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Tik Tok Lite TikTok

TikTok is a popular service that appeared in 2016. Today, more than 500 million users around the world have been able to download the official program. Including on android over 300 million. Thanks to Tiktok, you can record videos with special effects, apply filters, overlay music and download videos to your device. TikTok lite has become an optimized version of the program.

Download Tik Tok Lite 19.4.3Download Tik Tok Lite 19.4.17 betaDownload Tik Tok Lite 19.4.2

Description of the free app Tik Tok Lite

Tiktok lite combines all the features of social networks and a video editor.

With it, it’s easy:

  • watch videos;
  • comment on clips;
  • download videos to your android or ios smartphone;
  • share the content you like on your page.
  • What is the difference between Tik Tok and Tiktok lite

    Tik Tok LiteDifferences in TikTok menu and TikTok lite.

    These are two different applications, and there are some differences between them:

  • The size. Lite is 30MB lighter, so it’s more suitable for smartphone owners with limited storage.
  • Interface and loading time. Applications can be identified by their icon. The full version has a round shape, the light version has a square one. Externally, they have a similar interface. In order to smoothly transition from one video to another, saving memory and battery life, Tiktok preloads it. Lite does not do this, so delays in playback on android or ios are not excluded.
  • Download options to download. Usually, only the basic features are available in lite programs. In our case, using the Load function will not work. The full version offers an unlimited number of sounds, transitions, visual effects, and also the creation of your own version of the video file you like. With Tiktok lite, you can see the authors of a particular video, but there is no recording function here.
  • Configurations and profile. The main TikTok program has a Tik Code setting to eliminate manual searches. In addition, it allows you to apply privacy settings, allowing only certain individuals on android or ios to view and download content. There is also an option to add people to the black list. In the lite version, many configurations have been removed. But features such as creating an account, blocking users and setting notifications are available.
  • The full version has many free features such as Live Photos, Save Video, Share Gif, etc. From the standard ones – data transfer to Instagram, Facebook, terbaru, etc. The Lite version only offers users to copy the link, view and share it. To access the typical options, you will need third-party applications.
  • Thus, you can advise downloading Tiktok Lite for those who plan only to watch videos. You won’t be able to add or create a new one with it.

    What devices does it work on

    You can download TikTok lite for free on any gadget with Android (at least version 4.1), iOs or Windows (at least 7). Thus, the popular community is available to both PC users and owners of any android or iOs mobile phone.

    Today TikTok lite has already been translated into 34 languages ​​of the world. The English version is convenient and allows you to easily understand the functions on android or ios.

    User manual for android version

    Rules for installing Tik Tok liteTikTok lite for android

    After you managed to download and install the free version of the application on an android or other device, you can start using it. To do this, click “Login” and enter your credentials.

    After that, all the features of the application become available:

  • Watching videos and listening to musical files online.
  • By logging into your Twitter or Facebook account, you can view notifications, search for videos using hashtags, add people, etc.
  • Mark your favorite videos and recommend them to your friends.
  • The uptodown function is used to switch between clips.
  • Instructions for use – in the literature section.
  • The work is completed by pressing the “Exit” button.

    Where to find Tiktok Lite

    You can download TikTok lite for free on the App Store or google Play market, on Android or iOS phones. The download of the new TikTok app will start after you click the download button. Downloading to a PC does not take long, but for this you need to use an emulator. The app comes with an apk extension. Downloading the lite version to a computer without third-party services will not work.

    Download Tik Tok Lite 19.4.3 (apk)Download Tik Tok Lite 19.4.17 beta (apk)Download Tik Tok Lite 19.4.2 (apk)

    How to download Tiktok Lite

    After it was possible to install the latest version of the program for free, the file must be unpacked in a PC or an android or ios mobile device. When downloading TikTok lite on a computer or laptop, you need to check the specified address. It should also be noted that the program does not have support in EU-US, therefore, in order to download the program, you will need to first enable VPN to change the IP address. This is done in the browser settings on android or ios devices.

    How to register on Tik Tok Lite

    There are several ways to register on Tiktok lite:

  • using a mobile phone number;
  • by email;
  • log in through social networks.
  • You can go through the registration procedure both on a stationary computer, you can also download it to a tablet or smartphone (android).

    What TikTok Lite Can Do

    The main “chip” of the service is the ability to embed music in the clip.

    WhatFeatures of TikTok on Android

    To do this, the developers suggested choosing one of the tracks available on TikTok or using the one that is on the device.

    In addition, developers offer to add various special effects for free or use filters to edit a video file. When recording in real time, you can overlay music on it, for example, from games.

    To make it easier to find the video, you need to add suitable hashtags before publishing. After that, you just need to share the record with your friends on social networks. But you can’t play games.

    TikTok lite has a huge number of advantages, including:

  • A rich selection of music, filters and special effects for creating clips.
  • The ability to show your creativity, speed up or slow down the video, publish it on social networks
  • But it has a “flaw” – users complain that it’s impossible to break away from the Tiktok application, so you have to spend a lot of time online.


    Tiktok lite is a convenient and free program for those who want to watch videos, comment on them, and share with friends. Easy to download and install without taking much time. They are available on any gadget. The only downside of the lite version of TikTok lite is that you can’t create your own clip here. So far, it can only be downloaded to android or ios phones.

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