Drink Tik Tok. What it is? Secret recipe.

Tik tok drink TikTok

2019 is all about memes, and the Tik Tok drink is no exception. With our busy lives, busy schedules, and short periods of focus, memes are often the only good thing we have time for.

Memes evolved from simple, sometimes funny images. Now a meme can be anything from a phrase or a quote to dances, trends and challenges.

After all, TikTok played an important role in the evolution of memes and even contributed to the emergence of the drink of the same name. Is this considered a meme? – you ask. Only internet historians of the future can know for sure.

Tik tok drink

Regardless of the status of the meme, the TikTok drink is a fact. People first started talking about it a few months ago, but the hype continues. Despite the popularity of the cocktail, most of the population does not even know that such a thing even exists.

This is not Coca-Cola, kvass, masala chai or anything similar to absinthe. Tik Tok drink is actually an invention of Starbucks employees, but no one admits whose hands it was. And people say everything is pretty tasty.

What is Tik Tok drink?

During the summer, dozens of Starbucks baristas were inundated with orders for a Tik Tok drink they had never heard of before. The forum community was pleasantly excited by the talk about the product and its composition. Nobody knows the official name. In the west, Tik Tok drink has taken root well.

drink tik tokPreviously unknown drink Tik Tok

One thing is known, according to the HappyBarista client, that it is strawberry fresh with the addition of three tablespoons of blackberries and strawberries. All this is mixed in a glass of 500 ml with a scoop of ice of the appropriate size. It turns out a glass of refreshing, sweet drink.

Already in the comments to this recipe, there were agreements on its composition, but most recognized that the drink was not very good. Someone even said that the taste is similar to fruit jelly. Some baristas recommended adding a scoop of raspberries to enhance the flavor, while others recommended not ordering it at all.

A post appeared on Twitter where a coffee shop employee expresses his thoughts about what is happening.

The one who invented the TikTok drink:

  • Moron
  • Made the last hour of my shift a headache
  • Should seriously reconsider my orders at Starbucks
  • You can still order a TikTok drink

    Today, more than 100 Starbucks coffee houses are open in EU-US, London – 89, St. Petersburg – 17, Rostov-on-Don – 4, Yekaterinburg – 3, Samara – 5, Kazan – 4, 2 coffee houses in Tyumen and Krasnodar, and one in Yaroslavl and Sochi. Although the berry mix is ​​not on the menu, they will still make it for you. Ask politely and, for heaven’s sake, tip the baristas and waiters, they work hard.

    Drink Tik Tok Order a Tik Tok drink

    You can place an order not only by name, but by ingredients. If this happens in another cafe where such components are available, perhaps everything will be initially accompanied by blank looks and confused eyes from the person behind the counter.


    The final point in the recipe for the sensational #drink was put by the active Tik Tok user @emmalake. She came up with an innovative list of ingredients.

    Tik Tok drink recipesecret recipe

    Write down:

  • strawberry fresh
  • lemonade
  • 3 tablespoons strawberries (for decoration)
  • 3 tablespoons dragonfruit
  • Add everything to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously before pouring back into a serving glass. To avoid problems with berries getting stuck in the straw, you can use a blender to grind until smooth. Add ice cubes if desired.

    It may not be the best winter drink, but you can feel TikTok with every sip.

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