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What kind of character is Chase Hudson, what interests does he live with, who is he dating now, who has he met in the past? We also cover Chase’s biography, facts, rumors and gossip, financial status and more. So let’s start.

chase hudsonChase Hudson/ Chase Hudson

Brief data in English

Name: Chase Hudson
What he does: blogger (tiktoker)
Date of birth: May 15, 2002
Age: 18 years old.
According to the zodiac horoscope – Taurus, according to the eastern – Horse
Place of birth: USA, California, Stockton / Stockton, CA
Current residence: USA, California, Los Angeles
Aliases: xlilhuddy, lilhuddy
Height: 183 cm.
Weight: 67 kg.
Dark brown hair, blue eyes, charming smile, excellent physique – all this makes the guy very attractive. By all accounts, he has his own style and fashion sense.

How much does he earn

The 18-year-old American music star has done well. Chase Hudson’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $1 million. There are many sources that talk about Hudson’s net worth, salary and earnings, but online estimates of his worth vary. You can visit websites like CelebsMoney and NetWorthStats to see other Chase Hudson net worth estimates. Note that celebrities tend not to reveal their exact net worth.

Tik Tok account
The number of his subscribers is approaching 21 million, and this is a very impressive audience of Chase fans.


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Family history, siblings, childhood

Chase Hudson was born on May 15, 2002 in Stockton, California, USA. He recently turned 18 years old. The parents of the star guy are Tamora and Cole Hudson.

Chase Hudson's parents

He grew up with his two sisters, Marlena and Karissa. What is called an ordinary American family, where they love children, wish them success. Chase adores his mother and has recorded Q&A videos with his mother on YouTube showing how close they are.

chase with momChase Hudson with his mother

But his father also played and plays a big role in Chase’s life. No wonder the guy publicly congratulated his father on his birthday, telling how important and necessary dad is in his life. The guy was an artistic fidget from early childhood, so his career was predetermined.

little chase hudson

Having become popular, Chase shares a part of his popularity with his family. And their family is large and friendly, with several cousins ​​​​who often appear on Hudson’s social networks, and photos with him are a large part of their networks.


Such a handsome man could not be left without the attention of fans. Chase started dating girls at a very early age. From more or less reliable love stories: at 17, he allegedly dated colleague (another TikTok sensation) Mary Kate / @officialMK in November 2015. Even though Mary Kate was a student at the time, Hudson first met her at school and soon began dating her.

The next official romance was rather short-lived. He started dating Cynthia Parker in 2019, a pretty blogger. Their warm feelings were demonstrated on videos and photos on Instagram. But in July 2019, the couple officially broke up, the reason being a fading passion. In addition, Hudson was already the embodiment of the dream of millions of fans around the world and the hero of many fan fiction. How can I resist, not pay attention to and not be jealous of such a guy. Yes, there was also a leak in the networks about his relationship with Lauren Kettering, another Tik Tok star.

Chase’s next official girlfriend was Charli D’Amelio, his Tiktok colleague, a charming young girl and dancer.

Chase Hudson with Charlie D'AmelioChase Hudson with Charlie D’Amelio

The lovers exchanged amazing photos, shot joint videos on Tiktok, the friendship moved to a new stage of relations, but, alas, they lasted only three months. By April 2020, the couple had broken up. At the end of March, Chase, in his tweet, when asked by a fan if he and Charlie were together, answered “No.” The couple does not give any comments, so some fans are not sure that this is a serious breakup. However, Charlie herself put an end to it by posting a statement on social networks: “Since you guys have been following my relationship with Chase from the very beginning, I decided that I should tell you all that we are no longer together,” she wrote. “It pains me to say this, but we decided that this is what is best for both of us.” And of course, the blogosphere was intrigued by the reason for the gap. Tiktokers discussed the fact that @lilhuddy cheated on the tiktok queen with others.

breakup with Charlie D'Amelio

Online rumors about Chase Hudson’s past acquaintances may differ, a version about his bisexuality is circulating on the Internet. He neither confirms nor refutes these conjectures.

Career and professional life

Before getting famous on TikTok, he first created a YouTube channel. Chase became known for his electronic boy style, adorable good looks, lip sync videos, and dance moves, emulating songs from artists such as Justin Bieber and Pitbull.

chase hudson with ice cream

Chase Hudson is a popular social media personality who rose to fame on Tiktok. He is also part of the Hype House collective. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California and they are a group made up of Tiktokers, Youtubers and internet influencers. Moreover, Chase considers Justin Bieber, One Direction, Bazzi and Shawn Mendes as his role models. He is also a big fan of the Korean boy band BTS.

Chase Hudson founded the house of hype

First of all, Chase’s TikTok videos are very entertaining. He started out as on YouNow before joining TikTok. On TikTok, Hudson’s recognition expanded enormously, and like all other teenagers, he began to become familiar with social media. After posting several videos on his account, Chase got a lot of recognition and a ton of followers, and his videos blew up TikTok.

