Drink Tik Tok: taste the social network

Drink Tik Tok: taste the social network TikTok

Popular brands annually expand the names of their products. Tik Tok is no exception. Now the social network can be tasted.

special drink

In mid-2019, Tik Tok marketers, together with baristas, developed a special recipe. The drink received the name of the same name with the social network.

Cooperation with Starbucks

You can buy a cocktail in a popular coffee shop chain. However, the product is not available in all establishments.

“So far, this is a trial version,” say the marketing department. – Tik Tok drink was launched for US users after the popularization of thematic memes. Ten thousand customers bought a cocktail in a month. Demand brought the product to a new level. Now the drink is offered by thousands of coffee houses in Europe. It refreshes, gives energy, activates brain activity.

What represents

Drink Tik Tok: taste the social networkThe drink has not been officially announced. The recipe is carefully hidden. Unlike other Starbucks products, Tik Tok drink is not prepared in front of the customer.

We learned about the drink from the reviews. An Internet user under the nickname HappyBarista said:

“Summer cocktail is strawberry fresh with three spoons of blackberries, strawberries. Drink is served with 500 ml ice filling.

However, the creators themselves focus on the secret ingredient. It is the unknown component that makes the taste exclusive.

Where can I buy

The drink arrived in the United States seven months ago at Starbucks locations. Today Tik Tok drink is widespread in the USA, Europe, China, Japan.

In EU-US, you can try a cocktail only in Starbucks cities:

  • London (89 coffee shops).
  • St. Petersburg (17).
  • Rostov-on-Don (4).
  • Yekaterinburg (3).
  • Samara (5).
  • Kazan (4).
  • Tyumen (2).
  • Krasnodar (2).
  • Yaroslavl (1).
  • Sochi (1).
  • Drink is not present in the main menu. You can order a product by indicating the name of the barista. The drink is prepared exclusively in summer.


    You can prepare a social network yourself. For this you will need:

  • lemonade;
  • three tablespoons of chopped papaya;
  • fresh or mashed strawberries;
  • three tablespoons of strawberries.
  • Lemonade, papaya, fresh mix with a shaker. Pour ice into a glass, pour the mixture, sprinkle with strawberries on top.

    Only fresh fruits should be used. Frozen or canned options will unpleasantly distort the taste.

    The popularity of Tik Tok drink is growing daily. Despite this, many users of the social network, especially in EU-US, are not aware of the innovation. You can try the taste at Starbucks. The recipe is also easy to make at home.

    The cocktail is suitable for home feasts, parties. Cooking takes a couple of minutes.

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