Earnings in Telegram: How you can earn money?

  1. How is Telegram monetized now?
  2. What are Telegram channels?
  3. How to start making money in Telegram without investments with money withdrawal: TOP tips
  4. Council number 1. How to avoid blocking
  5. Council number 2. How to choose a niche for making money in Telegram
  6. Council number 3. Where to get subscribers
  7. Council number 4. How to estimate the cost of a click – useful tools
  8. Council number 5. How to get motivated and avoid failure
  9. How do Telegram bots work?
  10. How earnings on bots in Telegram work
  11. Earning schemes, numbers, examples
  12. An example of earning on a bot in Telegram
  13. Subscription earnings
  14. Earn by viewing posts
  15. Earnings on referrals
  16. How to make money on bots in Telegram – step by step instructions
  17. How to withdraw money from bots in Telegram
  18. The best bots for making money in Telegram
  19. VK Target
  20. Triumph
  21. TeleProfit
  22. UNU bot
  23. TGSTAR
  25. SeoBonus
  26. CashWorld
  27. ForkBot
  28. Moneyforfollow
  29. GoMo
  30. Big Viewers Bot
  31. Cryptocurrency faucets in Telegram
  32. Guess the melody
  33. How to create a bot for making money in Telegram?
  34. Create a bot yourself
  35. Use constructors
  36. Order a bot for earnings
  37. How to make money on your channel in Telegram?
  38. Sale of advertising
  39. Earnings on affiliate programs (CPA)
  40. “Zakrytka” – sale of access to a private channel / group
  41. Infobusiness
  42. Donations, subscription to Patreon
  43. Transferring traffic to other channels with further monetization
  44. Channel lease
  45. channel sale
  46. How to choose a channel theme in Telegram?
  47. How to promote a channel in Telegram?
  48. Profitable ways to earn money in Telegram
  49. Advertising publications
  50. Cooperation with partner programs
  51. Create stickers
  52. Development and creation of applications
  53. Promotion of other people’s Telegram accounts
  54. Sale of Telegram accounts
  55. Promoting your product
  56. Earnings in telegram – conclusion

How is Telegram monetized now?

Although Telegram is relatively young, channel creators are just starting to “explore” monetization schemes. Here are the most popular models:

  • Channels buy ads from each other. Today, this is the main monetization model for the vast majority of existing channels. Telegram is growing, about 700,000 users appear every month, the channels are simply scaling: one channel bought an advertising post from the second, the second from the third, the third from the fourth, and so on. Channel admins only invest in them, but there is no return from advertisers in this scheme – what you received from advertising on someone else’s channel will be spent on advertising your channel. If there are about 5K users in the channel, then the average price of placing an advertising post in it will cost somewhere around 2.5 thousand rubles. If compared with social networks, the figure will be unthinkable: Vkontakte for the same money you can buy public advertising with a couple of hundred thousand subscribers. In Telegram, the audience is more lively and involved,
  • Advertisers buy ads in channels. The advertiser comes to the creator of the channel with an offer: we have product N, let’s promote it in your channel, here are the links, here is the description, here is the money. This is a popular story for other platforms, but Telegram is not yet developed enough for such a scheme: here it only works for well-promoted channels and large bloggers, famous people, of which Telegram is still very few.
  • CPA monetization (through affiliate network). We have already described the principle of earning in affiliate networks in the article “Affiliate networks for beginners: what is it and how to make money with them”. Simply put, CPA is a cost-per-action model where an advertiser pays for certain user actions that you take on their site. For example, if you brought a person to the site who made a purchase on it, you get a percentage of the amount of this purchase. As a result, Telegram serves as a platform for inserting an affiliate link and increasing the amount of traffic (potentially interested in buying subscribers).

What are Telegram channels?

