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Developers offer a huge variety of software for mobile devices. But not all new programs are sufficiently refined for comfortable use. If the update of your favorite application fails, it becomes necessary to download the old version and then install it on your phone.

The proposed material discusses how to download the old version of Musical on Android for free, subject to security requirements. for Android smartphone

The functionality of the Musically application involves shooting and editing small clips with an Android device and then posting them to a social network. The program contains tools for editing, editing footage, inserting graphic and sound effects, stickers. The videos shot and processed by this software are posted on Tik Tok, YouTube and other social networks.

The application is designed for the characteristics of the mobile device shown in the table.

Characteristic Meaning
Android version 4.1 or higher
The amount of space occupied on the drive About 70 megabytes

How to download

The new Musical is not the most successful development, so users are looking for the old version of the program to install on their phones. To find the program installer, you need:

  • In the search bar of the browser, enter a query with the name and the required application update number.
  • Follow the link provided.
  • Click on the installer download button.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • The downloaded OS file will be saved in the Download folder. When searching for a program, it is important to pay attention to the ownership of the application by downloading the software for Android (intended for installation on Android devices), with the characteristic .ark file extension. on Android on Android phone

    How to install

    To install the downloaded program you will need:

  • Remove the restriction on the launch of software that is downloaded from third-party sources – through the settings menu item in the security subsection or by directly specifying the downloaded installer as an exception when starting from the downloads folder.
  • Confirm the action to be taken.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Features of the old version of

    The old version of Musical Lee (from 5.0 to 6.9) is characterized by such positive qualities:

  • quick registration using accounts in other social networks;
  • a library of diverse musical content;
  • convenient tools for shooting, processing, editing video;
  • original stickers, masks, filters, other features for decorating tracks;
  • instant publication of filmed videos on the network;
  • the possibility of convenient subscription to popular bloggers;
  • the location of the control options, intuitive for inexperienced users, with a English designation;
  • free download.
  • New application updates spoiled the impression of this development (unsuccessful interface transformation and other shortcomings that affected the popularity of this software).

    Important. The previous version of Music Li is deprived of technical support, therefore, when launched through new operating systems of mobile devices, there may be problems with the account recovery

    Developers monitor user activity by regularly deleting unused accounts. If a user has not logged into a registered profile for a long time, it is highly likely that he will be deleted from the network.

    After the creators of Musicalli sold their offspring, the current profiles were transferred to Tik Tok. Therefore, it is necessary to look for your own page on this social network (if it has not been deleted due to the lack of activity of the owner). A new account is also created on TikTok.


    Since the old version of the program cannot be downloaded through the official tracker, it is important to control the security of downloaded content from third-party sources. On the Playmarket and other similar sites, only updated versions of Musicalli are presented, which is inconvenient for users who are used to the old interface and do not want to give it up.

    Therefore, the old version is looked for on third-party sources, where a choice of different versions of the application is provided.

    The downloaded file is checked by an antivirus before being launched, so as not to get a malicious program under the guise of popular software. Only after a thorough check, the installer is launched to install the application.

    Fans of the Musicalli network still have the opportunity to download and install on Android for free the old version of the specified software instead of the latest update. The main thing is not to forget about security when checking downloaded files for viruses.

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