your Google account. This will allow you to set up automatic addition of data to TikTok from other sources, and it will also protect you from scammers.

    On YouTube and Instagram

    To do this, you need to visit the account page and click on “Edit profile”. You should choose YouTube and Instagram. In this case, each user must be authorized. This is enough to post a link.


    How to add a link to a video description

    This will increase traffic and promote your personal brand or business. The procedure does not take much time and consists of several steps. The link can be added to the video description or as a comment.


    To place the URL under the video, you need to:

  • First upload or shoot a new video.
  • Edit the video with the necessary effects.
  • Proceed to the final stage for publishing.
  • Click on the “Add Link” button.
  • You can only post a Wikipedia or TripAdvisor address here.
  • After adding it, you should click on the publication, and it will appear in the description.
  • After clicking on the specified URL, the user will be on the required page.

    The reason for the limitations in adding links is that the feature is not fully built in. After a while, the developers will fix the shortcomings.

    Is it possible to insert an active

    You cannot insert active links under the video. Only text version is allowed. To navigate through it, the user must enter the original address in the search bar of the browser. Then you should press “Enter”. This is quite inconvenient and takes more time than going directly to the address.

    What to use

    Such links can also become part of the profile promotion. New visitors to the page will be able to copy and find information in a search engine.

    How to disguise

    In order not to get blocked and break the rules, you need to mask the URL. To do this, you can write attractive text next to it, dilute the characters with spaces, put a period at the end.


    Many users have achieved significant success in the described application. Now such tiktokers as Mimizhka, Charlie Dameleo, Danya Milokhin, Valya Karnaval, Lady Diana, Yegor Ship, Peyton Moormier and others are known. To successfully learn how to make money, you need to promote the page in different ways. Among them are links. But adding can be problematic.

    Why can’t insert

    The function is missing if the person is using an outdated version of the application. You need to upgrade and check if there is a new feature. If this does not help, then you need to wait, perhaps after a while the situation will improve.

    How to update

    Timely updating of the system will improve the stability of work, open up new opportunities. You can download the updated version on different phone models that run on different operating systems.


    To update you should:

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Click on the stripes located at the top left.
  • Select the Updates tab.
  • Available utilities will be loaded automatically.
  • In the block with available applications, select the appropriate option.
  • Click on the download button next to it. When completed, a notification will appear stating that there are no new updates.
  • The procedure will not take much time and will facilitate the process of using the application.

    How to Download and Install TikTok on an Android Phone


    If the user owns an iOS phone, then the user must do the following:

  • Visit the App Store.
  • Select the icon that looks like an arrow, which will allow you to navigate to updates.
  • Select the “Waiting” block at the top.
  • Activate download.
  • Entering a password and fingerprints is not required, as the new version will download on its own.
  • Once the download is complete, open the app.
  • This simple procedure will allow you to use the latest version of the application.

    Traffic Tracking

    Many people think that TikTok traffic can be measured using links, but this is an erroneous opinion. It will be possible to analyze views and transitions to the profile only in the corresponding section. Links also have their benefits.

    What do you need

    The traffic tracking procedure is very useful for every account holder who wants to professionally engage in this type of activity. Analytical work will reveal a number of features:

  • The amount of time people watch videos. The account owner will be able to find out which videos have been watched to the end and find out what is more interesting for the audience.
  • How new visitors found the page: through a hashtag, recommendations.
  • Study the geography of the audience. If the link allows users to visit a resource that is interesting for viewers of a particular city, then subscribers from another region will not be interested, and they will not click. This information will help you get a complete picture and take a closer look at the case.
  • If you pay attention to such moments, then the process of promoting your profile will be more successful.

    Is it possible to track

    You cannot use a link posted on TikTok to evaluate traffic activity. Only the ability to indirectly study the number of transitions using the history of views and subscribers is available. If, after the link appeared, they began to visit and view the page more often, then it is working effectively.

    If this has not affected, you should wait until interested users pay attention. To analyze possible traffic, you need to monitor how the video is viewed, study conversions and new subscriptions. It is necessary to work with the content that is most interesting to the audience, will collect more views, increase activity on the page. This will allow you to become the owner of a popular Tik Tok channel.

    TikTok Profile and Video Link: How to Copy and Share

    How to evaluate the effectiveness

    You can evaluate the effectiveness of actions by the general criteria for increasing the number of views. To keep statistics, you should use tagged UTM links. Help tiktokers in the work and reports in Yandex.Metrica.

    With the help of the correct link in the profile, you can achieve an increase in the number of clicks, views and subscribers. Since there are a large number of people in this social network, the positive dynamics of promotion will significantly increase your own income.

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