Egyptian cat from Tik Tok: the story of the meme

Egyptian cat from Tik Tok: the story of the meme TikTok

Ankh cat in Egyptian style is a new meme in Tik Tok and YouTube. This is a cute, but very haughty character in the Animal Crossing video game series, which started in 2001. The life simulator created by the Japanese company Nintendo is dedicated to adventures in a colorful virtual world inhabited by intelligent animals. The popularity of the Ankha cat was brought by the novelty of the series of games – Animal Crossing: New Horizons with ample opportunities for creative experiments.

Egyptian cat from Tik Tok: the story of the meme

How the cat Ankha became famous

Gamers began to dedicate fan art to the bright and extravagant character, which at first were completely harmless. Professional artists and amateurs redrawn Ankh, giving her a human appearance. Gradually, the cat began to become more and more like an attractive girl with a gorgeous figure. Soon, drawings and videos with Ankha acquired a very piquant character.

Egyptian cat from Tik Tok: the story of the meme

Fans even joke that the favorite from the Animal Crossing universe was affected by the funny “rule # 34”. It says that almost everything on the Internet is sooner or later converted into an erotic version. This happened to Ankha as well.

Creation of the “same” video with Ankha

A spicy video featuring an Egyptian cat was created by Zone artist in January 2021. She has been creating hentai for 20 years. The woman often releases spicy versions of anime, animated series and video games. The artist does not disclose more detailed information about herself.

Yellow Egyptian cat ANKHA FULL ORIGINAL UNCENSORED |  Zone Ankha 18+ - YouTube

Few people know, but Zone borrowed the idea of ​​creating an erotic video with Ankha from their Korean colleague, Minus8. His animation has become a successful template for a woman to develop a video that has become incredibly popular on social networks. Videos from Zone and Minus8 are in fantastic demand on specialized sites.

The highlight of the explicit content with the Egyptian cat was the musical accompaniment. Artist Zone paired a racy video with Sandy Marton’s Camel by Camel in 1984. It is under this track that Ankha makes love with one of the heroes of the old characters in the game.

zone ankha full uncensored - AllToLearn - Blog

The song Camel by Camel went viral on TikTok in September 2021, when users of the social network began to use it in the design of videos with explicit allusions. Of course, you can’t post an erotic original on Tik Tok and YouTube, but many bloggers began to promise viewers to show the video “without censorship”. Instead, they started posting funny videos.

Ankha cat: censored version

At the end of September, artist Zone offered fans a cultural version of her video. In the new video, the cat Ankha is shown in full growth. She dances with a haughty face to Blancmange’s Living On The Ceiling. Now fans can use the censored meme for their own creative experiments.

Ankha videos on Tik Tok and YouTube

Users of the social network Tik Tok were inspired by the image of a cat and began to create original videos. For example, cute cosplayer girls dance to familiar rhythms:

Many TikTok users show how they draw a cat that has already become a legend:

Some continue to make fun of gullible viewers hoping to see the uncensored version on Tik Tok:

The original sounds and looks of the clip in the metal version:

And a funny white cat is ready to “chill” under the video and the track for 10 hours:

What do you think of the new Ankh cat meme? Perhaps you have experience playing Animal Crossing or experience creating cool videos? Be sure to share interesting information in the comments!

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