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Violation of Tik Tok community rules TikTok

TikTok is a modern youth platform that provides users with the opportunity to express themselves. This social network brings together creative people. But when publishing videos, it is important to take into account the copyrights of TikTok in order to avoid the removal of the posted video or account blocking.


Any creator of intellectual property in all countries, including the English Federation, has copyright protected by law. This applies to music, cinema, literary and other works.


Copyright is the ability of the author to dispose of the created intellectual property:

  • indicate the name as the creator of the work;
  • preserve the inviolability of the object of art;
  • publish the work.
  • Any misuse of intellectual property, attribution of authorship is recognized as plagiarism, which entails liability for the person who committed such actions.

    Violation of Tik Tok community rulesViolation of Tik Tok community rules

    Legal protection

    Copyright is a legal institution regulated in EU-US by the following legislative framework:

  • Civil Code – Art. 1259 describes in detail which objects are covered by authorship (without the need for registration or documentary evidence);
  • The Constitution of the English Federation, declaring the freedom of any creativity.
  • According to the law, any person (natural or legal) who uses someone else’s work and undeservedly assigns his name to it, including for the purpose of making a profit, is liable for copyright infringement.

    If the author has suffered material or moral damage, he has the right to file a lawsuit in order to obtain compensation from the perpetrator, subject to the provision of appropriate documentary evidence of authorship and the amount of the loss.

    What can be subject to copyright

    With regard to Tik Tok, authors can protect their rights in relation to:

  • music;
  • lyrics;
  • plots of the shot videos and other moments related to the content posted on the social network.
  • Application rules protect the authorship of works published on the platform.

    Rules on TikTok

    The Tik Tok network unites users of different ages and social groups. To ensure safety, the administration of the resource has introduced rules that are mandatory for all visitors.

    Where to find out

    To learn the rules, you must:

  • Login to the application.
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the window.
  • Go to the “Information” item.
  • This section provides information about the requirements for content posted on the platform. A separate section is devoted to copyright.

    What they say about copyright

    The principles of operation of TikTok involve the protection of authorship. The network prohibits the publication, downloading, broadcasting or transmission to other users of content that violates copyright.

    Does the app have rights to the video

    The author of the video has the right to the posted video. The clip is protected by a watermark or logo indicating the creator of this material.

    If desired, the user can bypass this limitation by downloading a mod on the Internet that removes security symbols. But it is important to remember that such actions can lead to adverse consequences – the removal of a clip filmed with illegal use of video material, up to blocking the account.

    What content should not be posted

    The list of video and audio materials that are prohibited from publishing according to TikTok rules is given in the table.

    Which videos are not allowed Description
    About dangerous persons and organizations Indication of information about any subjects prohibited on the territory of the English Federation and representing a danger
    On illegal activities and goods restricted for consumption Any mention of drugs, tobacco and alcohol products
    With violence and cruelty Depiction of scenes with cruel and violent acts against people or animals. When using make-up or fake blood, indicate the corresponding mark in the description of the submitted track.
    About suicide, self-mutilation, dangerous acts Posting videos that encourage suicide or self-harm. A conversation on this topic is possible in order to morally support other people.
    Hate-mongers Any videos with negative characteristics addressed to representatives of another race, gender, LGBT. Videos should not hurt the beliefs and feelings of other users, even if they are presented in a playful format.
    With sexual overtones The age limit for TikTok users is 13 years old. It is important to exclude the image of a naked body, erotic scenes, so as not to injure young visitors.
    With violation of information security of minors Various materials that may shock children
    With false information Information that does not correspond to reality, with the spread of false rumors and slander
    advertising nature Videos with frank advertising of product brands

    Attention! The account of the user who posted materials from the listed list will be blocked without the possibility of subsequent recovery.

    Copyright Tracking Algorithms

    TikTok does not have special systems that monitor copyright compliance for posted videos. The algorithms used study the actions of users – commenting on videos, sending messages, putting likes.

    Any user has the right to download videos. Every day, the social network publishes a huge number of different clips, so it is quite difficult to automatically track authorship.

