Explosive Tik Tok Online Courses: Promotion and Revenue Lessons

Explosive TikTok for Business course TikTok

With the help of the popular TikTok platform, you can have a good time watching interesting videos, chatting with friends. Also in this social network, if you have the proper skills, you can earn money. The proposed material discusses the Explosive TikTok training course, taking into account the purpose and content of the curriculum, the registration procedure for enrolling in the course.

TikTok Account Growth Online Courses

Many mistakenly believe that TikTok is a playground for schoolchildren and teenagers. This social network is gaining popularity so rapidly that it attracts serious brands and advertisers who invest in the development of their projects.

TikTok account promotion courses can be useful:

  • bloggers – to achieve millions of views on newly created accounts in the shortest possible period with a minimum time for shooting videos;
  • entrepreneurs – those who promote their product, to study the rules and nuances of TikTok, attracting an additional flow of customers;
  • students – to create a source of income that does not require serious investments and a long investment of time;
  • professionals – to master a new advertising channel;
  • for musicians – a convenient and reliable way to advance with getting into the top rating;
  • women caring for newborn children – to get a source of income without the need for additional education.
  • When recording, it is important to consider:

  • price;
  • the content of the curriculum;
  • offered guarantees of quality of training;
  • composition of teachers.
  • Most of the courses that offer to teach how to promote an account on TikTok are conducted on a paid basis.

    Explosive TikTok for Business course from Teachline

    The Teachline training center offers courses on promoting TikTok accounts in order to master the principles of content promotion in a short time, taking into account the features of the platform.

    Explosive TikTok for Business course“Explosive TikTok for Business”

    about the author

    The course was created by Vladislav Lapin – psychologist, trainer, teacher. The author is one of the leading tiktokers who managed to create a channel with more than 130,000 subscribers. Over 780,000 people viewed his tracks in a month.


    The classes are taught by the author himself and invited experts from among the employees of the first marketing agency in EU-US, Texterra.


    The program consists of eight lectures, a summary of which is presented in the table.

    Lecture topic Summary
    About the TikTok channel as a complete product Features of this social network, the target audience of the resource, the study of popular content, statistical information and account analytics, the use of a profile for marketing
    Channel Design Questions How to choose a theme, design an avatar with an insertion of a description and links. Use of support services to design and process content.
    Script writing The procedure for writing scripts for tracks, the psychology of platform visitors
    Practice Analysis of homework with answers to students’ questions
    Content placement How to draw up a content plan to win the attention of users. Selection of preferred topics to attract more views. Working with viral videos. Interactive techniques, methods of interaction with visitors.
    Technical points Suitable equipment, shooting order. Posting the first video on the channel. How to mount on a mobile device or computer. Use of additional services when it is better to publish tracks.
    Use of advertising Integration with bloggers, principles of mutual PR. Features of the search for advertisers, placement of targeted advertising, attraction of additional sites.
    Practical lesson Providing answers based on the results of completing homework, mastering the program

    Lectures alternate with the issuance and analysis of homework, the analysis of which takes place in practical classes.

    Skills and abilities

    As a result of the lectures, students will learn:

  • shoot and promote videos on the resource to the top in terms of popularity;
  • take into account the features of the platform algorithms;
  • fall into the number of trends;
  • own the available tools in the application;
  • create sources of passive income;
  • draw up commercial offers, attract employers.
  • The listeners will receive full information about the procedure for promoting accounts with the consolidation of the acquired knowledge by practical exercises.

    How to register

    To register and register, you must fill out the application form on the website of the training center, indicating your full name, phone number and email address. Payment is accepted online by transfer according to the details of the company.

    Reference. Price – 6,000 ***. For legal entities, payment by bank transfer is available.

    At the end of the course, students receive a diploma. For those who wish to receive a paper copy, the document is sent to their home address at the expense of the training center.

    Listener feedback

    The students who have completed the Explosive TikTok courses have left overwhelmingly positive feedback. Among the advantages of the curriculum, they note a phased presentation of the material, obtaining a large amount of useful information, careful checking and detailed analysis of homework.

    Explosive TikTok Course

    The course is designed for a diverse audience. This is a good way to learn about all the possibilities of the TikTok platform in order to use the specified social network as a source of income.

    TikTok for businessTikTok for business

    Who is author

    The curriculum was developed by Alexander Turlakov, a blogger, creator of the largest TikTok channel in Telegram with over 18,000 subscribers. The author organized a record training marathon to promote accounts with more than 500 students.


    In addition to the author, among the teachers of the courses is Pavel Rain. This is the largest specialist in the organization of specialized events. Collaborates with Channel One, World Wide Web, IIDF and other well-known projects.


    The program is composed of blocks devoted to the following issues:

  • introduction to the course;
  • positioning;
  • creation and design of a personal page on the network;
  • shooting and posting content;
  • track editing;
  • advertising, promotion, monetization.
  • The training course is divided into 15 modules with theoretical lectures, practical exercises, issuance and analysis of homework. For the entire period of the training course, feedback is maintained with teachers.

    Students will be taught:

  • use TikTok tools;
  • shoot high-quality videos;
  • collect a large number of views;
  • use the benefits of project monetization.
  • The program provides for twice a week webinars with live communication with teachers, providing direct consultations.


    To register, you must sign up for the waiting list, indicating personal data in the proposed application. Payment is accepted in stages. The total price of the courses is 34,000 ***. subject to the discount. The duration of study is one and a half months.

    It is possible to pay in installments with an initial payment one month after the first lesson. The total amount is divided into 3, 6 or 12 equal parts.

    The completion of the curriculum confirms the certificate issued to the graduate.

    Can I get a refund for the course?

    If you are not satisfied with the program of classes or the quality of the courses, within the first two weeks you can refuse to participate without paying a fee. The money will be returned if the course graduate did not achieve the results declared by the developers at the end of the course.

    Listener feedback

    In the feedback, students note the complex nature of the curriculum, a convenient form of presentation and high results at the end of the training. There are no negative opinions about the quality of training.

    Advantages and disadvantages of online courses on TikTok

    The positive side of online courses on promoting accounts on TikTok is the possibility of remote learning with a convenient time and format for conducting classes. Students will receive a large amount of information, practical exercises and feedback from teachers.

    The downside is that you have to pay for tuition. But the organizers provide guarantees (refunds) if the courses did not have the desired effect, and the knowledge turned out to be useless.

    Tik Tok is a popular and convenient platform where you can get a decent amount without an initial investment. The main thing is to understand the principles of the social network in order to fully use the opportunities provided.

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