Chase collaborated with his friend Mary Kate, who is referred to as @officialMK in many TikTok videos. He also occasionally features his cousins ​​in his videos. Gradually, his Tiktok fans began to follow his accounts on other social networks – Twitter and Instagram. After some time, Chase created his own YouTube channel, where he posts not only his videos, but also blogs, including those of his family and friends.

Chase knows exactly how to get viewers to tune in to his channel. He is very talented and he can make the audience literally fall in love with him. He can also keep us in shock when we watch him play sports games on the field. No wonder there are so many broken hearts in his collection.

In addition, Chase keeps in touch with his fans through live broadcasts through YouNow. There he also communicates with them and keeps them up to date with his new videos and his life. In this way, he bridges all communication gaps when it comes to contacting his fans.

fan collagefan collage

Not everything was so rosy

Can’t get over the backlash from an old video of Chase that he made with his nose broken while saying politically incorrect words.

broken nose chase hudsonChase Hudson’s broken nose

In an old video on his account, Chase shared a video on TikTok claiming the guy broke his nose. “This sound is perfect because some drunk guy broke my nose 2 days ago, I don’t even know why. #Yeet,” he signed the clip.

But that wasn’t the only video of his broken nose to emerge from Chase’s past. With a black eye and a bandage on his nose, a clip of the then boy with a short haircut and the words “n-word”. After the video was released, Chase continued to apologize in a TikTok video.

I just wanted to make an apology video. What I said was wrong and needs no defense. What I said was wrong in any way and should not be said by me or anyone else

In addition, the teen also said he apologized to both TikTok and the “black community.”

In an Instagram post on March 25, Hudson opened up about some of the hurtful remarks made about his childish looks. “I have been ashamed since I was a little boy,” he wrote under the gray portrait. “I grew up hating everything for the way I look. I have been and have been bullied since I was in high school because of my appearance. I was told that I looked like bones, or that I was a twig.”

chase in the car

It’s great to see social media stars using their platform to inspire their young followers and teach them how to overcome their childhood and teen inhibitions.

Curious facts from life

Want to get to know him even better than before? Keep reading on to find out some interesting facts about the talented teenager.

  • He was one of the founders of Hype House. Hype House was founded by Chase and social media star Thomas Petru as home to some of TikTok’s biggest stars like Charlie d’Amelio and Addison Rae. The mansion serves as the Hype House headquarters for 21 super talented social media dwellers. Quick question, Chase! Do you think you can find room for one or two more?
  • The name “Hype House” was not Chase’s first choice. “House of Olympus” is the name that Chase originally wanted to use, but when YouTuber Alex Warren suggested “Hype House”, they started calling the house that way! By the way, Chase still thinks his version sounds cooler.
  • He hopes to start a musical career. Between dancing, modeling and content creation, you think the talent will stop there… but no! Chase is focused on music and aims for a singing career in the future. By the way, some of his ideas are still influenced by Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, One Direction and BTS!
  • hudson with microphone

  • He is obsessed with K-Pop. Chase once said backstage on Playlist Live that he is a BTS megafan and would love to be in a band like them someday. Maybe it will happen soon!
  • He is a man with many hidden talents. It’s clear that Chase is talented, but did you know that he loves painting, cooking, and considers himself a really good massage therapist?
  • He has a passion for fashion. So there are the VSCO girls and then there are the e-boys… and no one defines them better than Lil Huddy himself. Informal wear and everyday nail polish is something that never fails to disappoint. Oh, and did we mention that his style is inspired by Billie Eilish?
  • It’s not easy for him to block haters. Living in the public eye, with videos reaching millions of views, it’s hard to ignore the negative online naysayers, but Chase is trying his best to focus on the positive and the fans showing love and support!
  • He made videos before TikTok. We know him today as a symbol of TikTok, and partly of YouTube… but did you know that he loved creating content even before the wildly popular app was born? Vine, DubSmash and were his popular platforms. Ahhh, what would we do to see these historical videos!
  • He asked Charlie D’Amelio for the cutest first date ever. Too cute? Their first date began with a sweet breakfast, followed by a fireside party overlooking Los Angeles, which turned into a movie and dinner. So the guy can be a big romantic!
  • In addition to being one of the most followed TikTok stars, Chase loves to play basketball and his favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. In addition to baseball, he also plays volleyball and football. Chase likes to dress casually in sports t-shirts and sneakers. Moreover, his favorite brand is Nike, because of his great love for all things sporty.
  • chase hudson in sportswear

  • Hudson is in danger of becoming an icon of youth style – the legendary fashion house Dolce & Gabbana drew attention to the guy. The talks ended with Chase attending Milan Fashion Week 2020, where Hudson represented the blogging community. A contract was signed.
  • fashion chase hudson

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