Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas

Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas TikTok

Every month, social networks delight users with fashion trends. They are invented by users themselves, popular bloggers, film actors. Sometimes a trend is created by accident by an unremarkable person.


The next trend of the social network has become glue on the lips. The novelty is difficult to comprehend logically. Despite this, the hit was picked up by millions of subscribers.

Thematic videos are distinguished by the #lips hashtag. To search for content, a defining word is specified in the input line.

The trend was launched by a tiktoker with the nickname @chloehammock4. Using superglue, the girl stuck her upper lip closer to her nose. The result of the experiment was a temporary increase.

Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas

Subscribers liked the content so much that in a month it collected 440 thousand likes, more than 3.3 thousand comments, 22,300 reposts.

@chloehammock4Trying tik tok trends pt 1. I saw some girl do this I lost her video tho ##fyp ##foryourpage ##lips♬ Already Dead – Lil Boom

The author called the style “Cupid’s bow”.

Surprisingly, the comments are only positive:

  • “And what, so it was possible?”.
  • “Is hairspray okay, or is it better for eyelashes, like yours?”
  • “Great way when taking selfies, videos.”
  • “Economic option to increase”.
  • “Life hack will lead cosmetologists to poverty.”
  • A week later, user Shafeeq posted the video on the Twitter platform. There, the video was retweeted by 68,000 followers, 357,000 likes. However, here the content was laughed at. There were comments of this type: “You are talking with a boyfriend, and your lip is falling.” I want to see the look on his face at that moment.”

    imagine you’re talking to someone and your lip falls down by accident — Shafeeq (@Y2SHAF) September 7, 2019


    Initially, users, and then @chloehammock4 herself, began to claim about the true author of the hit. The trend was created by the charismatic @gnarlysinner. The girl’s video got 81,000 likes and 717 comments.

    Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas

    Despite the popularity, @gnarlysinner removed the viral video.

    Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas

    Fashion life hack or fun trend

    Lip sticking turned into a hit. Girls and even guys came up with new methods, shot themed videos, highlighting the content with a hashtag.

    @kiakroezMy face swelled up from this ##spookyseason ##YouOwnIt ##superglue ##notokay ##nolashglue ##fyp♬ original sound – kekskroeze

    However, the opinion of the followers was divided into two parts. Some consider glue on the lips a fun “minute” weakness. The second is a fashionable life hack, a way to become more beautiful.

    “Light tomfoolery, the desire to follow the direction of the crowd,” users write.

    Glue lips

    Becoming a fashionista is no easy task. You will need:

  • Eyelash glue or hairspray.
  • Telephone.
  • The process is like this:

  • The adhesive is applied just above the lip. One drop is enough.
  • We wrap the lip, gluing the tip.
  • Glue on lips: TikTok trend among fashionistas

    With TikTok, becoming a fashionista, having won the love of fans, is easy. It is enough to follow the trends, repeat life hacks. However, do not forget to update the utility for stable operation.

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