Geolocation Telegram: Hidden Opportunities

Geolocation telegram 2021 Secrets and tricks

In update 4.4, the Live Location function appeared in Telegram, which allows you to send geolocation (or someone says geolocation) to Telegram and turn on the broadcast of the location in real time.

Geolocation can be useful in a number of situations when you need to quickly determine the current coordinates. It is very convenient to use the geo-position in the event of a mass event: instead of lengthy explanations and answers to questions like “where are you?” it is enough to check the location using Telegram and send it to the interlocutor.

Geolocation in Telegram is launched in 3 clicks:

  1. We open the messenger and choose the one with whom we want to share our coordinates. Read the article if you can’t get into Telegram.
  2. Click on the paperclip icon and find the Geolocation icon.
  3. It remains to send the location data that was generated by Telegram.
picture: geolocation in telegram instruction
In order to send geolocation to Telegram, click on the paper clip, select the item of the same name and tap to send

Top 3 geolocation benefits in Telegram

1. Independent choice of place for sending

You can define the point on the map yourself that will be sent. To do this, simply move the red mark to the desired location.

If you change your mind and want to send the exact geolocation to someone in Telegram, you can quickly return to your location. To do this, click on the circle marked in the screenshot below – and the red “needle” will return to its original point.

picture: geolocation in telegram
Click on the marked button to make Telegram return to the point at which you are at the moment.

2. Broadcasting geolocation

Live Location allows you not only to send your geolocation one-time, but also, if you wish, enable its broadcasting in a given time interval – your interlocutor will monitor your movement for 15 minutes, one or eight hours directly in Telegram.

You can determine this period immediately after clicking on the item “Broadcast my location”.

picture: how to broadcast geo-position in telegram
Select the period during which the interlocutor will be able to see your location in Telegram

3. Choice from a ready-made list

Clicking on the “Drag to select a location” caption at the bottom of the screen will open a list of various locations nearby. The data is pulled from Foursquare.

An interesting feature of sending a location from a ready-made list has been implemented in Telegram – just pull up to open it

Setting up and removing geolocation

The resulting geolocation data can be viewed on a map, satellite, or in hybrid mode. To switch the display variation, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen.

picture: sending geolocations to telegram
Tap on the “three dots menu” at the top in the right corner of Telegram to select the appropriate map display option

By the way, if you start broadcasting to several chats at once, a notification will appear at the top of the general list of dialogs. Tap on it to view the chats to which you send geolocation in real time.

picture: broadcast geo-position in telegram for android
Manage broadcasts by clicking on the top line in the general list of chats

Deleting a geolocation is identical to deleting a regular message in Telegram: tap on the area next to the sent location and select “Delete”.

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