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Recently, games of the “Royal battle” genre, named after the novel of the same name by Koshun Takami, have been popular. The book was published in 1999, the novel was filmed in 2000, but did not enjoy great popularity until the 2012 film The Hunger Games was released, largely copying the concept of this story. The most popular game of this genre today is Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Game popularity

Fortnite is a cross-platform online game. The number of players in it is more than 250 million, most of whom play in the Battle Royale mode.


What game is this

It positions itself as a mixture of freeplay and battle royale, where the player will have to survive among 99 other users, killing enemies and building defenses.

What is famous

The game is widely known for its fascinating fantasy world, in which there are various characters, among which there are such colorful ones as the Mandalorian, Signor Tomato, etc. Each of them offers its own list of game tasks and services.

Most people love Fortnite for its unique victory dance. Many dance moves in the game are borrowed from real life and vice versa – millions of users are trying to repeat the steps of the characters in real life.

By the way. Each season of the game adds new characters with a set of unusual abilities.

Usage on Tik Tok

The close collaboration of the creators of the game with social networks has contributed to the enormous success of Fortnite, in particular on Tik Tok. Thanks to the format of the service, which allows you to upload and share short videos and sorts them by topic, everyone can try to repeat entertaining movements and put them on display for the public. The Tik Tok Fortnite movement has spread across the web with extreme speed.


A huge number of memes are created from episodes of this game. The most popular of them (for example, the joke “Night in the kitchen”) have hundreds of thousands of views. The plots for memes are victory dances and specific character animations.


The girls also joined the world of Fortnite. Many users try to recreate their favorite characters in real life using craft costumes and make-up. So, streamer Vika Carter used the skin from Fortnite “Daughter of the Night” to create an image for Halloween. The blogger’s video has received over 80,000 views on YouTube. Support this trend and other users.


Numerous dances from Fortnite have become the object of imitation of tiktokers. The English segment is no exception. Any self-respecting Fortnite player considers it necessary to put their favorite dance online. Popular among bloggers are such hits as Scrubs – Turk Dance, Gangnam Style, BrokyBrawks Dances and others.

TIK TOK FORTNIGHTTIK TOK FORTNIGHT Interesting. The developers of the game have repeatedly faced lawsuits in which famous actors and bloggers accused the company of plagiarizing their dances. Among such actors is rapper Will Smith.

dance competition

The growing popularity of the Epic Games product among social media users is also facilitated by regular dance competitions – participants must record a video with their own dances to the music from the game. In the wake of this, Fortnite TikTok bloggers have appeared who record dances from the game.

Which has already been included in the game

As part of the Fortnite Emote Royale campaign, which invited players to share their ideas for new emotes in the game, Twitch streamer Pokimane performed a dance on the Fortnite platform. The Poki emote has been added to the game and is used by the majority of its 1.5 million followers.

Competition “Dance Fever”

At the beginning of 2020, the Dance Fever contest was launched on TikTok, the winner of which, in addition to 25,000 in-game dollars and a VIP gift set, got a chance to immortalize their dance in this popular game.


In July 2020, another dance became available to game users, which owes its origin to the Tik Tok network. The Renegade Dance emote can be purchased from the in-game store for 500 B-dollars. The basis for creating the dance was the video of blogger Charli D’amelio for the track Lottery by rapper K Camp.


How to create a popular dance

If TikTok users want to take part in future competitions from Epic Games in order to perpetuate their image, then you should remember a number of simple rules from advanced streamers.


An important condition for participation in competitions is the musical accompaniment from the game itself. Such tracks can be easily found on the manufacturer’s website. A foreign or English popular song is also used.


The choice of movements for dancing can be arbitrary, the main thing is to get in time with the music. People who are more advanced in dancing try to modernize popular styles. However, there are a number of styles generally accepted in the social network.

Tutting Shuffle
A dance in which movements are carried out mainly with the hands, as a result of which the illusion of a puzzle is created. The main rule of the dance is the geometric position of the hands. A dance in which the main steps are performed with the feet. It is not something new, but with proper skill it looks extremely impressive.

The collaboration between the producers of the game Fortnite and users of TikTok is quite strong and has been going on for many years. Therefore, we can hope that the creators will please their loyal fans more than once with various contests and promotions.

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