Calculator for earnings in Tik Tok

Calculator for earnings in Tik Tok TikTok

Mafluence Tik Tok (or calculator) is used by social network customers to calculate revenue. The tool is intended for the European part of the audience, the Chinese segment has its own program.

Ways to earn money in the application

Tiktokers use different options for channel monetization. Not everyone manages to immediately reach the desired income due to the wrong approach to the issue.

Calculator for earnings in Tik Tok

How can you earn income

The list of popular ways to make money on tiktok includes:

  • collaboration with other channel owners;
  • sale of promoted accounts;
  • donations in the form of donations;
  • promoting your own brand – for individual entrepreneurs;
  • promotion of musical performers – through the insertion of tracks into the video.
  • On a note. One of the sources of income in the network is advertising. The offer of goods from world firms allows you to get a stable income.

    The relevance of advertising in the application

    The idea is used by many brands to promote products. Promotion occurs due to the target audience among tiktok subscribers, which helps to keep the business afloat and make money for tiktoker.

    How much can you earn

    Profitability directly depends on the popularity of the account. Novice tiktok users can earn several hundred *** a month, and famous users can earn from 100 thousand or more. The TOP lucky ones who receive fabulous money include tiktokers listed in the table.

    Earnings in million dollars Name
    38.6 Loren Gray
    30.2 Baby Ariel
    27.9 Riyaz Afreen
    23.4 Kristen Hancher
    23.2 Charlie D’Amelio

    What do you need to earn

    Professionals recommend paying attention to the following nuances:

  • Account expansion – implies integration into other social networks. The owner of the tiktok channel gets benefits for both social networks, increases the number of subscribers (they can be taken from the second profile).
  • Understanding the desires of the audience – the age of most of the participants is from 15 to 20 years. You need to know their area of ​​interest, create videos with useful tips, funny jokes, act as a songwriter or dancer. The channel should be aimed at a certain group of people, random materials quickly lose popularity.
  • Profile improvement – innovations allow you to attract tiktok users. For all accounts in different social networks, you need to choose a single name. There should be no confidential information with personal data or a photo from the place of residence – this approach will reduce the risk of meeting with intruders.
  • Compliance with the rules and agreements of Tik-Tok – you can not use materials that incite hostility associated with skin color, religion, etc. You should not upload videos that may be considered inappropriate.
  • Consistent Content – ​​New videos must be uploaded on a strict schedule. Tiktok subscribers have a positive attitude towards such a scheme, they do not lose confidence in tiktoker. Consistency also includes design in a single color scheme, the use of graphic editors, etc.
  • Important. It is necessary to constantly communicate with the TikTok audience: participate in discussions, respond to comments. You can increase the number of views with interesting videos, live broadcasts and sweepstakes.

    How to use the calculator

    Using the Mafluence application is convenient because of the English-language interface. It does not teach how to make money, but refers to basic analytics tools. To advance in tiktok, increase popularity, you will have to buy a training course or study the problem yourself.

    Tik tok calculatorTik tok calculator

    What is it

    The calculator is not approved by the developers of the social network tiktok and is not its official tool. It shows how much you can earn on advertising, calculates how many views or likes are not enough to get star status or a certain amount.

    What is it needed for

    The application is used for:

  • collecting analytics and statistics – by competitors or personal profile;
  • determining the approximate price of the post.
  • The calculator helps to calculate the cost of advertising articles, not to earn.

    TikTok CalculatorTikTok Calculator

    What data does it show

    When using the calculator, you can learn about:

  • the number of followers and tiktok posts;
  • the total amount of likes from visitors (in percent);
  • approximate earnings from one video.
  • Instruction

    For calculations, the nickname of the channel of interest is entered in the search bar on the site, the “magnifying glass” label is pressed to turn on the analysis. After a few minutes, the system will process the information and display detailed information.

    Possible problems

    The calculator sometimes has problems, most of them are related to:

  • with an overload of the program – you need to wait a while and try to carry out the calculations again;
  • with incorrect login and the use of the “@” sign in front of it.
  • Advertising in the calculator

    The application, along with information about the user, displays an advertisement with a link to the promotion course in tiktok. It comes with a promo code.

    What do they offer

    The participant receives ready-made cases and instructions, tested on the personal experience of the authors of the course for promoting an account on the tiktok social network. Passing such courses involves increasing the number of subscribers by legal means (without the use of dubious programs) up to 10 thousand people.


    The course includes lectures on:

  • correct work with the system and ways to get into the TOP;
  • setting up and using all the functionality of TikTok;
  • increasing the effectiveness of advertising – at the expense of opinion leaders;
  • obtaining and creating a PRO account;
  • activity monetization.
  • The listener in the learning process will learn about the rules of tiktok strategies for launching sales.


    The cost of the course depends on the chosen type:

  • “easy” version of 17 lessons – 799 ***;
  • “advanced” – 2499 ***;
  • “VIP” – 7999 ***.
  • Reference. The promo code gives a 10% discount on the payment of any course.

    Mafluence for Tik Tok is a good assistant for analyzing the profitability of an account. The application allows you to get basic information about earnings, find profile weaknesses by likes, number of views or subscribers.

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