Next, consider the Telegram channel formats suitable for working on CPA:

  • Blog. This format is not new, we have already seen it on YouTube and LiveJournal, today it can be found on almost all sites. And this is not surprising: bloggers are read, trusted, followed. When a blogger promotes something, he does it in a more natural format, more recommending than advertising, and the people who follow him listen to his opinion. Therefore, a blog is a great source of traffic. As a result, your blog topic can be about anything, even your personal life, and you can even put links into it. For example, write: “Oh, now there is a sale in store X, I bought a backpack there, here is a link to it.” This storage format converts very well into sales. The main thing is that you know how to create content and present it in an interesting way so that readers are not distracted.
  • Reviews. It’s no secret that reviewers make very good money, especially on YouTube. One example is Wylsacom, the most popular video gadget browser, which has amassed over a billion views on its YouTube channel. He also has a Telegram channel where he posts the same reviews. If you are a beginner reviewer or have a channel dedicated to reviewing something (clothes, cosmetics), you can spread the word about a product by inserting affiliate links to stores where you can buy it. The user reads you, clicks on the link, your cookie is attached to it, and if during the validity period of this cookie the user makes a purchase, you will receive a reward.
  • News. They are very similar to reviews, with the only difference being that you are writing about a new product release. That is, as soon as a new line of phones appears in M-Video / a new clothing brand appears on Lamoda, you talk about it and give a link where you can find out about the collection and buy it.
  • Promotions and discounts. Probably one of the best solutions (in terms of earnings) for CPA monetization in Telegram. This is a channel through which you inform your users about discounts, coupons, special offers, offer them exclusive promotional codes (increase the motivation of users to make purchases using your link). Such channels already exist and are actively working with partner networks, but not all niches are occupied yet. It is clear that there are already successful channels with discounts, for example, on AliExpress products, but this does not mean that if they know how to promote themselves, they should completely copy their business model and do the same. Telegram is still small (compared to WhatsApp itself), it is at an early stage of development and with high growth rates, and not all niches are occupied yet, therefore, it is worth paying attention to the segments and categories of free goods and services. You will be the first and this will be your advantage, since no one has canceled the competition: there will be channels similar to yours, but it will be difficult to compete with you.

There are also channels that are likely to monetize poorly regardless of the number of subscribers. This is an entertainment theme where content is reposted from one channel to another or from entertainment sites – gifs, quotes, memes. People do not come here to buy something or find the best deal. The involvement is small, the conversion is also small – we do not recommend creating such a channel, and not only work on CPA, but also sell advertising on it (it will be very cheap).

How to start making money in Telegram without investments with money withdrawal: TOP tips

A large number of clicks on advertising links is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Telegram. Messages with native or direct advertising are viewed by more than half of all messenger users. This is many times higher than on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, all those who previously could not find their niche for making money on the Internet successfully create their own Telegram channels, and after a few months they start selling posts to large and small companies, and develop partner networks. In addition, the site needs a huge number of specialists.

Advice! Among the professions required in the messenger are content managers, chatbot architects, channel administrators, sticker designers, SMM specialists and many others. The salary for the project starts from $400.

However, before setting up a Telegram channel and starting to understand how to increase earnings in a telegram without investing with withdrawal of funds, you should study all the pitfalls of the site, as well as understand how to promote it.

Council number 1. How to avoid blocking

There is still a risk of a complete blocking of the site. This is due to the fact that the developers refused to provide the government with the personal data of users. Currently, VPNs are used to bypass possible obstacles.

A VPN is a technology that provides a secure connection over another connection.

To access Telegram anonymously, you must first install the VPN app on your device and run it. They are available in both paid and free versions. Of the latter, Betternet, Hola, FreeOpenVPN, HotSpot Shield have proven themselves.

Important! With the help of a VPN, you can not only use the messenger, but also completely reinstall it on Android or IOS.

Council number 2. How to choose a niche for making money in Telegram

There is no official catalog of Telegram channels. You cannot sort channels by category. The only way to analyze competitors in different niches is to search Google for lists of channels recommended by bloggers and portals in different niches.

