Delete video in Tik Tok account – step by step instructions

How to delete a video on tik tok TikTok

Using Tik Tok is a good opportunity to promote a video blog and draw attention to your person. This is an analogue of a social network where you can shoot clips, broadcast live, chat, find friends, view and rate their work. But the added video does not always justify the hopes of its author. Therefore, the problem arises – how to delete a video in Tik Tok? Let’s consider its step-by-step solution.

Features and nuances of deleting videos from Tik Tok

Today, the app has already been downloaded by more than 500 million people. As a rule, its users are children and teenagers. To expand the audience, experts are constantly working on improving the program, adding new features and effects for recording the original video.

You can download the application and use it to create video clips on a PC or any mobile device (iPhone, Android phone, etc.). It offers users a huge library of audio files, which is regularly updated. And thanks to special algorithms, it is possible to recognize the facial features of a person, focusing on facial expressions.

How to delete video from tiktok

If you need to clean your page from unnecessary entries or delete a TikTok clip that did not live up to the author’s expectations, you should perform several operations that are almost identical for all mobile devices:

  • Open an additional panel located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Deletion occurs from the list of records.
  • You need to remove unnecessary clips through the trash (option Delete).
  • When the video is erased from the page, a distinctive sound can be heard.

    How to delete a video on tik tokDeleting a video clip on Tik Tok.

  • Delete video from PC

    To use the application, view and delete videos from the computer, you need through a special program. This is due to the fact that was originally created for mobile devices. The procedure is as follows:

  • The application is opened using the installed emulator.
  • Enter personal credentials (login and password).
  • A folder with clips (created or downloaded) is shown.
  • Entering the menu and pressing the trash can icon.
  • Confirmation of intent.
  • Delete video from phone

    How to delete a clip in Musical ly on a mobile device? There is no way to remove multiple entries at once. We need to act gradually. The process itself is very similar on different phones.

    On Android

    Since it is this operating system that is most common in the homeland of Tik Tok (Asian countries), it turned out to be the easiest way to erase an unnecessary entry on Android. Therefore, you do not need to install additional utilities.

    After opening the Tik Tok application, you need to find the icon with three dots. Clicking on it will bring up the menu. This is where the delete key is located. After clicking on it, the user will be prompted to confirm their decision in a special window.

    If desired, the clip can be copied to a personal computer before deletion. Then start cleaning your Tik Tok account.

    On iOS

    The interface of the program on iPhones is simple, so it will not be difficult to figure it out.

    The algorithm is the following:

  • Go through the authorization process.
  • Open the gallery where videos are stored.
  • Find and download the one you plan to eliminate.
  • Click on the image of three dots.
  • Activate cart.
  • Wait until the entry disappears from the page.

    How to delete a video on Tik TokDelete video on iPhone.

  • Users also have the opportunity to download videos from Tik Tok both from their own page and from someone else’s.

    How to delete a draft on Tik Tok

    The Tik Tok app offers the opportunity to save your work without publishing it. In this case, the material is seen only by the owner. It is also possible to destroy such a video.

    To delete a draft on Tik Tok, you need to do the following:

  • Log in by entering the username and password specified in your personal profile.
  • Find a video.
  • Click on the image of three dots and select the trash can.
  • Confirm your actions in the window that appears.
  • Tiktok account deletion

    Those who are disillusioned with the program are offered to delete their TikTok profile. But before doing this, you need to remove all previously downloaded clips. Otherwise, they will be watched online further, but the user will no longer be able to access them.

    To completely delete your page, you need:

  • Unfollow all users.
  • Open privacy settings and set private status. After such actions, no one will be able to subscribe to you.
  • Activate Communication.
  • Click on “Manage your account” and select “Do you want to delete your profile”.
  • Confirm your intentions and wait for the cleanup.
  • Then delete the app from your mobile device.
  • How to get back a deleted video

    Ways to delete videos on Tik TokVideo recovery from personal files of smartphone.

    There are situations when the video from the application was eliminated by accident. It is no longer possible to restore them, since there is no such function in Tik Tok.

    In this case:

  • Check the folders on your computer or mobile phone. The file may remain in the device’s internal memory. It will be possible to return it when the cleaning of information has not yet been carried out here.
  • Contact support for help. Data is stored on the server for a long time. Usually the administration goes to meet users. And if the video was not deleted during moderation for violating the rules of the service, the problem will most likely be solved.
  • Re-upload the file to Tik Tok, edit it if necessary and make it active for viewing.
  • Restoring a video is problematic, so you need to think carefully before deciding to delete it.


    It is not uncommon for a video to be added to TikTok that may turn out to be uninteresting or lose its relevance over time. In such a situation, the user has the right to delete it from the application. This procedure is simple and even a beginner can cope with it. But before that, it is recommended to weigh your decision again, since restoring the file is quite problematic.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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