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Elizabeth Caitlin on Tik Tok TikTok

Name: Elizabeth – Elizabeth

Middle name: American girl – American Girl

Last name: Katelyn

Birthday: June 28, 2002

Place of birth: Oregon USA

Current residence: Washington State USA

Nationality: American

Age: 18 years old

Gender Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 155 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Shoe size: 36

Figure: 68 cm x 56 cm x 72 cm

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Grey-blue

Tattoos: no

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Marital status: single, lives with parents

Family: The family consists of 5 people – mother, father, brother and sister

Religion: Christianity

Education: Graduated from high school in 2020. The further future of learning is not yet known in the world of the coronavirus pandemic.

Occupation: tiktoker, blogger

Elizabeth Caitlin on Tik TokCaitlin Elizabeth

Biography of Caitlin Elizabeth

Caitlin Elizabeth was born in Oregon but currently lives in Washington State. Her Tik Tok account is growing fast with over 1.2 million followers and 53.4 million likes.

Tik Tok star from USA. She has appeared in many videos. Known for her good looks, sweet smile, style and amazing charisma. She became popular thanks to her performances on the Tik Tok platform, where she posted her first video in September 2018. The first video was on the topic of the application – this is lipsync. Then it turned out better, users picked up interest in her profile and another Tik Tok star was formed.

She has a huge fan club on Tik Tok and the girl is one of the most fashionable, despite the fact that she does not wear branded clothes, which is noticeable in the frame. In 2020, you will see her in magazine shoots as a model. The girl usually shares her fashionable outfits and model photos via Instagram. Earned a precious badge for being an ace Tik Tok comedian. And now, is the crowned “muser”.

Caitlin tries not to communicate with the yellow press at all. This infuriates the paparazzi, makes their job even more difficult, which affects their earnings, which are built on finding out all the small moments in the life of show business stars.

The American shares her home and work between the two states of Oregon and California, where the whole family stays with her all the time. This is a well-known fact that is observed in the commercials in which the father participates as an operator, producer and ideological inspirer. In the photo on Instagram, you can see both the entire family composition and individual photos. Relatives support and respect the hobby of the sister and daughter.


Elizabeth graduated from high school in 2020. This is clear from photographs and videos from the school archive. Joint photosets with my sister confirm this. Brother in these moments did not participate in the shooting. Education is the main thing in the life of an American teenager in the formation of personality. But in the case of Elizabeth, this is not a priority. In the 21st century, young people are trying to assert themselves through social networks and the Internet in general, showing their skills, while developing hidden talents.

Further plans for life, except for maintaining a profile on TikTok, have not yet been announced.

Graduate – PHI THETA KAPPA. These are former high school students enrolled in the Alpha-Psi-Beta International Honor Society for two-year colleges.


Such wonderful data as Katelyn’s will not go unnoticed by the Internet audience. The main thing is to start and present content correctly. Recording synchronization and dance videos at the beginning of her tiktoker career, the beauty won a small audience, which later grew several times and is growing every day. For the most part, Instagram helped in the development of the Tik Tok account.

Caitlyn on Tik TokCaitlin Elizabeth on Tik Tok

Good luck for Caitlin is realized by her external athletic data, model appearance, gray-blue eyes. It is possible that the girl will have a career in cinema, because she spends a lot of time in California.


  • The ability to dance
  • Competent selection of popular music for clips of 15 seconds
  • Pretty appearance
  • Sense of humor
  • Who is Caitlin Elizabeth dating?

    Caitlin Elizabeth keeps her personal and love life a secret, prefers not to go into details of marital status and divorces. Online, Katelyn is credited with being romantically involved with Peyton Moormayer. This happened after their joint filming in several videos. But it’s not, it’s just work. In addition, the guy is 13 months younger than her and they live in different cities.

    While the YouTube video channel does not have a single video, but its development is due to subscribers, which are already 7.7 thousand people, Elizabet does not open to followers, she believes that the time has not come yet. Therefore, we are not talking about further education, interests, tastes, preferences and hobbies.

    Likes to hang out with friends, but Caitlin doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. Communicates with all advanced bloggers and beginners too: Nessa and Aiden. He likes to swim in the pool and sunbathe in the sun, which is quite predictable for a girl with such body shapes.

    How to contact?

    TikTok — @kkateyann

    Twitter — @kkateyann

    snapchat — keab01

    Instagram — @kkateyann

    YouTube — katelyn elizabeth

    Contact email: [email protected]

    Collaboration and own merch

    Tiktoker confirms that she has signed a contract with Vivid Management and will become a model in the future. Most recently, there was a photo shoot on the beach, the results of which she shared on Instagram.

    Vivid Management is a social media talent management company based in Brea, California. Vivid Management’s work focuses primarily on social media and is committed to supporting talent with deep following as well as achieving client goals. We offer various services depending on the needs of the talent. In addition, the company understands that not everyone has the equipment to make the content they want and provides the right equipment to use.

    Also in the portfolio are collaborations with companies such as Fashion Nova and Ultra Florence, participated in Playlist Live in early 2019 and Vidcon 2019. As Caitlyn continues to grow as a creator, she looks forward to working with more media corporations in the future. develop more projects.


    The girl tries to look stylish in the frame and her own merch helps her in this. The development of the clothing line is led by Vivid Management. In assortment:

  • t-shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • hooded sweatshirts
  • chains with a token and the inscription – Katelyn. 925 sterling silver chain
  • caps and hats
  • The clothes are made in white and black colors. In the manufacture of 100% cotton, cotton / polyester blends, silver.


    According to Forbes, IMDb, and various online resources, famous TikTok star Caitlin Elizabeth has a net worth of $1,500,000 million at the age of 18. She earned this money by being a professional TikTok star.


  • Favorite color – Pink
  • Favorite Actress – Rosa Abdu
  • Best Actor – Kevin Costner
  • Listening to music – Robin Amos
  • Place where you feel comfortable – Bath and shower
  • Delicious food according to the girl only in KFC
  • In the southern states of the United States, it is customary for young people to hide their real names. This is due to the mass flow to Hollywood, to fulfill the American dream of becoming famous and independent. And how to achieve this without an alias or middle name. So the surname Katelyn was invented to implement the plan to become a Hollywood star.
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