The most popular types of Telegram channels:

  • Reviews. On YouTube, this niche has been actively monetized for a long time. A prime example is Wylsacom. He also has great prospects in Telegram. You can view products, services, establishments and insert affiliate links. For each click on the link or purchase of the user, the owner of the audience receives a reward.
  • Blog. The direction is dictated by the interests of the person who manages the channel. Beginners should not be bombarded with abstract genres like lifestyle. It is better to immediately find your strengths and share expert opinion on this matter with subscribers. Like a channel owner


  • News. The public performs an informative function, informing its readers about novelties in any field. For example, about new collections of designers or the release of a flagship phone.
  • Promotions and discounts. This is a channel through which you inform your users about special offers, offer them promotional codes and exclusive coupons for products with a link to a partner store.


Important! Narrow the chosen niche of your Telegram channel as much as possible. Thus, you can accurately answer the user’s request and get a grateful audience (read as solvent.

To narrow down your channel, go to the affiliate network. For example, Admitad. Here you can see the catalog of offers offered by advertisers: from affiliate programs to cashback services.


There are offers with discounts for booking hotels, but there are no Telegram channels about this or there are not enough of them? Bingo! The niche is found and you can proceed to the next step: fill the channel with content.


Council number 3. Where to get subscribers

There are several free ways to gain a live audience on a Telegram channel:

  • Find Telegram channels on similar topics and offer them mutual reposts for free. The main condition for such cooperation is the same number of subscribers.
  • Send a link to the public with a subscription request to all your friends and acquaintances from your contacts. If you are a sociable person, the first 50 subscribers are guaranteed.
  • Send messages on social networks with an invitation to the channel. Tell about the new resource in a juicy and attractive way. Maybe someone in your current audience was just looking for such a channel.
  • Leave links to the Telegram channel on thematic forums and in the comments where a similar issue is discussed.

If you have an advertising budget, paid promotion of the Telegram channel will help you. This can be done with:

  • exchanges and chat for buying ads (Telega, Combot, Combot Ads);
  • special advertising services;


  • advertising bloggers on Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.
  • targeted advertising;


Numbers! On average, for 100,000 Telegram subscribers in 4-6 months, you need to spend about 150,000 rubles on advertising. A subscriber costs about 10-15 rubles.

Investing in channel promotion should be done gradually, analyzing the results. If in your case targeted advertising does not give such an effective result as mutual PR, you can safely abandon one method in favor of another.

Council number 4. How to estimate the cost of a click – useful tools

Another disadvantage of Telegram is the lack of response from the public. There are no comments in the messenger, so it is impossible to see the interest of subscribers in the content. This makes life difficult for the channel owner, as he does not know what his subscribers want, and sometimes does not understand them. The problem is solved with the help of special robots. They allow for polls and public voting.

Here are some useful bots for analyzing the audience of a Telegram channel:

  • @vote – polls with two or more answers


  • @like – reaction to posts with emojis


  • @ChannelAnalyticsBot is a follower dynamics tool.


Council number 5. How to get motivated and avoid failure

The lack of profit at the initial stages leads to the fact that many owners of Telegram channels and novice specialists lose interest in their work and leave it. This is the main mistake!

This business, like any other, is of great importance for generating income. The first six months will have to work hard for the benefit of the public, giving them useful and high-quality content. Only after that, the first advertisers willing to cooperate can appear on the horizon.

Important! Don’t wait for big brands and online retailers to turn to private messaging to close a multi-million dollar deal. Create a commercial offer and send it to the sales / advertising department. Ideally, if it is designed as a concise presentation with numbers.

How to stay motivated and not stop promoting your channel?

  • Analyze success stories in your or a similar niche. Find interesting solutions and use them to develop your project.
  • Awaken interest in business without being tied to finances.
  • Make a clear plan for the development of the Telegram channel and stick to it.
  • Actively talk about your work in social networks, in new companies. This will help attract new audiences and partners.
  • Determine your advertising budget by looking for free ways to promote your content.

How do Telegram bots work?

These bots rely on a special code. Serious knowledge is required to write it, so professionals are often involved. There are also special companies ready to develop an algorithm. All this works like a regular program, only within the framework of a social network.

