Dabloons in Tik Tok: what is it, how to get and spend

Dabloons in Tik Tok: what is it, how to get and spend TikTok

Starting from November 2022, dabloons (dabloons, there is also a spelling of doubloons) have become viral on TikTok. Users of the social network have created an imaginary micro-economy with a fictitious currency. The deity and ideological inspirer of the new virtual world is considered a black cat, which “lit up” in the meme with its charming paw with “fingering”.

Dabloons in Tik Tok: what is it, how to get and spend

What is the essence of the trend

A TikTok user scrolls through a recommendation feed and finds a video in which a cute cat invites him to get a certain number of dabloons. The character usually greets the viewer with the phrase Hello traveller, which is a reference to the good old RPG games. A polite and courteous cat can share doubloons for no reason or offer them for likes, comments, reposts.

In other videos, characters invite TikTokers to shop in their imaginary stores and indicate the price of goods. You can replenish the supply of sweets, purchase a virtual amulet, a potion to restore strength, items that help you upgrade your skills, just like in online games.

At the moment, the video hashtag #dabloons has been viewed 1.4 billion times!

Newcomers to the world of fun currency should know the main points of this slightly strange but fun game:

  • Neither dabloons, nor the goods that are bought for them, exist in real life.. Some users create apps in the style of a double counter, but they are for entertainment purposes. Imaginary money has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.
  • There are no clear rules of the game. Some TikTokers claim that it is legal to receive no more than 100 dabbloons at a time. Otherwise, the user will face problems with the Dablunyania police. Of course, this is just a joke.
  • When creating thematic content, it is not necessary to limit your imagination. Tiktokers create videos with both good and evil characters who claim to have just robbed the viewer of a decent amount.
  • Moreover, the cat is not always the central character of Tik Tok videos about doubloons. The images of girls and boys with cosplay or in clothes in a medieval style are quite popular.

    During the development of the history of the Dabloons, users of the social network tried to create a full-fledged state. Some attempted to organize “Dabloon University”, others called for a fight against the “squandering” of money in order to prevent inflation. The most desperate fans intended to hold elections for Dablunyania.

    Interesting Facts About TikTok Dabloons

    Fans of the new Tik Tok trend will surely want to know a little more about revolutionary microeconomics:

  • The name of the currency was not chosen by chance. Once upon a time in colonial Spain, gold doubloons (doblón, and in the English way – doubloon) were in circulation. By the way, in some videos, users record master classes on how to make real coins, for example, from plasticine or on a 3D printer.
  • A fashionable wave of trends was picked up by well-known world corporations. For example, on the official IKEA page, an offer appeared to use 50 free dubloons.
  • Most videos use the same sound. This is a sped up and remixed version of a song from the indie game My Singing Monsters.
  • My Singing Monsters – Cold Island

  • Tik Tok already has themed effects. For example, the DABLOONS LOTTERY, which gives you the opportunity to win a random number of coins. Check if luck is on your side!
  • Leading Tik Tok bloggers have not been left out of the trend either.. Singer Lauren Gray (54.5 million followers) believes that the imaginary economy gives people the opportunity to take a break from real life and dream a little. At the same time, the star recently announced the possible collapse of “Dablunyania” due to its unrealism.
  • Dabloons in Tik Tok: what is it, how to get and spendLoren Gray

  • Dabloons managed to “light up” even in promotional update for The Witcher III. The same black cat from the original meme flaunts on the cover again.
  • Dabloons in Tik Tok: what is it, how to get and spendWitcher III

    And how do you feel about the wave of passion for dabloons? What videos do you find most memorable? Do you think the popularity of the imaginary currency will soon decline? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments.

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