Download and install Tik Tok on Android

Download tik tok for android TikTok

Tik Tok is a Chinese application designed to create and publish short videos (15 or 60 seconds) on which you can overlay musical compositions collected in the service’s library.

This social network gained popularity outside of Asia after the company absorbed a similar resource called The user base, which is almost 100,000,000 people, automatically moved to the TikTok audience. In 2019, the program in English gained immense popularity among young people.

Features of TikTok

Navigation and interface resembles the forgotten Vine, the current Instagram and Snapchat. For the most part, videos are small sketches, author’s videos and reactions to various hypes. In addition, here you can start streaming.

The initial European versions were designed for the iPhone, iPad or iPod, because Apple was the first to assess the scale and payback of the project, and engaged in active advertising.

Download tik tok for androidTikTok on Android.

Now it is possible to download TikTok for free on Android.

To do this, you need to choose the following variations musically:

  • 11.1.2.
  • 11.1.5.
  • 11.2.1.
  • 11.2.2.
  • 11.2.3.
  • Owners of inexpensive smartphones and tablets can also enjoy cool videos with musical accompaniment and special effects.

    Android features

    This is one of the most common and promising operating systems for gadgets. It is characterized by maximum flexibility of settings and convenient tools that allow any Android phone user to reconfigure it to suit their needs. It appeared back in 2003, but became famous only after it was bought by Google in 2004.

    You can download TikTok on Android through the Play Market. In its directories, users have access to a wide range of free and paid content, the number of which is constantly increasing.

    Step-by-step instruction

    To download Musical for Android, you must have its versions – from 4X to 9X. Installing the application on older models will not work. To do this, you will need to use a torrent. A list of free file hosting services will be provided by the Google search engine. To select a working site, check out the latest user reviews.

    Where to find

    If you want to download the free TikTok app for Android through free file hosting services, choose the Trashbox portal. At first glance, the resource seems disordered, chaotic, but there you can find programs and services for installing any social networks or games. So you will be sure that after downloading the program to the gadget, viruses and malicious files will not get along with it.

    How to install

    How to download and install tik tok on androidInstalling TikTok on Android.

    Once you find a clean Tik Tok APK, make sure you have enough space on your phone to download it, click “Download”.

    Refresh the list of programs after a few minutes of completion. Now the social network is ready to launch.

    Please note that the application will work correctly only if you have high-speed Internet, so take care of connecting the appropriate tariff of your mobile operator.

    There is an option to download TikTok on Android in APK Lite version. It is specifically designed to work with less powerful gadgets and slow mobile traffic. At the same time, the main options function in the usual mode, the secondary ones are omitted altogether.

    Platform Terms of Use

    With its navigation and interface, TikTok is very similar to its predecessors, which allows you to quickly understand the controls. However, there are differences in recent versions.

    The application can be downloaded and used without registration, but this way you will only have access to the news feed with videos that have received a large number of likes.

    If you want to upload original content yourself, comment, subscribe, communicate with other tiktokers, you need to go through a quick initialization procedure. To do this, just link your account to a phone number or mail, or connect your profile to this social network.

    Resource potential

    By downloading TikTok for free on Android, you get all the features of the application available to Apple users:

  • The buttons at the bottom of the monitor are used to switch between recommended accounts and your own subscriptions. The icons on the right panel are responsible for the reaction to the watched videos. With their help, you can put likes, subscribe to new followers, leave comments, surf on other social networks, call up a menu with additional options.
  • Swipe up and down controls the switching of the video, swiping to the right side opens the account of the author of the video. The button with an ellipsis is responsible for turning on / off notifications, makes it possible to subscribe or block the user. Here personal correspondence is conducted, notifications about the started streams and events are viewed.
  • Using the right panel, during recording, the phone’s cameras are switched, the video speed is adjusted, beautifiers are applied, the “Hands free” option is activated. In addition, you can change the video format from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. When you click on the button at the top of the monitor, audio is attached.

    Is it possible to install Tik Tok on AndroidTikTok interface.

  • Shooting is carried out by holding the “Record”, so it is possible to create short episodes, delete failed takes. When the clip is ready, clicking on the checkmark will open the publish menu. Hashtags, the full text of the description are added here, access settings are selected, they are uploaded to other social networks. After that, the sketches can be left in drafts or posted immediately. In the same way, an existing video is selected from the gallery. This will open the “Edit” tab, where you can expand the video, crop it or change the speed.
  • Smartphone owners can record a duet. For this, a clip with the original song is taken, occupying half the frame. The second part is given to another participant. Just click the Share button in the feed and select Duet.
  • Another option to make a video together is the feedback from other users. In just a few seconds, you can record the reaction to the clip that evoked emotions and publish it to your feed. For similar posts, in the same way, you need to open the “Share” menu, and then select the “Reaction” button. Your video is superimposed in the form of a small window on the original video. It can be moved to any place on the monitor within the designated area.
  • While recording or publishing finished videos, you can use a variety of effects, filters, stickers, as in simple videos. In order not to waste time searching for tiktokers, there is a QR code scanner.


    Downloading a popular application to a mobile phone or tablet is a matter of a couple of minutes. Download it through Play Market or Threshbox and have fun with your friends watching funny videos with music, leave comments and meet new people. Also, advertising on Tik Tok will allow you to earn a lot of money.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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