New review of earnings of Telegram bots in 2021:

How earnings on bots in Telegram work

If you have already started learning how to make money online, you are most likely familiar with postal services and mailboxes. These are active advertising services where you need to perform simple tasks for a monetary reward. For example:

  • and more.
  • like and subscribe to social networks;
  • register;
  • leave feedback and comments;
  • watch videos and ads;
  • download applications;

So earnings in Telegram on bots are organized according to exactly the same principle. The only difference is that the work goes directly through the messenger, and the actions are checked and paid for automatically.

In other words, advertisers use Telegram bots to promote and promote their resources, attract referrals, and perform necessary actions on the network. You help them in this, as a result of which you receive a well-deserved payment.

Earning schemes, numbers, examples

The Telegram messenger sends about 20 billion messages every day. In 2016, Google wanted to buy the app for $1 billion.

Pavel Durov’s Telegram messenger attracts with its user-friendly interface and lack of advertising. More and more people are starting to actively use the app and now it is a profitable platform for making money. Channels gather a large audience in a few days. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to make money on Telegram does not arise. Where there are people, there is always the possibility of additional income.

You can install the application on your computer from the official site or on your phone from the store. Telegram is a free program supported by any device and compatible with all operating systems.

An example of earning on a bot in Telegram

The use of different bots may vary slightly. For example, we will use the Cashgrad bot. We’ll show you how to work it out to help beginners understand this type of amplification. So, go to the bot and start a dialogue with the / start command. Next, we are invited to read the article with instructions and rules:


Click “I have read” and a menu will open. In it you need to select “Earn”, and then open the activities themselves. They may differ on different bots:


The bot is set up, you can get to work. Now consider each of the proposed modes of earnings separately:

Subscription earnings

The easiest way to get money for a subscription is to select the appropriate item, and a new menu will open:


Everything is simple here, go to the channel, subscribe and then return to Kashgrad to receive a reward.

Earn by viewing posts

There are no ads in Telegram, but you can place them in chats. Looking at this, beginners earn little. After choosing a suitable way of earning, a post opens:


According to the terms of the Cashgrad bot, 10 rubles are charged for each view. No pay-per-view advertising site pays such a premium.

Earnings on referrals

The most effective way to earn money is to attract referrals. You can get a link to invite new members and distribute it everywhere. People start working with the bot, and you get rewarded for this:


As you can see, this bot takes 95 rubles for each referral and another 10% of their earnings. By inviting only 10 people, you can earn 1000 rubles. The most important thing is to learn all the rules of working with bots.

In particular, in the case of Cashgrad, the minimum withdrawal amount is 5,000 rubles. It’s quite a lot to work for a long time without attracting referrals.

How to make money on bots in Telegram – step by step instructions

Despite the fact that Telegram bots with activities may have a different interface and functionality, they are developed according to a similar principle.

  • Below you will find a list of the best Telegram bots to make money without investment: choose one by clicking the link and press the start button.


  • Use the menu to go to the section with activities. It can be called in different ways, for example, “Business Search”.


  • You will be informed that paid tasks will now be displayed. When you’re ready to complete them, click the “Get Started” button.


  • Tasks will be displayed one by one. When you are ready to accept a specific work order, click the “Execute” button. If you don’t like a task, you can move on to the next one.


  • Perform the action you requested. Then go back to Telegram and fill out the reporting form with the data that the client requests for verification. Finally, click Submit Report.

completed activity report

The action has been submitted for manual review. The client usually has 72 hours to complete this action. But usually they do not hesitate and pay for the work day in and day out. At this point, you can start performing other actions in the bot.

How to withdraw money from bots in Telegram

To request a withdrawal, return to the bot menu again. Usually each of them has a “Balance” section. When you click on it, the available account balance is displayed and it is proposed to order a withdrawal. Or the payments section can be displayed as a separate tab to the right of the menu.


When you click on the “Withdraw money” button, information will be displayed on which payment systems the bot pays for and what is the minimum wage. Choose the payment method that suits you, enter the details and request a withdrawal.


