Features and uses of memes in Tik Tok

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Memes about tiktokers and a social network are one of the ways to display irony over users and intrusive advertising in the popular Tik-Tok application. Humor and memes help not only to highlight the shortcomings, but also to attract the attention of the audience, increase the number of subscribers on the channel.


The first jokes and memes about Tik Tok appeared on the Internet in the fall of 2018, and by 2020 they have spread everywhere. The Oatmeal Sir society is considered the pioneer, having created the lion’s share of memes. They were followed by the owners of other popular publics.


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What is a tiktok meme

Mem material is a unit of information significant for culture. It refers to ideas, mannerisms, symbols, ways of action transmitted between people using text messages, sketches, postcards, videos, and oral speech.

On a note. Memes spread through the media, social networks, go beyond the Internet. Transmitted between users for the purpose of entertainment.

What do you need

For world culture, a memchik is a cheerful picture with an interesting inscription, used to express emotions. Gradually, they are being replaced with standard emoticons and emojis, sketches, they quickly disappear, new memes and ideas come in return.

By the way. In TikTok, it is customary to use popular memes in videos (due to the features of the platform). For fun, channel owners put funny memes and sketches on the avatar

How to find

Find memes by thematic accounts or hashtags. On a mobile phone, you need to go to the social network, move to the “Interesting” block and enter one of the options in the search bar:

  • “meme”;
  • “memes”;
  • “meme”;
  • “memes”.
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    The service will find popular possible options with clarifications. You need to switch to one of the subsections: “People”, “Best”, “Hashtags”.

    Important. To go directly to the materials, just enter the classic query “#” with a search word (with or without translation).

    Accounts with memes

    The list of popular pages that contain videos with funny memes and sketches includes:

  • @freememesstudios;
  • @memes;
  • @officialmemes;
  • @tiktok_memes.
  • @udovichenko.ea

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    On a note. Top Tik Tok accounts are distinguished by subtle humor without endless repetitions of old memes and jokes. The list includes Addison Rae und Charli D’Amelio, Clean Bandit, Evelon, Among As, etc.

    Usage in Tiktok

    In Tik Tok there are various humoresques on the theme of games, animated and feature films, life situations. Sometimes interesting and popular illustrations, sketches, postcards, gifs or statements are used.

    By games

    The heroes of famous computer games are used as the main object in Tik Tok:

  • Brawl Stars (bravo stars);
  • Gacha Life;
  • Nfs – need for speed;
  • DotA;
  • Minecraft (minecraft);
  • Roblox etc.
  • @nekittiktok01

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    The image is superimposed on the user’s photo or is located in close proximity to the author of the video. A meme is written next to it, a funny text message expressing an attitude towards a particular problem or situation.

    Based on cartoons and films

    Repetition or making memes from popular cartoons, movies or anime has received additional opportunities along with the advent of a special filter in Tik Tok. The Snapchat program allows you to mask the hero of the video, creating cartoon eyes for him or completely editing his face. You can download the application on the official page of the developer.


    An audio track is superimposed on the videos or a track is used that is suitable for a particular situation. In the Tik Tok social network, there are parodies of world hits, well-chosen fragments of songs or music that correspond to the failures that the hero of the video post has: falls, objects falling out of his hands, etc.

    To create a track in TikTok, use the “list songs”, “music”, “one mp3” section, downloading audio in the “Best TikTok Compilations” block is free.

    life situations

    Every day a person is faced with funny and sad ridiculous circumstances:

  • falls;
  • reaction to an unsuccessful gift;
  • emotions at the sight of a long-awaited surprise, etc.
  • Presented with humor, they quickly attract the attention of users, become popular, and help increase the number of regular audience. People love to watch, listen and download funny sayings and events, memes, funny compilations or tricks on Tik Tok.


