Faina remix from Tik Tok. You can download or listen for free.

Remixes from Tik Tok on HYIP TikTok

Tik Tok has been around for 2 years and although it was already a famous app before the world went into lockdown, it is now more popular than ever. If you are a really old person or just out of a coma (not a good time, be more active).

TikTok is a social media video sharing platform that allows users to create short dance videos, make lip syncing with music, comedy and educational videos. An online world where lesser-known artists are no longer subject to the whims of radio and streaming.

If a teenager dancing in his bedroom in London likes a certain track, then one day we can all sing it. For example, this happened with Faina’s song on Tik Tok. The remix has already been used by over 100,000 people. The application is a good springboard for old songs. Gives them a new breath and popularity.

Remixes from Tik Tok on HYIPHypanem with TikTok

Some of the most common songs appearing on the app right now were actually made in the last century. The list also includes a vintage of singles from early 2010. Most of the tracks have already been remixed on Tik Tok, for example: all the same Faina, Kalym, Gyurza, Barbariki and many others.

If you are a blogger who is looking for Tik Tok remixes to create unique content? You’ve come to the right place and here you’ll get instant access to millions of songs, from oldies to the latest hits of 2020. Press the play button to listen to whatever you want. The list is updated regularly.

Remixes from Tik Tok are trendingRemixes are trending

You can download remixes from Tik Tok with one click of the mouse or on the screen of your gadget. Create your own music library and hang out in online bars.

Welcome to TikTok World Remix

Most requested track on TikTok in 2020

Faina’s remix by Na Na

Now Fain’s song is a remix from Tik Tok, but at first it was a super hit in 1992. The creators of this mega song were Bari Alibasov, Andrey Potemkin and poet Mikhail Ryabinin.

Words and music were written easily and quickly. The track did not pretend to a great future and was ready to exist for a short time, so to speak – “one-day”. No one could even predict that this composition would personify the Na-Na group and get a new life in the Chinese Tik Tok application.

Yes, this is no longer the original, but Fain’s Tik Tok remix turned out to be excellent and not alone. One of the brightest remixes is presented on the platform, you can listen to it and download it for free. Full description of the history of the creation of the song here

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TikTok has spawned a culture of remixes by making it easy to use any audio track. Press the audio button on any Tik Tok video and it will become yours. Click on the gadget screen and you will see all other clips that use the track.

Tik Tok even offers an entire search engine that sorts sounds into categories such as Trending, TikTok TOP, Dynamic, Love, Memes and many more. Sometimes Tik Tok remixes are based on an idea, not audio.

Faina’s song is a remix from Tik Tok. History of creation

Faina remix from Tik TokGroup Na-Na

The song about which you will learn the whole truth today is considered the most provocative in the entire existence of the Soviet and English show business. It was not a hint at the popular hit of the year. Incredibly, it is a fact that Fain’s song by the Na-Na group has become their hallmark for all time and generations. Although before that there were other works. On Tik Tok, Faina’s song has become the most requested track in 2020. Now think for yourself, decide for yourself whether to download or not to download.

Ay where is happiness like melted snow
Where is Faina your silvery laughter
You hide your eyes from me
And already in broad daylight
You kiss with another in front of everyone …

The beginning of the 90s, the Na Na group then went through a segment of the creative path in one year. The team was supposed to go on tour to Istanbul. Young performers already at that time showed ingenuity and knew how to win a venerable audience. At foreign performances, they performed a duet with high-ranking local artists.

Bari Alibasov – Mentor and producer in one person, found an incredibly beautiful singer Sezen Aksu. But her repertoire did not give results, everything was somehow simple and monotonous. Then the head of the team went to a fashion show to his compatriot fashion designer Yegor Zaitsev. There he heard a song with a modern arrangement, which immediately hooked him. He asked whose performance. It turned out that it was a piece of the track of the same Sezen Aksu, but not yet presented to the public in any of her albums.

Faina remix from Tik Tok Sezen Aksu

In general, a fragment of the song was taken and made from it an arrangement for joint performance with the singer. Then Bari Karimych did not even guess that after 30 years, young people would want to download Fain’s song as a remix from Tik Tok. Everything passed like an experiment, without attaching much importance to this work. Only to demonstrate the English-Turkish friendship of peoples. One concert in Istanbul and home.

The semantic component was not even considered, the emphasis was placed on the oriental motif. According to Alibasov, the process of creating the text lasted no more than 5 minutes, as they say on the knee. The role of the muse was played by his neighbor, Baba Faya. In the process of writing the words, she was in the studio, as always, with treats – belyashi with meat. A woman over 60, at that time was no longer just a neighbor, but a mother, as Bari and members of the Na-Na group lovingly called. As a joke, she was offered to dedicate a song, and so Baba Faina became the main character in the song.

The result was unexpected for the Nanais, and it was decided to give this track in rotation on the radio. And a wave passed through the union:

shinanai da opa shina shinanai
Shinanai da shinanai da opa shinanai
shinanai da opa shina shinanai
Shinanai da shinanai da opa shinanai

Today, Faina sounds in 2020. The song conquered Tik Tok unequivocally.

The listeners fell in love with the song and it was decided to shoot a video that would shock the audience to the floor. The East is a direct association with the harem, which has become a feature of the video clip. Then the newspaper gave an announcement with an invitation to the casting: “Shooting in an erotic video with explicit scenes.” This is a chance to get on TV and make quick money, young girls and guys. Even women of 50-70 years old came.

The clip was recorded, and at the end even the mysterious neighbor Faina appeared. Part of the video was cut off due to explicit scenes, but this did not become an obstacle to the all-English popularity, which stretched for 3 years.

Faina remix from Tik TokFaina

Now it’s the 21st century and Faina Fainana sounds in smartphones, but only as a Remix, and Tik Tok users quickly picked it up and raised it to trends.

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