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  • What is a challenge in Tik Tok?

  • How to run your challenge?

  • Popular Tik Tok Challenge 2022

  • Tik Tok Challenge is a great way to promote on the platform. The most important thing is that it is free, you can promote your account on your own and with your talent. The video community is driven by the Tik Tok challenge. This is a direct motivation of users to create new content. Thus, a healthy competition was formed in TikTok. Each tiktoker is given a chance to stand out from the rest and create an original video.

    In this section, you will learn about the Tik Tok Challenge, what it is and what it is eaten with. Stay on topic and keep up with trends. We will help you become popular and earn a lot of money. Go.

    Tik Tok Challenge – what is it?

    In general, Challenge in translation from English Challenge means:

  • problem
  • difficulty
  • task
  • challenge
  • to challenge
  • complicated
  • difficult
  • Tik Tok challenge, in simple words, is when your friends say to you: “Can you repeat it yourself?”. The popularity of this action in TikTok is easily explained. The functionality of the program allows you to add hashtags, create duets and quickly edit clips for 15 seconds.

    Challenge Tik TokTikTok Challenges

    It is important that 2/3 of the Tik Tok audience are young people under 30 years old. They want to assert themselves, test their strength, get emotions and at the same time earn money if they manage to organize everything correctly. Only here all the calls to perform any action come not only from friends, but also from subscribers or users who downloaded TikTok for the first time on the gadget.

    A simple video can cause a storm of positive emotions in the audience, and account activity will increase several times, without the use of prohibited promotion methods.

    Tik Tok challenge can be in any format – dangerous, harmless, funny and even useful. All calls are divided into categories:

    Challenges in Tik Tok come in two categoriesCategories of Challenges

  • Official from advertisers or Tik Tok administration. It can be an event, such as the May 9 holiday, New Year and others.
  • Independent from users (bloggers). These are basically ideas that don’t pay at the end of the challenge (no winner).
  • TikTok challenges, both organic and sponsored, are often a combination of three elements: text, sound, and movement (usually a choreographed dance). The challenge can be launched by novice tiktokers, popular bloggers or artists with a large number of subscribers. Brands also participate in such events, if, of course, they have invested in TikTok advertising.

    How to make a challenge on Tik Tok?

    Creating an official challenge will cost a tidy sum. Alternatively, there is a way to raise start-up capital – record videos on TikTok for popular challenges. Celebrities already have a fan base and help make money on the platform. And you are on your way to glory.

    And what to do next?

    After you choose a challenge from the list below, we proceed according to the plan:

    How to startCooking Challenge

  • Write a video script, be creative, and other tiktokers will remember you. Determine the image in which you will appear before subscribers and other users, work out the situation. You may need props, find it or make it yourself.
  • Equip the shooting area with good lighting.
  • Make sure your device is working properly and has sufficient power. Do not forget about the time of the video (no more than 60 seconds). In some cases, speeding up recording helps (maximum three times).
  • Make sure you are using the same audio file specified in the assignment.
  • Use available masks, effects, emoticons, stickers, filters.
  • Be sure to add the Tik Tok challenge hashtag before posting.
  • You will succeed!

    Choose the best challenge 2022

    Challenges are now published frequently, because the popularity of Tik Tok is growing every day. Our updated list will help you choose the right one for you. Track the latest daily and be in trend.

    #20thousand on the wrist

    One of the top TikTok challenges in the music field. Fans of the KUSH LOVERS team record videos to the popular hip-hop song 20k and repeat the fashion moves. Looks bright and vibrant.


    In this educational and at the same time humorous challenge, participants share useful tips for learning English, give examples of “false friends of an interpreter”, talk about what is sung in popular songs, and compile a selection of the most necessary words for travel and negotiations.


    The joint song of Dora and MAYBE BABY launched a new challenge on Tik Tok, which was supported by many teenage girls. Under the provocative track, tiktokers shoot videos with bright bows, bold dances, and classic slips.

    #best memories

    A touching and sentimental challenge dedicated to the most pleasant life moments. In the video to the tune of the piano (Dorian Marko – Cornfield Chase), bloggers show fragments of travel, family dinners with older relatives, graduation parties, walks with pets.

    #you smellmint

    The title phrase of the song of the group “NO COSMONAUTS” really blew up Tik Tok – it has been popular since the beginning of February. In the romantic challenge “tpm”, social network users not only record beautiful videos for the track, but also make original covers for it. Evaluate how chic the composition sounds in a female performance.


    The challenge was launched at the beginning of winter, and was originally dedicated to life hacks for traveling during the New Year holidays, but we are sure that the challenge will be popular even after many months. Participants show the best moments of trips abroad, often to exotic countries. Authentic restaurants, luxurious libraries with the latest technology, viewing platforms and blue lakes – immerse yourself in a world of fantastic emotions.

    #try not to fall in love

    Especially for girls, TikTok launched a challenge to the mysterious song of the Yakut singer Green Apelsin – “The Curse of the Mermaid”. The purpose of the challenge is to demonstrate beautiful hair and wave it effectively.

    #eyesin the picture

    A creative challenge dedicated to the art world in the Renaissance. Participants are invited to use a special effect with which you can see on the canvases of famous painters … their own eyes. Try on different “images” and think about which one suits you best.


    Annoying and awkward situations often happen in life, for example, the boss says that you need to stay in the office for a couple more hours, friends ask you to borrow money, objectionable fans make offers, enemies gossip behind your back … At such moments, you just want to send everything to hell . But it’s better to participate in the challenge to the song of the new hip-hop artist – Nutcase 22 – Captain. In the video, tiktokers show examples of unpleasant situations and demonstrate characteristic gestures.


    The song of the legendary Zemfira, written back in 1997, still does not lose its relevance. Today, the composition launched a challenge, the participants of which share the most unusual life situations – you can really be stunned by them. Someone is shocked by the academic and workload, someone is outraged by the violation of personal boundaries, and someone has to listen to reproaches every day about a non-standard appearance.

    Of course, there are many other equally interesting and catchy challenges in Tik Tok in 2022. Share with us in the comments the challenges that seem to you the most unusual and exciting.

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