The best bots for making money in Telegram

it is difficult to collect collections with bots to make money in Telegram. Some open, others close, the lists need to be constantly updated. Therefore, I try to constantly upload videos on my channel, where only working bots are indicated. I use it myself and show how I get paid:

The main focus should be on attracting referrals. The topic of making money with Telegram bots is relevant now, so you will definitely find people who are ready to perform simple tasks for good money. It will not take much time, as well as a serious acquaintance. Here is another choice:

When the minimum withdrawal amount is reached, request a payout immediately. Unfortunately, many bots do not work for a long time, in order not to lose the money earned, it is better to get it to your wallets in time. Withdrawal methods are different everywhere, Telegram bots often earn bitcoins.

VK Target

The VK target bot is one of the ways to work with this time-tested platform for making money on the Internet. To get started, sign up on the website or Android app and connect to the social networks where you plan to complete tasks.


The bot provides activity depending on the type of subscription, like or repost, left a comment on various social networks. Between them:

  • Telegram.
  • In touch with;
  • Twitter;
  • Classmates;
  • YouTube;
  • Tick-tock;

When working in many social networks, the bot brings a good income.

Connection https://t.me/et_bot
reference system Level 1 – 15% of income
Action money 0.04 – 2 dollars
Minimum at the end 10 dollars
Withdrawal methods Crypto, Payeer, Yandex, Advcash


Bot Triumph pays for simple tasks 1 dollars. And drawings of 1 dollars. Every day between users₽.
The minimum withdrawal is 5 dollars. Conclusions are automatic.


One of the proven Telegram robots for making money. You can earn on subscriptions, view posts, attract users (up to 1 ruble partner is paid for shares!) And attract advertisers (5 rubles per advertiser). In addition, a lottery is available in the bot, in which you can increase your profits. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 rubles. Pay like most bots on Qiwi or Yandex.Money

UNU bot

Like the previous bot, the UNU bot is not a standalone project, but simply an interface to interact with a large platform with a verified name. Simple tasks like subscribing to a Telegram channel or a group on a social network are paid in rubles here.



To make money in this bot, you will need to subscribe to several telegram channels of the project, go through a simple captcha. Make sure your Telegram account has an avatar and username, this is also a prerequisite for using the service.

The bot immediately shows the possible earnings. But don’t be fooled: to get the most out of that money, you’ll have to complete some pretty difficult tasks, like signing up for the site.


One of the best and oldest projects for making money on Telegram with a large number of companies and artists. In terms of functionality and interface, it does not differ much from competitors. For active users, there is a daily bonus of 5 kopecks.



One of the most original bots. Events are not paid directly here, but completing them increases the chance of winning a cash prize. The drawing is held at 10:00 time and, as a rule, 200 winners participate in it, each of which receives 75 dollars.


There are no social media jobs here. The main tasks are the promotion of sites in search engines. Screenshots are required for the user to report.


Another typical way to make money on bots. Subscriptions, joining groups, viewing posts, missions and other SEO activities. 75 extra cents for each referral.


It stands out among its competitors in that it allows you to purchase the Self-Referral service for 50 rubles. Referrals who did not go to the bot through a referral link will automatically become a link to the one who purchased this service, depending on the order of arrival. So small investments can bring real passive income.


The bot is no different from other similar projects. Tasks aimed at promoting Telegram channels. More generous help system; additional 90 kopecks for each guest.



Not a very large number of orders. Estimated fee – 3 kopecks for viewing the post and 30 kopecks for subscribing to the channel. There are no other orders.



Two types of activity: viewing posts and subscribing to Telegram channels. Daily bonus 10 kopecks. Additional 1.7 rubles for each referral.

let's go

Big Viewers Bot

A small bot for making money in Telegram without investments. In this bot, you can earn only on post views. For one viewing, up to 0.07 rubles are charged. It is also possible to earn by inviting referrals. The bot has a two-tier system. You will receive 15% of the earnings of partners of the 1st level and 5% of the earnings of partners of the 2nd level.

Some time ago, Telegram bots for making money became popular among messenger users. The fact is that in Telegram those who want to earn money are paid more than on the websites of the boxes. However, this method of generating additional income has its drawbacks. One of them is the presence of a large number of fraudulent projects that do not pay. And in order to make money in the messenger, you need to know the most reputable bots that are guaranteed to pay users.

