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The new popular Tik Tok application opens up great prospects for various aspects of communication. The short video format is well suited, for example, to create an animated greeting card. One option is Tik Tok “Good night” to send good wishes to friends, acquaintances or just a pleasant stranger on this topic.


The Tik Tok platform allows you to create short videos by overlaying music and editing with filters and other application tools. This format is convenient for creating various congratulations, good wishes to loved ones, acquaintances and friends.

To take full advantage of the application, you must:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Create an account.
  • Explore the interface and don’t limit your own creativity.
  • After login and authorization, the platform is open for work. Registration is quite simple (by phone number or email).



    The wish “Good night” can not only be beautifully arranged, making a friend pleasant, but also turned into a congratulation. A video sent through Tik Tok or other social networks will come as a surprise, especially if you come up with a “zest” for such a message.

    Can it be turned into a challenge

    This message can be turned into a challenge – a kind of task that tiktoker sends to the audience of subscribers with a challenge: repeat the congratulations made with maximum similarity to the original.

    A similar thing happened with good morning wishes, when a well-known blogger put forward the idea of ​​getting up at 6 am, accompanying the video with an image of the rising sun from the roof of a skyscraper.

    Where to find

    The Internet provides ample opportunities for finding a suitable postcard to create an original greeting.

    On TikTok

    In order to find an interesting postcard on a given topic on Tik Tok, you will need:

  • In the created account, after registration and authorization, click on the standard search icon in the form of a magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen.
  • In the search bar, enter the hashtag on the topic of interest.
  • Choose a suitable postcard from the list offered.
  • If you correct the request, the service will change the displayed images to find suitable options.

    In social networks

    Search is possible through social networks in the ways indicated in the table.

    Social network Search Order
    Classmates Enter the desired query in the upper right corner in the search bar. The network will offer a list of groups of suitable orientation, in which the specified congratulations are presented.
    In contact with The search bar in this network is located above the photo of the profile owner, the request is sent in the same way
    facebook Here, the search is located at the top of the screen, slightly left of center.
    Twitter On Twitter, the search bar is also centered at the top of the window.

    Special Sites

    In addition to social networks, special services have been developed that offer free greeting cards on any topic:

  • – at the top of the window, when you click on the inscription with congratulations, a list of postcards will be presented; you can type a query in the search bar on the right side;
  • – in the menu at the top of the screen, it is proposed to select a section with postcards, the desired theme and a suitable image;
  • – if you click on the inscription with musical cards for friends in the menu, the service will offer various topics, message options;
  • – here the set of sentences consists of postcards of a universal nature, divided by months, names of addressees, men or women, and other signs with a similar method of searching for congratulations;
  • – in this service, the section with congratulations is more suitable, but you can also refer to other menu items.
  • The list of such services is not limited to the listed sites.

    How to send

    It is important to know how to use the capabilities of a computer or mobile device to download and send congratulations or wishes.


    If you download a postcard from a laptop or desktop computer (taking into account the settings of the machine and the installed operating system), the following options for saving the file are possible:

  • in downloads;
  • in the documentation folder (in “Images”);
  • the system will suggest a way to save the file.
  • The latter method is the most convenient, because it allows the user to independently determine the location for storing images. You can save a picture on a social network page to eliminate the option of losing the file if the device is damaged.

    On a mobile phone, the picture is stored in the image gallery. The file can be tracked by recent downloads.


    To download the downloaded video, you need to click on the cloud icon with a vertical arrow or drag and drop the file onto the page (for a laptop or a stationary device).

    Share link

    To share the link, they press the button with the publication of the video in the lower right corner of the screen, limiting the list of those who will get access to this congratulation by ticking the user categories.

    How to do it yourself

    You can make a congratulation or challenge yourself. It won’t be too difficult if you use the tips below.


    When shooting video, it does not hurt to consider the following recommendations:

  • choose an original theme, make a meme with a funny face;
  • take advantage of a creative idea from famous bloggers;
  • turn off the camera in pauses to minimize the editing of the finished image;
  • choose a harmonious sound range suitable for the recorded video.
  • The result is an original video that will surprise friends and acquaintances.


    Of the most attractive ideas, in order to originally congratulate friends, wish good night or other pleasant moments, pictures are suitable:

  • animals;
  • beautiful nature;
  • original places (roof of the house, balconies with a panorama, etc.);
  • romantic places;
  • funny situations.
  • Some resort to vulgar plots, but you should think twice before following such examples.


    The success of the search largely depends on the accuracy of the hashtag selection. This request usually begins with the # sign, then enters the phrase in English or Latin.

    In English

    If you enter a hashtag in English, they usually type the phrase “good night”, supplementing through the underscore with various appropriate words: “cats”, “friends”, “London” (or the name of another city), “country”, etc.

    In English

    In the Latin version of the TikTok hashtag set, you can enter “night”, “goodnight”, “goodnight_friends” and other options. With insufficient knowledge of the language, a translator in Google, on other sites, will help.

    A self-made video with an original good night wish on Tik Tok will be a pleasant surprise for friends and acquaintances or a reason for friendship with a person you like.

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