    Postcards with animated characters are designed to embody the mood or emphasize the intended plot. The characters are based on:

  • Peppa Pig;
  • crying man;
  • alien;
  • hare;
  • Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street, etc.
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    Text material is superimposed on the reproduction, allowing you to express your mood or emotional state, to amuse subscribers and visitors of the Tik Tok channel.

    Memes about tiktokers

    The Tik Tok information field is dominated by stories about annoying service ads found on YouTube. Popular users of the social network are ridiculed for chasing fashion trends, comparing channel authors with insufficiently intelligent or not quite healthy people. Anti-advertising does not repel people who are not associated with the service, but arouses interest and desire to get acquainted with the social network, shoot their own videos and memes on TikTok.

    Meme quotes from tiktok

    Sayings of famous people, bloggers, funny statuses on ava attract attention and amuse both in bad weather and in difficult life situations. The list of common quotes for memes includes:

  • “married to a cat – marital status”;
  • “penguins were swallows, a couple of kilograms gained does not change anything”;
  • “out of a thousand subscribers, two people have enough strength to watch the video – a husband and a sister.”
  • “auf” – expresses admiration for the car, etc., replaces the usual “oh”, imitates a lone wolf.
  • Properly selected Tik Tok memes will make you laugh and attract an additional audience to the channel.


    The Tik Tok memes are below.








    How to create yourself

    Experiments will help to catch the wave, to please subscribers with new jokes. As a basis in Tik Tok they use:

  • events, news, descriptions of zodiac signs;
  • incidents (with mother, girlfriend, father or boyfriend);
  • someone else’s irony, remade in a certain way;
  • fun with musical sounds and songs (“Act A Fool”, “Get Low”).
  • Important. Information well seasoned with humor quickly brings the channel to the top list.


    To create a fun sketch on Tik Tok, you need:

  • choose the right material;
  • find illustrations in logo stock;
  • think of a text consisting of several phrases.
  • The authors on the channels use unsuccessful shots from previous videos, ready-made solutions of other project participants, parodies of other people’s videos.

    Where to download pictures

    Finished materials should be bright. Tik Tok video uses:

  • drawings;
  • landscapes;
  • still lifes;
  • materials from the Internet.
  • There are a huge number of templates for drawing on the network, the authors use:

  • Roblox characters;
  • Ugandan Knuckles;
  • Yao Ming;
  • Derpin;
  • Cereal Guy;
  • jellyfish;
  • hearts;
  • parodies of aristocrats;
  • ghosts.
  • Resources offer templates for creating postcards (link 1, link 2, etc.).

    Extraordinary wallpaper options are suitable for video pranks, pranks, humorous stories.


    You can be inspired by the videos of other users, experiment, generate original and life options. Social networks are losing interest in constant repetitions, unhackneyed ideas on the service are collected in the “Popular” block. There you can see the videos of users, decide in which direction to move.


    The love of humor is used to promote on social media, including Tik Tok. The advantages of creating such materials in TikTok include:

  • attracting attention – jokes are viewed more often than standard videos and posts;
  • uplifting – funny videos are not necessarily used in every message, but the audience will remember the channel where you can relax and laugh, get away from the routine;
  • getting likes, views – users send successful illustrations to friends, make reposts.
  • A joke implies a reaction to a current topic, the general thought of people in relation to current events. Humorous videos bring the author and viewers of the Tik Tok channel together, help to find fans in America and the EU.


    Poor quality materials will not give the required number of views and comments on Tik Tok. The problem is related to the following:

  • outdated information – it makes no sense to report events two weeks ago;
  • boring events – not all users are interested in highly specialized topics, hackneyed tricks with a spray or black humor;
  • simple design – a bare text passage at several colorful events or a poorly filmed video repels viewers.
  • The main mistake is a poorly thought out script. Without preliminary preparation, it is impossible to record an interesting plot the first time.

    Extraordinary postcards and video materials attract a new audience, increase the number of followers on Tik Tok. Frequent views and reposts help the channel rise to the TOP, go to the “Popular” section.

    Popular videos with a selection of memes in 2021

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