GIFs on Tik Tok: how to create, add and send

Gif in Tik Tok TikTok

In the social network Tik Tok, gif is used for colorful design of videos, messages. Such animated pictures include, for example, images of emotions, emoticons, movie excerpts.

GIFs on TikTok

A GIF for TikTok is located on the panel that appears when preparing a video or typing a message. Pictures are put on the avu, they help to diversify the text dialogue, show the range of emotions.

How to add to video

GIF in TikTok is added according to the scheme:

  • After entering the application, you need to switch to the “Record” mode, add a popular melody or sounds.
  • When you have finished recording the material, you need to click on the smiley sticker label.
  • A search line with 30 popular options will appear on the display, a word relating to the topic of interest is written into it. The request is about love, dancing, challenges, etc. There are hashtags near the files that appear.
  • After selecting a suitable picture, it is clamped with a finger and moved to any point on the screen. GIFs can be flipped or tilted.
  • On a note. After completing the video, the author can add effects, a text message or questions to the viewers. To promote the channel, hashtags are entered, and the finished material is published.Gif in Tik TokGif in Tik Tok

    How to attach to a post

    With a mutual subscription between users and the transition to the “Friends” category, the social network offers to say hello using animation. The choice is made from three characters: a cat in love, a hand with a flower, a greeting alien.

    To diversify the dull text when chatting on TikTok, you can use GIFs:

  • Click on the smiley label located in the corner. Two blocks will appear on the screen: “sticker and emoji” and “gif”.
  • Animations are in the latter – you need to click on the selected anime and set it in the text field.
  • By the way. The subsection with pictures is updated daily, the user receives fresh and interesting stickers.Tik Tok GIFTik Tok GIF

    How to create your GIF

    It is impossible to do it inside TikTok, third-party programs are used for this. There is a Giphy application on the Internet that works online and does not require installation.

    The site is opened through a mobile device and a computer:

  • On the right side at the top is the “Download” button.
  • When switching to another page, you can choose a ready-made version from the archive or drag an image from another application.
  • The user gets access to the functionality after registering and creating an account. This approach eliminates plagiarism.

    Where to download a GIF

    The download is carried out through “GIPHY”:

  • After entering the page, a tag is entered in the search bar.
  • The service displays image options.
  • By clicking on the shortcut, a suitable picture is selected, possible actions appear on the right side: copying the link, adding to Favorites, embedding, media files.
  • The user chooses the last option and moves to a resource with links. Copying the image is carried out through the button of the same name or double-clicking on the text.
  • The finished link opens in a new tab, and the right mouse button helps to continue the interaction.
  • The “Save as” inscription allows you to send the picture to any folder on your PC.
  • On a note. Safe resources for downloading animations include: Ezgif, Supa, Gifpal, 5secondsapp, etc.GIPHYGIPHY

    Is it possible to save a GIF from Tik Tok

    It is not possible to save such an animated image from the application. The problem is solved through the GIPHY online service or any reliable site according to the described algorithm. Through the site, you can download the sticker or emotion you like, make author’s changes to it, or create your own “masterpiece” based on the finished version.

    How to make a subscription animation

    To solve the problem, you need 2 accounts and 2-3 clips:

  • From the 1st profile, a green background video is loaded, and from the second, this video is searched. The user must turn on screen recording and subscribe to the channel on the background of the chroma key.
  • In the video editing program, the template opens, a green background is set on top, and an account label with a check mark is placed.
  • In the utility, you need to find a function called “Chroma Key” or a color key. Adjusting the background makes it invisible.
  • Animation is prepared, can be used in video or added to dialogues.

    Popular GIFs on TikTok

    Successful and trending pictures are presented:

  • expressions, heroes of serials, movies;
  • cute animals – puppies, kittens, adults;
  • advertising slogans – they decorate and sign video materials;
  • technology – for fans of cool cars, racing;
  • mini-posters of social significance – topics for disputes and discussions.
  • Experienced tiktokers remind you that stickers, emoji, pictures cannot be used forever. It is necessary to keep track of new trends, to create unusual colorful materials. Convenient applications will help to cope with the formation of the brand style of the channel in TikTok. It is enough to avoid repetition and monotony in order to bring your account to the TOP and get new subscribers.

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