Telegram bots really exist to make money. It is only important to start by finding out which of them have already earned the trust of those who want to receive a stable income, and which ones are scammers. Especially for you, we have prepared the dish that you see above. When choosing a bot, pay attention to the presence of a chat and / or a channel with reviews. If the chat exists, the admins have nothing to hide, which means they are probably paying.

Cryptocurrency faucets in Telegram

Next, we will introduce you immediately to five Telegram bots created by the administrator and combined into one system:

  • DOGE Click Bot;


They have the same interface and the same tasks. The only difference is the cryptocurrency in which you will receive the reward.

Attention! All bots have not only the same type of tasks, but also the base of tasks. This means that after completing a task in one of them, it will disappear from all the others.

The payment for work and the withdrawal threshold here depend on the rate of the cryptocurrency (read here how it is profitable to change the cryptocurrency). Earnings, as a rule, start from 3 kopecks per share and increase to several rubles.

Tasks by type of site visit, joining the Telegram group, starting a dialogue with the bot.

Guess the melody

Guess the melody is an interesting game in which the user is asked to guess the musical composition by the first notes and get a good prize for each guessed melody.

guess the melody

The bot has now received the Scam tag and many users are complaining that they are having a hard time withdrawing their money, so this option should be used with caution

How to create a bot for making money in Telegram?

Bots are not created in vain, they bring profit to their owners. You can also launch your own Telegram machine and offer users a simple income. There are three options here to get started:

Create a bot yourself

Ideally, it is better to do all the work yourself, but without certain programming skills, nothing will work. You have to write the code from scratch, add all the features yourself, and so on. The main advantages are that you don’t have to pay anything and you decide which feature to enable. You can search the web for tutorials, core code snippets, and more.

Use constructors

You can launch bots via constructors like or. They are free, but the functionality will be very limited. The only thing that can improve the situation is once again the knowledge of programming languages ​​that will improve the work of the bot. But in this case it is best to start from scratch.

Order a bot for earnings

For those who are not at all versed in programming, services that offer bot development services will be useful. In Telegram, the revenue will cover the costs. One of the largest companies providing such a service is.

The cost starts from $ 300, there are many examples on the site. They helped create bots for large companies and projects such as PrivatBank, Hh.ru, electronic catalog and many others.

To save money, you can turn to freelancers for help. There are many professionals on the exchange who are ready to create a Telegram bot for making money.

Of course, the best way is to develop a bot with your own hands, but not everyone has the necessary level of knowledge. If you are one of them, immediately look for money to order a bot, because free constructors are only suitable for launching simple robots.

Bot for earnings in Telegram for 100-300 rubles per day

How to make money on your channel in Telegram?

So, you have decided on the topic and content of the channel. You know how to promote it and get the first subscribers. But how to earn money from a channel in Telegram? There are several proven methods.

Sale of advertising

The most obvious is to sell advertising publications. You can search for advertisers yourself, be placed on exchanges (we presented the best and most proven ones in this article below). The more popular your channel becomes, the more ad buyers will find you.


What should be considered when selling and advertising?

  • Keep track of time. Don’t advertise too often, even if you’re offered a lot of money and extras. Remember the importance of maintaining the trust and loyalty of your audience.
  • Don’t advertise them all. Then you will cause negativity in your audience, unsubscribe and reduce your reach. Sell ​​ads to people whose products or services may be of interest to your audience
  • I am working on advertisements. A promotional post is also a post that shows the quality of your channel. Good bloggers always discreetly and discreetly add ads to their blog.

Register on the Telega.in exchange – with its help you not only promote your channel, but also monetize it (sell ads). This process is more automated than manual placement + anti-fraud guarantee.

Earnings on affiliate programs (CPA)

CPA is a marketing term. Literally translated as COST PER SHARE – the cost of one share. There are specialized CPA networks (here is our catalog of such networks), services that offer dozens and hundreds of goods / services from their partners. You sign up, choose who you work with, and drive traffic. In turn, the CPA network shares with you% of the income of its partner.

