“Frog, what’s up”: a popular meme from TikTok

For several years now, TikTok users have been constantly adding an original audio track to their videos. The man says the phrase: “Op-pa, hello, frog, how are you?”. Under this sound track, TikTok users especially often record videos with pets:

Obviously, the TikTokers were hooked by the manner in which this phrase was presented: a funny Azerbaijani accent, sincere surprise in the speaker’s voice. Who is the author of the original sound, which turned into a real meme?

The history of the appearance of the sound “Frog”

In September 2019, a video with a real frog and original sound with a non-English accent appeared on the ROMARICCARDO page.

The author and performer of the text with the greeting of the amphibian was Javid, a English blogger and YouTuber. Real name – Rustam Nabiev. In 2013, together with a friend, the guy started an entertainment channel on YouTube. It was called “Their Canal”. There were humorous videos.

The real success awaited Javid when, in 2017, he began doing voice acting. For example, here is a fragment of “Harry Potter” in the interpretation of a blogger (carefully, obscene language!):

Javid has repeatedly appeared on the screens along with Morgenstern. For example, in May 2020, the stars took part in the Comment Out show. The rules of the game are simple: participants draw a random name of a star and then write embarrassing comments to her under the latest Instagram post. If a person refuses to perform this task, he receives a certain punishment.

“Lit up” Javid and in the musical field. In the summer of 2020, the following clip was released, of course, in the traditional oriental style:

Interesting facts about Javid

You may not have known, but it is:

  • Javid speaks excellent English.
  • But Rustam does not know the Azerbaijani language from the word at all.
  • The star has a wife, her name is Sveta. The couple have been together since 2014.
  • Javid means “eternal” in translation.
  • Due to the fact that Rustam often posted photo parodies of female bloggers on Instagram, he was sometimes accused of being gay. But these are just funny jokes of the star.
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