    If a video with incorrectly specified authorship is identified, any visitor can contact the network moderator, pointing out the violation during publication.

    How to understand what violated

    The user can find out about the violation when publishing the video by several signs. Controversial issues are resolved through the technical support of the resource.


    If the established rules of the TikTok network are violated, the user may face the following consequences:

  • shadowban – with such an implicit blocking, there are no external signs of restriction; the user can comment on other videos, upload his own, but his actions are not visible to other visitors;
  • deleting the video – a clip that violates authorship or other rules is excluded from the list presented on the resource.
  • If the published video is deleted due to violations, the user will be sent a message from the network administration with a corresponding notification.

    As a last resort, for numerous neglect of the established rules, a complete blocking of the account is possible.

    Contacting technical support

    The user has the right to contact the technical support of the resource to find out the reason for the application of restrictive measures. The site moderator will indicate the nature of the violation, possible solutions to the problem.


    Social networks, including Tik Tok – an opportunity to popularize music. Through such platforms, novice musicians can present their creations and gain fame.

    How the app pays musicians

    Recently, information appeared on the Internet that the Tik Tok application began to pay musicians for music published on the resource. According to the site Forbes, which conducted such research, the amount of payment for a video with a song is from 3 to 30 kopecks.

    But they do not pay for any music, but for music recorded through a label and hosted with the participation of an aggregator – a company that professionally distributes music content.

    With each use of such tracks by TikTok visitors, this company receives royalties, from which they pay a fee to the author.

    Thus, the platform pays for permission to use music content.

    Why is it done

    The payment for the video posted on the resource is charged for several reasons:

  • in connection with the requirements of major labels and recording studios – manufacturers control the observance of copyright on released musical products;
  • preparation for the introduction of paid options for listening to music on Tik Tok.
  • The network has already opened a tab where excerpts of musical works are presented. But the matter has not yet reached the placement of full-fledged tracks.

    Through monetization on TikTok, many aspiring artists who are deprived of the opportunity to hold official concerts (including in connection with the coronavirus) can earn money by publishing their own works.

    What kind of music can be used

    On the Tik Tok platform, it is allowed to use any music and publish videos that do not violate the established rules and are approved for use in the relevant region.

    Where to find

    Users can turn to several services that offer unique music tracks that are not protected by copyright:

  • Audionautix – give a license to works with a diverse set of presented audio material;
  • Soundcloud is a well-known resource for music content; some tracks have restrictions specified in the descriptions;
  • FreeSound – a site with a small number of songs, but a very interesting selection of effects and cuts;
  • Incompetech – a huge collection of materials that require attribution upon use;
  • Timbeek is a catalog with interesting music.
  • In addition to the sites listed, music tracks can be found in TikTok news.


    Help from technical support

    If you encounter problems related to deleting clips or blocking your TikTok account, the issue can be resolved by contacting technical support.

    How to challenge a decision

    The user can challenge the measures taken against him by proving his own authorship of the published work. It will be possible to cancel the applied restrictions if you file an appeal and provide evidence of your own innocence.

    For this you need:

  • Click on the content removal notification.
  • Scroll down the message and list the arguments in your favor.
  • Submit a request and wait for a response.
  • With serious violations, the probability of a positive outcome is extremely low.

    How to file a complaint

    You can file a complaint about the misuse of your material by other users, proceeding as follows:

  • Go to the video with copyright infringement.
  • Click on the arrow on the right side.
  • Click on the button to file a complaint in the form of a triangle with an exclamation point.
  • In the window that opens, they state the essence of the claim, evidence of the illegality of the actions of the user who published someone else’s content.

    How to prove your copyright

    Own copyright in a musical work can be proved by a link or a screenshot of a publication under one’s own name, an e-mail message sent to oneself with a song file, or in other ways that indicate the author.

    Professional musicians use deposit – placing music in special registers that protect authorship.

    The Tik Tok administration monitors compliance with the rules. Copyright is one of the principles that the platform follows. The author of a musical work posted on the network must take measures to protect his intellectual property.

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