E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend

E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend TikTok

Social networks come up with fashion trends every day. Tik Tok is no exception. Despite the fact that outwardly the platform and logo are practically unchanged, the utility has shredded the fashion industry.

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The top 100 best posts of 2019 proved that Tik Tok brings newfangled trends almost on a weekly basis. The beginning of 2020 is marked by the appearance of E-Girl. We are talking about fashionistas (and even fashionistas) of generation Z, presented on the site tikttok.ru.

How to recognize

E-Gyorl is a peculiar image of a stylish “Tik Tok girl”. Representatives are distinguished by bright makeup with abundant use of blush and manicure. The required attributes are also:

  • tattoo under the eyes in the form of hearts;
  • acid-colored hair (light green, pink, purple, etc.);
  • hairstyle – two ponytails;
  • Lolita style dresses from Nabokov’s book;
  • anime watch.
  • E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend

    Style additions:

  • good taste;
  • musical preferences of generation Z;
  • thematic TikTok account;
  • BDSM collar with leash ring;
  • “doll” hair clips;
  • chains, spikes on clothes;
  • stylish room.
  • Clothing accessories have a great contrast. The image of both a good girl and a loose reveler is created at the same time.

    What is different, popular bloggers look different in real life. The trendy look is only used on the platform pages.

    Name history

    Remarkably, the term “egirl” appeared on the web in 2013. Literally, the word translates as “Internet whore.”

    Initially, “egirl” was called girls who found guys in order to get money from them for virtual communication. The main favorites of the applicants were gamers.

    To achieve the goal, the girls did not disdain to send intimate photos, tell fictitious stories, asking for help.

    Modern E-Gyorl does not require a direct payment for communication. In addition, girls know the history of the term and are not at all offended by the meaning. Some even consider it a compliment.

    Another subculture?

    Youth destinations were especially popular from 2005 to 2010, and before that – in the 90s. Emo, goths, punks, skinheads and others. Representatives of subcultures not only were at enmity with each other, but also differed significantly. Over time, fashion has passed.

    E-Girl don’t call themselves a subculture. Girls declare generation Z, created a virtual world that will soon replace reality.

    “Everyone can be whoever they want. There are no limits, no restrictions. The development of virtual reality replaces not only live communication, but all life,” one of the representatives of the new world published in her profile.

    Even if it is a subculture, it is completely harmless and not aggressive.

    How to become an E-Girl

    Modern girls try to gain popularity on the Internet in many ways. You can become a star of Tik Tok, and, accordingly, other platforms, with a new trend.

    Entering the lavas of E-Gyorl is easy. For this:

  • Borrow accessories from Japanese culture (anime). Especially Kawaii – a collar with a ring. It is somewhat reminiscent of chokers.
    E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend
  • Short flared skirts, like Japanese schoolgirls.
  • Gaiters above the knees.
    E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend
  • White or black sneakers, combining with the two previous points.
  • In makeup – a lot of blush, eyeliner “cat’s eye”, a tattoo on the cheekbones in the form of stars, hearts. The latter are made by special stamping. The paint washes off easily.
  • You can use bright wigs. The main thing is that the hairstyle should consist of two high ponytails or buns.
    E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend
  • However, appearance alone is not enough. It is also necessary:

  • When signing a video, use a variety of emoticons, emoji, stickers. Preference – hearts, skulls.
  • Publications, videos are extremely positive.
  • Documenting the transformation. Subscribers are interested in watching bloggers change. Also know what filters, cosmetics idols use.
    E-Girl on Tik Tok: how to become a new trend
  • Following fashion is the best way to promote your Tik Tok account. Everyone (and even everyone) can become an E-Gyorl. There are no restrictions on age, weight, skin color and so on. The main thing is to follow the advice, match the style, create interesting content.

    Perhaps TikTok has become the last social network whose popularity has grown to a billion users in a couple of months. It is unlikely that someone will create a platform that can set the fashion. Here, users become not only popular, but also earn millions.

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