Dance with hands in Tik Tok: training and recommendations

dance with hands TikTok

Hand dancing on Tik Tok is a new direction that gets into the trends of the application every day. In a few days on TikTok, the repetition of dancing with hands and fingers went viral among all users and smoothly moved to other platforms. Both beginners and stars record their own training videos, which is a success and promotes accounts to the top. A multi-million army of Tiktoker fans mastering the new Tutting and Finger-tut techniques.

dance with hands

The main goal of the Tik Tok platform remains to generate sticky vids and increase the number of users. In what ways, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that these are interesting and not harmful to the health and life of people. The instructions on how to promote yourself on TikTok say that creating a challenge is one of the paths to fame that will bring the page to the TOP.

History of Tatting and Finger Tutting

Let’s start with Tutting first, where the basis of movement is in the arms, and then there are the shoulders, elbows and hands. A right angle is the main thing that the performer should get clearly and without crooked movements. In parallel, the arms are joined in the dance – the body, head and legs. It turns out a sort of top break dance. But the emphasis on the right angle is unchanged.

From the history of dances it appears that this style was named after the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. If you pay attention to the ancient manuscripts and drawings on the walls inside the Egyptian pyramids. Who remembers the clip of Michael Jackson – Remember The Time 1991 release. In this video clip, just these movements are shown. Jackson pioneered this style of body and hand movement.

The 80s of the 20th century were the resurrection of the style of dancing with hands. After 40 years, the younger generation changed the interpretation a little, someone dances, choosing a fast pace, and already more experienced dancers consider speed a mistake. This makes it difficult to consider the full power and beauty of the dance elements.

So Tik Tok has already captured this trend, where everyone repeats and supplements with their own dancechallenge lines.


On various video hosting sites, and in particular on TikTok, there are many videos with step-by-step training, where experienced tiktokers lay out each movement in parts.

To help beginners, to improve their skills, some rules:

  • At the very beginning of the training, you should carefully review the work of other bloggers. Try to remember the amplitude, speed and chronology of movements in the Tik Tok dance
  • It is important to understand that you will not succeed at 5+ right away. The learning process is about effort and thinking about achieving a goal. To perform a clear dance with your hands in Tik Tok for 15 seconds, you will have to sweat for 2-3 hours, and for someone it will result in several days.
  • Without fail, do a warm-up of the joints before each workout (circular movements of the hands, clench and unclench fists, fingers like a fan and together, and other options you know, for example, like pianists). Warming up the muscles will help to perform the course smoothly and accurately.
  • When performing, monitor the correct execution of the figures (triangles, squares, etc.). Make transitions smoothly and logically, giving them a wave-like shape, hearts, ovals, and others).
  • How to film a finger dance on Tik Tok?

    This is not a difficult procedure when you are prepared mentally and physically. Follow the guidelines:

  • Run the application on the device. If registration is required, do not skip this step.
  • Click the “+” cross to record a new video.
  • Choose a trending or your own track from the app’s library or gadget’s music library.
  • Start recording. It is better to divide the process into several stages, for example, 5 seconds each with a number of selected movements.
  • Save your work and sign the video clip. Use trending hashtags.
  • Apply several effects, but in a way that does not distract the viewer.
  • The publication and millions of subscribers are yours if you did everything right.
  • Additional info

    The quality of the clip plays an important role in winning the hearts of users. Your nickname, like a business card, should attract attention. to get a good picture at the output, work out the settings and installation of the camera, editing the saved shooting result.

    Camera installation

    Use a tripod for static placement. When you do not have such devices, it does not matter, use improvised means and straight surfaces to secure the gadget. The room or space should be well lit, but don’t overdo it.


    Fix lack of light, correct colors and add special effects using TikTok and third party apps. Harmony and relevance are your friends.

    What music to choose?

    For Tik Tok dancing with hands on the platform, songs have already been uploaded to the library. Finding them is easy. Under the hashtags, each challenge is signed.

  • Sign in to Tik Tok. Bottom panel and tap on Interesting.
  • In the search box, write, for example, Dance with the hands, Fingerdance, fingerchallenge and switch to music. If you haven’t heard a track yet, turn it on. The choice is yours. Remember that everything must be in sync.
  • The wrong sound will spoil the idea of ​​becoming popular. Choose wisely and you will be happy.

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