In fact, these are the same advertisers who contact you for advertising. Only here is your profit: the percentage of sales. And you yourself can choose offers (programs), create your own creatives, think about how and when it is better to advertise.

Often for this way of earning in Telegram, channels are created with product reviews, discounts and special offers. But you can monetize any channel with CPA. For example, the programmer’s channel is through programming courses of affiliate programs. Admitad is one of the best affiliate programs in terms of reliability and quantity.

“Zakrytka” – sale of access to a private channel / group

Another way to make money on Telegram is to create a private channel or group. You will be charged for joining this channel. This is an analogue of a subscription service. But you will most likely have a one-time registration fee.

Some channels provide copyright information and really valuable information. Others simply have a well-moderated chat that brings together experts in a particular field. Most likely, to promote a pig in a poke, you need another source of traffic – a channel on Instagram, YouTube, etc.


Selling your information product is probably the most profitable topic for monetization. Courses on promotion, personal growth, and other expert topics run well through a personal blog. To accept payments by Visa Mastercard cards, the Funds payment service is used.

Donations, subscription to Patreon

Some authors of Telegram channels include a donation feature, the so-called donations from subscribers. Therefore, you can thank the administrator for his work and look for information. This is especially true in copyright channels, where there is little or no advertising.

Patreon is a platform that helps content creators make money from their fans. To promote your blog on Patreon, you first need a Telegram channel (or a page on other social networks). On Patreon, you can bundle different types of subscriptions with different features at different prices. It also publishes additional content that the author contributed with extra effort, such as unique checklists, video reviews, or infographics.

Transferring traffic to other channels with further monetization

Earnings in Telegram cannot be the main source of income. Many bloggers launch a channel to further work with the audience, increasing their reach. Attracting new followers who may not have noticed the blogger on Instagram, but met him on Telegram.

And already Instagram, Youtube and other social networks are used as the main way to communicate with subscribers and monetize.

Hence, here is an idea for earning. Have you downloaded Telegram and sell ads in it? Create an Instagram, bring us traffic from the already shaken Telegram and sell ads on Insta!

Channel lease

If you don’t have time to manage a channel and aren’t ready to sell it, you can try leasing it. The buyer then maintains your channel for a set period of time with full control of the content and ads, but you will receive the rental price you set. Quite risky, but there is a way to earn.

Risks: too many ads will be shown, they will be of poor quality, the content will be of poor quality, the channel will simply be compressed, etc. Better sell

channel sale

Well, the last step in working with the channel is to sell it. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have several tens of thousands of subscribers, even small channels are often sold. Some people start a business by opening small channels and selling them to just a few hundred subscribers.

How to choose a channel theme in Telegram?

To select a topic, refer to the Yandex Wordstat service: in it, the search engine provides free statistics on all search queries. If you want to start a psychology channel by asking Wordstat questions like “psychology channels”, “psychology blog”, “psychologist blog”, “psychology”, “relationship psychology”, etc., you will know how often people were interested in the topic for the last 30 days, and if the total frequency of such requests is more than 200-300 thousand per month, feel free to contact this topic – it will be quite popular.

An important nuance – the Yandex Wordstat service is available only to users who have mail in Yandex. If you don’t have it, it’s not difficult to start it.

But viewing search query statistics is only half the battle! It is even more important to keep track of whether the messenger has competitors in terms of topics. Above, we filmed the frequency of requests related to the topic of psychology. Now let’s go to Telegram and use the internal channel search.

It turns out that there are a lot of competitors in this topic, which means it’s worth considering whether you can compete with large channels with your budget and free time … The largest channel, which took TOP-1 in search results, has more than 1 million subscribers.

Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money

How to promote a channel in Telegram?

Well, once you’ve decided on a topic and created a channel designed and populated with the first piece of content (we’ve provided tips on where to find it above), it’s time to think about promoting it. We will again divide all promotion methods into two groups: paid and free. In other guides, everyone writes that paid ways to promote Telegram are the most effective, but this is not so. A competent approach to free promotion gives no less results. Let’s demonstrate with examples.

Profitable ways to earn money in Telegram

Below are examples of popular types of earnings. Choose the closest one. It is important that you enjoy developing in this direction, and then proceed to implement your plan.

Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money
Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money

Advertising publications

The most common way to make money in Telegram. How it all happens:

• Create a channel on topics that interest you.
• Start attracting an audience, people subscribe.
• Subscribe to ad exchanges where advertisers will find you.
• An ad order has been received.
• Make an advertising post on the channel.
• Get paid for it.
Moreover, payment will depend on two components:
• The category of your subscribers (age, interests, etc.).
• Reach the audience.

An important point: the public must be solvent. Since you are advertising, it is important for the buyer that his product is purchased. An audience that subscribes to a business topic is more likely to purchase the advertised product than schoolchildren who subscribe to an entertainment meme channel.

Thus, you can get from 50 to 6000 rubles for advertising, depending on the chosen category.
Sometimes the number of subscribers is not so important if you have chosen the right niche and attracted the target audience correctly.

Cooperation with partner programs

In fact, many underestimate this niche and it is quite profitable. What is its essence:

• Search the Internet for any product or service that interests you.
• Contact the company that produces this product or service (CPA networks are also suitable for this).
• Negotiate a partnership that will help the company attract customers.
• Find and advertise this product to your target audience.
• A person buys a product he needs from you, and you earn your interest by attracting him.

This is also called traffic arbitrage, only you do not need to buy advertising and invest money, you have your own traffic source.

In order to be more motivated to consider this type of income, in some niches, cooperation with advertisers gives a profit result 3-4% higher than a simple display of advertising.

Here is a whole list of sites where you can choose a product for sale
Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money

Create stickers

If you are interested in illustration, making stickers, you can not only fill your hand, but also find your first and regular customers in this way. This type of amplification can hardly be called the main one, but it is quite suitable for a start and practice. An experienced designer will be able to create one set of stickers per month; an inexperienced beginner may need more time.

Each moderate set of stickers can make a profit of $80 and on different topics. From cats to bloggers, any topic will find its user. In Telegram, this type of income is not limited. For example, an application for a freelance exchange can bring up to 5,000 rubles per set.

Development and creation of applications

Yes, this view is not suitable for everyone, but only for developers, programmers and designers. For those who didn’t know yet, Telegram often arranges competitions for the development of games and applications. And this is a great opportunity not only to receive a cash prize as a reward, but also to get a permanent job in the company. To do this, you just need your brain, you do not need to invest money.

Promotion of other people’s Telegram accounts

Nowadays, many people need people who know how to properly promote social networks, and Telegram is no exception. The same promotion methods are taken as the basis, and the price of such a service for a beginner starts from 5,000 rubles. At the same time, your responsibilities will include creating a content plan, posting new posts, and of course, attracting new audiences.

Many already established companies are ready to give a promotion specialist more than one hundred thousand rubles for one project. There is also the opportunity to work in a team.
A person with work experience can count on an income of 10-15 thousand rubles a month.

Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money
Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money

Sale of Telegram accounts

Since a phone number is required to register with Telegram, this type of income is aimed at interacting with SIM cards. How it works:

• You buy a new number.
• Register with him on social networks.
• Sell invoices.

Promoting your product

Exactly the same scheme as for working with advertisers. The advantage is that you are your own boss.
If you have always wanted to create something of your own and make money at the same time, Telegram will help you a lot.
When redirecting subscribers to your services, do not overdo it with praise. The first thing your target audience needs is the benefit of buying your product.
This is exactly what entrepreneurs from small to large companies do: they pump up their social networks.

This helps a lot:

• Find people who are interested in buying your product.
• Get feedback from them.
• Create a free source for your advertising.
• Get an endless stream of clients.
Earnings in Telegram: without investments, on bots, where and how you can earn money

Earnings in telegram – conclusion

Despite attempts to block Telegram, it continues to live and develop. In Russia, there is still an opportunity to earn money. For some, this can still be the main source of income.
As it turned out, in Telegram there is a place for both a beginner and a professional, which means that everyone can earn here by putting in the necessary amount of effort and desire. And those who remain true to their cause will be rewarded in the form of profit and an inexhaustible source of income.

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